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Seasons like spring or fall! For the andreil one word thing hahaha

andreil + fall


“Neil is… a plant,” Nicky says.

It’s getting windy, Andrew realizes. A decaying leaf slaps Kevin squarely in the face, making Matt laugh until said leaf bounces off of Kevin into Matt’s hair. The struggle that ensues is enough to make Neil laugh into his fist, and Andrew decides he loves autumn weather. 

“Explain?” Dan humors him. 

“Growing everyday.” 

Neil is grinning again, something soft and proud. Andrew stares until Neil’s smile turns on him and suddenly he’s unable to hold eye contact. Neil’s smile can be a bit … much sometimes. 

“That doesn’t even make sense, not all plants–” Kevin is cut off by Andrew’s hand tugging on his hair. Kevin huffs in annoyance but drops the subject. 

“Neil is… the wind,” Matt muses, and Andrew realizes oh no this is a game now. 

“Explain?” Allison asks.

“Blows me away.” 

Their group laughs, echoing throughout the park from their little picnic setup. How Renee convinced the upperclassmen to join them despite their past, Andrew will never know. 

“Neil is… gay,” Aaron murmurs, but Andrew, feeling merciful, chooses to ignore it. 

They go through a few more, mostly just to make Neil laugh or roll his eyes, until the jokes start slowing down. There’s a short pause in the conversation before Andrew speaks. 

“Neil is… Mothman.” 

Nicky chokes on his soda, and Erik has to rub his back until he stops coughing. Matt dissolves into laughter while Allison stares in blatant shock. At his participation or the fact that he knows who Mothman is, he isn’t sure. 

“Explain?” Renee cautiously replies. 

Andrew directly meets Neil’s eyes. “Real.” 

The foxes fall into hysterics and, Neil, not having the slightest clue what a Mothman is, simply reaches over to grab Andrew’s hand. Andrew loves a lot more than autumn, he decides.