Fox Book Project! (For real this time)

Hey guys! So for those who have been following us for a while, (and for those who are new) , we wanted to say thank you for following our work! 

As some of you may or may not know, we have this fox character we use very often in lots of our illustrations. A character that has been thought of since our elementary school days, to be more accurate. 

He is a character we have been wanting to make into a story book for a while (since 2012), but freelance and now a full time job has occupied our time. But now, we are trying to buckle down on this for sure!

The long-time goal of the Fox Book Project! 

Although that’s just a standing title for another title we haven’t decided on yet, the idea is still pulling at us, and it’s about time we do something with it now that things at work are slowing down (just ever so slightly, though.) But it’s enough for us to do this project!  This may possibly be in the works for a future Kickstarter.

Would you guys like to see these little guys in a children’s book? We are currently putting a plan together, a story with all new illustrations, that we won’t be posting on here or anywhere else,  along with some cool side gifts like plushies and additional cool items! We are seriously considering doing something with this and finding a way to fund it. If you guys are interested, please do let us know. It really has been a great passion of ours to illustrate, but even more, to see it published and have people enjoy our work as well. :)

We would really like to know though, seriously. Although we’re still going to do it, any added interest will definitely fuel the fire!


We still plan on continuing with this project, but it seems as if this year has gotten to be a little bit busier than expected. College and freelance work has got in the way of this, but I suppose it’s better than nothing. Here is a few early development pieces. We won’t show everything, though! These were all done by OLI, but ELI will certainly be contributing more to this as we go along. Check out more designs at the link! It’s only of the main character for now…

“Fox Book” is halfway done, and considering that we’ve been trying to do it (seriously) for about three years now, it’s great to see some progress on this thing instead of just making artwork for it. Well it’s the same thing now, but you get the idea. We just started in the middle of this year actually trying to make this, and doing this book is definitely a little new for us. It’s coming out a little different from what we thought it was going to be (book presentation as well as story) but it’s a fun learning experience. Maybe this idea from 6th grade can finally come true? Hope to have this completed by the end of 2015…

So…this little guy is for a future kickstarter we plan to do. Might be a possible 3d printed reward or something! Getting a talented modeler who worked at Bardel to help us with this! We never tried our hand at turning characters with an actual pose before, so this was fun! OLI did this particular ortho. Just spent one day working on this thing…


Forest Talk Process - OLI (2012)

Finished picture here.

More bunched up tutorials here, (Will post separately soon)


Keep in mind when following from a visual process piece ( much like this one and without words) or  a tutorial, don’t try to copy exactly what you see from it. Don’t try to copy the trees, the clothes, the colors, or the characters (the fox if for a WIP book of ours(!)) but try to apply the steps into a totally original picture of your own.  You get a lot more out of a process by taking it  one by one. In this case, layer by layer. Just apply what you see in the process of laying out the picture, instead of emulating the artists’s visual style. We have done that from past experience looking up tutorials on DeviantART when we were like, 13/14! It may help for the moment, but find your own process, and explore what helps you get a picture done easier! Hope this helps a little. :)