fox&the hound

the signs as animal disney characters (pets)

aries: rajah - aladdin

taurus: pua - moana

gemini: pluto - mickey mouse movies

cancer: pascal - tangled

leo: rufus - kim possible

virgo: tod - the fox and the hound

libra: heihei - moana

scorpio: lucifer - cinderella

sagittarius: stitch- lilo and stitch

capricorn: maximus - tangled

aquarius: meeko - pocahontas

pisces: sven - frozen

Small Blessings

This is for @dangerscully​ and @piecesofscully


It isn’t the Thanksgiving either of them are used to. For Scully there is a bittersweet relief in the expectations and politics of her family being all the way across the country. Eleven months is not long to learn how to be a whole new person, how to be a parent, and the freedom to make all those first holiday mistakes away from the critical eye of her brother is a welcome one. She misses her mom but there is so much new to appreciate that it takes the sting out of Maggie’s absence.

Mulder’s smile is the biggest part of that. He’s spent a decade of Thanksgivings alone, or sitting stiffly at his mother’s side, ignoring the empty seats at the table. Now his table is full and she’s never seen him smile so big or for so long. It’s pounding rain outside but there’s a fire in the fireplace and the sunlit memories of long summer hours spent playing house and making a home lights them all from the inside. Emily is sprawled in front of the TV, still in her footie pajamas even though it’s almost lunch time but it doesn’t matter.

Gone are the days when Scully worried about what her apartment looked like. Now all that matters is what they look like.

And they look like a family. A growing one. 

Mulder slams the oven door shut on the turkey and hands her a mug. Ginger tea,

‘You look a little queasy’ he explains as he tucks his hand in its place in the small of her back and rubs softly, drawing her across the room and settling on the couch.

From across the room their picture smiles at them, Emily squished between a grinning Mulder and a still shell-shocked Scully the day they found out that what she thought was a gluten intolerance was actually six weeks worth of cell division with both their genes in the mix. It should be impossible, this is all so impossible and yet…

An animated fox gambols across the screen and Scully sniggers and points, 

‘She loves this movie Mulder… and honestly… the fox reminds me of you. He wants to believe in everything but doesn’t know who to trust when the world goes mad.’

Mulder shakes his head and kisses her softly.

‘I know exactly who to trust.’

Scully flushes. Even after six months of this she’s still not used to how easily it fits together, to the warm security she feels when Mulder verbalises his adoration. It’s too much and so she snuffles her face into his shoulder, burying her blushes in the softness of his tee. She feels his hand creep up her shirt and he skin tingles and then calms when his palm settles over the gentle curve of her belly. It still seems so strange that after years spent chasing scientific evidence, the miracle they finally get to experience, their proof of the impossible lies so close to home they can both touch it. A few more months and they will be able to hold it. Him. Watch him grow.

Far away thoughts are brought back home with a tug on Mulder’s elbow and big blue eyes join forces with Emily’s voice as she demands they make space.

There’s always space for her. For them both, Mulder’s long arms sheltering all his most precious possessions as they settle in for a long afternoon of sweet nothing.

Scully’s dozing when she hears Emily ask Mulder a question.

‘I’m cosy. Can we stay like this forever?’

The movie answers her before he can,

‘Darling, forever is a long, long time, and time has a way of changing things.’

And Scully shakes her head, lashes fluttering open to find Mulder’s eyes fixed on hers over Emily’s head.

‘Not this.’ he tells her. And despite her knowledge that all things must pass, that time is a universal invariant… she believes he is right.

‘Not us’ She agrees, losing her fingers in her daughter’s hair and pulling her closer. ‘Not ever.’

Growing up you think things like

No one could possibly be as creepy as Gaston.
No one could possibly be as greedy and insensitive as Kuzco.
No one could possibly be as ignorant as Clayton.
No one could possibly fall for Ursula’s trap.
No one could possibly be as corrupt as Frollo.
Two friends as close as Todd and Copper could never learn to hate/fear each other.
No one in power could possibly be as immature as the Queen of Hearts.
Child services would never have realistically taken Lilo away from her loving sister who was trying her best.

You think it’s all exaggeration, when you’re a child.

You lose your innocence when you realize how realistic Disney movies can be.

Zodiac signs as my favorite animated movies

Aries: Madagascar
Taurus: Ice Age  
Gemini: Zootopia
Cancer: Balto or The Land Before Time   
Leo: The Fox and the Hound     
Virgo: The Aristocats  
Libra: Shrek
Scorpio:Finding Nemo  
Saggitarius: Shark Tale or Oliver & Company
Capricorn: The Lion King
Aquarius: Rio
Pisces: Lady and the Tramp  


Disney Colors of the Wind

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