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The Raven Boys Reread Things

- Gansey’s a frappuchino drinking nerd I bet he can’t even handle real coffee

- Adam has a secret warning knock for monmouth. Its such a #clubhouse honestly these boys

- For some reason there are copies of Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition all over the place?? I honestly can’t imagine who they belong to????? who would buy them???

- What the heck ever happened to Ashley? She was prepped to be a major character with all her knowledge about Glendower and connection to Declan and then she just vanishes completely?? Is she actually Piper, just pretending to be Ashley and picking up hot young men?

- Ronan collects his speeding tickets. What a dork. 

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The fox might just be my favourite animal of all time. I love all animals but crocodiles and bears are awesome. That being said, I like several different types of birds. BUT. Foxes melt my heart. It’s a tough world for animal lovers. I’m curious to know, what animals do you guys like?


Some photos of my most recent beauty haul. It’s a mix of orders from Give Me Glow on Etsy, All Cosmetics Wholesale and The Fanciful Fox at the Vegan Shop Up.

Everything is vegan & cruelty free! (Thanks for the recommendation for the contour kit veganmakeup)

- The Fanciful Fox bath fizzie
- ecotools Lovely Looks brush set
- Australis AC On Tour Contour & Highlight kit
- Australis Tint My Brow in light brown
- Give Me Glow lip colors (swatched)
- Medusa’s Makeup eye makeup remover
- The Fanciful Fox body scrub
- Australis Blemish Buster primer
- Medusa’s Makeup blush in Georgia Peach
- The Fanciful Fox lip balm in wintergreen
- The Fanciful Fox blemish stick
- E.L.F. Lip Lock pencil

Give Me Glow is an amazing Etsy shop that makes dupes! They can even custom make you one.

Melted Galaxy is a dupe for Melt’s Spacecake
Rusty Rose is a dupe for LimeCrime’s Riot
First Kiss is a dupe for Jeffree Star’s 714


Wild Animals And The Forest Meet In Digitally Merged Photographs

Norwegian artist Andreas Lie’s merged photographs look deceptively simple: the outlines of wolves and bears encompassing misty photographs of woody landscapes. A second glance, however, shows there’s something more going on: a fox whose red fur melts into fiery orange treetops, a crow whose knobby feet give way to lonely tree trunks in the depths of a forest. The two photographs – a wild animal and a wild landscape – have been matched and blended with such subtlety that it’s difficult to tell where the fur ends and the leaves begin.

It’s just bizarre thinking I went from having a tumblr to being at a red carpet premiere. Thanks hermionejg for making things happen. And thank you fishingboatproceeds. I think the most special thing I got out of this event was your gesture of kindness that made this day possible. (Was interesting to see that even though it was all fairly last minute, the cinema was nowhere near full)

Oh, and the movie was great! You guys all really should see it.

eastofthemoon  asked:

Nick/Judy #15 for the pairing meme


15. “So, I found this waterfall…”

    Judy never considered herself a romantic, that was a department she was more than willing to let her sisters dominate. 

But, the moment she found the secluded grove hidden in a rarely trodden corner of Bunnyburrow, she could only think of one mammal she wanted to share it with.

Which was how Nick Wilde found himself blindfolded and being led over strange terrain by an eager bunny.

“Look, if you wanted to kill me, I think we passed the last possible witness a good five trips ago,” he huffed. Judy giggled and pulled him back up to his feet. 

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