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consider this for a prompt: the team is in the lounge, post practice, just lazing around and doing nothing; the tv is on; no one is really paying attention when andrew suddenly turns rigid; deep breaths; unfocused eyes; the reporter is relaying a shocking revelation about a man abusing the foster kids in his care; hisfacehisfacehisfacetheyareshowinghisface (-i cannot tell why my mind is such an angsty bitch but here we are)

(this is a specific and excellent prompt and I’ve been anxiously awaiting its place in line <3)

He’s boneless when he climbs out of the shower, feet tender on the glossy tile, breath sitting high and tight in his chest. Neil likes pacing through his routine after practice, adrenaline relaxing its grip on him finger by finger, change-rooms echoing and empty. He strings his wet hair up in a fresh bandana and shrugs his armbands up over flushed, shower-damp forearms. He lets the practice pull at his muscles and drafts new line-ups and drills in his head.

His teammates are back in the lounge, dotting the furniture, all of their aggression leached out of them, and he feels joy rip his chest like popped stitches. Good feelings are always more brutal than bad ones, he’s come to understand. Stronger, harsher.

He gets a round of raised hands and snappy greetings when he walks in, mostly lost in the rustle of plastic bags as Wymack and Abby unload sandwiches onto an overcrowded table.

Wymack licks stray sauce off of his thumb and points at Neil with his other hand. “Come pretend you’re civilized and eat at the table. I don’t want ranch on my couches again.”

Neil shrugs and pulls a chair out at the head of the table. Matt winks up at him, and the rest of the foxes pass wrapped and pressed sandwiches down the line. They chat and rustle, Aaron snaps for serviettes until Wymack smacks his hand away, Kevin eats his sandwich with a knife and fork. Everything smells like tangy pesto and sweet fresh bread.

“Get Andrew over here, will you?” Wymack asks distractedly. Neil glances over at Andrew, installed on the couch with his back towards them. His hair has been bleaching in the sun recently, and he’s easily the brightest thing in the room.

“Andrew,” he calls, accepting his own sandwich when it’s waved in front of him, distracted from the back of Andrew’s head.

“You really put an effort in,” Nicky teases, rolling his eyes.

“I’m not moving him if he doesn’t want to be moved,” Neil replies, unconcerned. His food is warm in his hands, chicken and cranberries and cheese peeking out of brown bread and wax wrapping.

“That’s bullshit,” Matt says, mouth full. “You know you could.”

“I don’t know why you still think I have that kind of power.”

“Uhh maybe because he does impossible favours for you? And like. Kisses your face when we’re not looking? I dunno, just a thought,” Dan says sarcastically, peeling onions out of her sandwich.

“Andrew,” Neil repeats, exasperated. When he looks over again Andrew hasn’t moved, fixed and steady as always. His shoulders are moving fast though, breath coming hard enough that Neil can hear it from across the room. His stomach throbs, intuitive and scared. 

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# 26 from the prompts list- MSR OBVI!

“I didn’t intend to kiss you.”

He is warm against her back. It’s so cliche she almost laughs; one bed for the two of them, the woman checking them in at the motel eyeing them knowingly, mischievously.

(Though there’s nothing to eye, nothing to know–at least that’s what Scully tells herself.)

But here in this small bed with Fox Mulder pressed against her back, his head brushing the back of her neck, she wonders if perhaps there is something to know.

(Does she want there to be?)

(Yes. Yes, she does.)

He fell asleep before she did, and she supposes that’s fair since he was the one driving them. Another car ride, another motel, another few hours of Mulder talking conspiracies in her ear while she pretends not to listen.

(Another car ride spent furtively stealing glances at his lips, imagining them pressed to her skin, shivering, turned on.)

And then—

She thinks she’s imagined it but when he shifts behind her his lips very purposely brush against her neck, and she can feel his erection pressing into her and she thinks now now now please now

And then he rolls over.

Morning comes, too harsh and early and insistent, and she wakes groggy and disoriented and turned on and frustrated to an empty bed, the shower running.

He comes out a minute later with a towel wrapped around his waist and she tries to not let her gaze wander.

She doesn’t mean to bring it up but her stupid pre-coffee brain decides to fuck consequences.

“Did you mean to do that last night?” she asks. Way to be vague, Scully. She scoots to the edge of the bed, crosses her ankles, folds her arms across her chest and looks up at him.

“Do what?”

“You kissed me.”

He frowns. “When did I kiss you?”

“We were lying in bed, and you… forget it,” she says, hot and embarrassed. She looks away from him.

Out of the corner of her eyes she can see him approaching her, and she bites her lip, mostly unconsciously.

“I didn’t intend to kiss you,” he says softly. She turns to look at him, and his face is so sincere. “Not last night, anyway.”

And then his hand is under her chin and he pulls her against him, his lips on hers, and his mouth is hot and hungry and she thinks now now please now

And he does.

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Do you have any headcanons about Robin? :)

absolutely i do bless u for asking <3 robin is one of my favourite characters i relate to her so much

  • first of all the girl can draw
  • like really draw
  • it’s canon that when she was younger she drew notebooks full of exy racquets when she was scared or panicking
  • can u imagine? she keeps this up all the way to palmetto and by the time she starts as a freshman goalie she’s doodling almost lifelike drawings on scrap pieces of paper
  • she ends up drawing advertisements for fox games and a new logo for their team
  • (sometimes her and neil “fox paws” josten just sit around and doodle when they’re feeling lonely and missing all the older foxes)
  • and oh boy neil josten

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Movie Night

Hey y’all, so I was watching The Shallows today and wanted to watch another movie, but decided against it as I’m home alone tonight and have problems with letting my mind get the better of me… So I came up with this little thing…
Sam x Reader, Dean
fluff, spoilers for movie mentioned
Reader’s watching a movie and has Sam and Dean join her, then they continue… later that night she suffers the consequences of her actions, and so does Sam.

Originally posted by sonjackcarl

“I love you both so much. It’s time for me to go.” Blake Lively’s character, Nancy, said on the TV. I let my bottom lip quiver and my nostrils flare, but I refused to cry. It was just a movie after all.
“Whatcha watching,babe?” Sam asked as he walked past the lounge.
“The Shallows.” I said into the pillow I was holding close.
I could feel him standing behind the sofa, watching to see what was happening.
“Come on little guy, you’re okay.” She said, shepherding the seagull onto the broken surfboard.
“What’s happening?” Sam asked, intrigued. I let go of the pillow and stuck my hand in the air, waving it for him to take a hold of. When I felt his fingers tangle with mine, I pulled him down toward me, over the back of the couch.

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The Experiment - Chapter 6 (Eric X OC)

Rating: M (swearing/smut :p)

Genre: General

Thanks everyone for the re-blogs and support!!! IT IS SO AWESOME!!!

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An alternative stand-alone with Eric and Fox, where they’re brought into a controversial faction experiment……may be sensitive subject matter/triggers…..enjoy :)


Fox lay sated under Eric’s body as he drowsed on top of her, he was heavy, but it was the good heavy, a warm weight that made her feel safe and grounded; and Fox realized that she wanted to wake up every morning like this, caged by Eric’s body, cherished by his love. Who knew he had it in him? Who knew Fox had? Their fighting had been foreplay and their sex was explosive, otherworldly; Fox grinned, she understood now that the stories that circulated through the Dauntless women of a certain leader’s sexual prowess and stamina had not been exaggerations. And now he’s mine, her mind purred, and I’m his…..what a turn-around from a week ago. She dragged her nails up Eric’s powerful back, feeling his muscles twitch underneath her fingers and he sighed into her neck.

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Summer: 1999

This was inspired by a conversation with @startwreck and how she spent her Sunday.  
Rating: M-ish?  Adult Language
Spoilers: Season 6-7

If one said Fox Mulder was headed into the Summer of 1999 in a more-than-optimistic-frame-of-mind, it would be like denying that Walter Skinner had a proclivity towards shiny pinstriped work shirts.  One couldn’t repudiate that which was impossible to disprove (and trust Fox Mulder, Skinner’s affinity for those shirts was a topic of conversation between himself and his partner, at least twice a month.  Those were LONG road trips, after all).

The sun in D.C. was markedly scorching and the humidity just shy of oppressive.   May decided to drop its four inches of rain in what felt like an “all day, er’ry day,” Southeast sort of fashion that left the partners battling mold near their lone window sill.  And since their little trip out to see the Brown Mountain Lights, they DID NOT fuck around with mold.

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Everyone deserves compassion

Warning/s: Drug abuse, drug overdose.

Summary: Based on a prompt by @kiichu​! Ed accidentally overdoses on hallucination pills and Fox is there to help.

Nothing happened when Edward took his pills. He wasn’t sure why; the pills had never failed to induce Oswald’s apparition before, and he’d only ever needed to take one to produce the desired effect. He had taken two, thus far, and nothing beyond a dizzying rush of energy had occurred.

It was really quite inconvenient considering he was attempting to give Oswald a respectful send-off at the docks by terminating his reliance on the drugs. He just wanted – needed – to see Oswald one more time, to give him a proper goodbye. 

His chest was feeling a touch tight as he flicked open his pill container. He had nothing on hand to wash the pill down with, so he had to swallow it dry, crunching it between his molars before letting it slide stickily down his throat.

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mckennagraceful: Loved spending time cuddling and feeding kitties at @giftedmovie press day 😻Fox Searchlight has partnered with BestFriends Animal Society!!! When you adopt a cat or kitten from Best Friends between Mar 6-May 8, Fox Searchlight will make a $25 gift to help end the killing of dogs and cats in our nation’s shelters 🐶🐱 #SaveThemAll #GiftedMovie

Phoenix Rising - Chapter 5 (Eric X OC)

Rating: M (violence/swearing/smut :p)

Genre: General/Drama/Angst

Thanks everyone for the re-blogs and support!!! IT IS SO AWESOME!!!  

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“Mrs. Coulter! Mrs. Coulter!” A tiny, tinny voice from the mouthpiece screamed and numbly Fox pressed it back to her ear, biting her lip hard enough to draw blood to hold in her cries.

“I’ll be there….as soon as….as soon as I can…please…don’t let my husband die.” Fox dropped the receiver, her hands shaking uncontrollably. She fumbled for it again and dialed a familiar number.

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