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mistrel-fox created an awesome crossover with gf and fma, also did these amazing drawings. Oh man the ideas are so great.

With the twins losing both of their limbs, I imagined GrunkleStan being the suit of armor and well….. I got waaay too deep into this.


and it’s all your fault MISTREL


The typical day for a fox, when you live next to so much pigeons, how to not bounce all day long ? 

Another video I had lots of fun making ! This song is really catchy, I love the little “bip bip” sounds ! 

Foxes and other animals needs to sleep …. not pigeons ! They will bounce forever !

They are determinated ! 

The music belongs to Lipps Inc, Funky town ! 

Merci tout le monde ! For all of your messages, it means a lot ! Will never stop animating for you ^^. If you make music tell me, it can be awesome to animate on music made by you and not only famous one ! And finally thank you all for your kindness and love, I always try my best to write the most perfect english for you and I can see that I’m a bit better now, I think I still put some mistakes but it’s alright now =)  Thank you all ! 

Appreciated stuff in 3x15
  • Fruit Costumes (the grape dude like i love grapes)
  • Hallucination!Oswald (duh)
  • Ed's voice being so fucking...
  • yummy
  • ThE FreAKiNg mUsIcAL
  • Ozzie still being sassy even in Ed's mind
  • Ed OBVIOUSLY not loving Oswald
  • But being ridiculously gay
  • FOXY
  • "Goodbye, Oswald"
  • Ozzie waking up from his beauty sleep

Image: Liam James Doyle/NPR

Alisyn Camerota is a veteran news anchor and host of CNN’s morning show New Day. Now, she’s also a novelist.

In Amanda Wakes Up, a young upstart reporter is trying to make it at a national news network run by a ratings-obsessed media mogul. And then there’s a female senator, firmly rooted in the establishment, going up against a political newcomer, fresh from Hollywood. She tells NPR, “Much of the book is about what are you willing to sacrifice for success.”

A Veteran TV News Anchor Pens A Prescient Novel In ‘Amanda Wakes Up’

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5/6 for andreil pls!! You can combine or do them separately whatever floats ur boat <3

5: “Please don’t do this” (I’m doing them separately im weak, #6 should be out tmrw! also… a phrase with ‘please’ in it.. I’m using up all my dreaming/drunk/dying scenarios)

It’s common knowledge among foxes that waking Andrew is Neil’s job, unless you want to get a fist to the solar plexus. But it’s also true that Andrew is the only one who can extract Neil from his nightmares without scaring him back into the trunk of a car or an evermore bed.

It’s one of the “fun facts” for fox survival that Nicky recites to newcomers: don’t touch Neil when he’s sleeping unless you want to feel like you’ve just kicked a puppy. Don’t touch Andrew under any circumstances if you like your fingers attached to your hands. When in doubt, get whichever one is awake and let them do their voodoo. If they’re both asleep at the same time, you’re fucked. Take pictures.

Andrew never bothers to correct him. There’s nothing to correct, if Andrew’s being honest (and he always is).

Quietly learning to wake each other is the result of bruising trial and error, a hard-won trust that grew like moss over ruins.

It’s still almost impossible, sometimes. Most of the time. Approaching Neil when he’s whimpering and protecting his face with his hands makes Andrew feel even more like a monster than usual.

Neil whispered to him on the bus once that the split second of disorientation in Andrew’s eyes when he wakes makes Neil scared for him.

Andrew starts to recognize the sheepish look of foxes who need to ask their vice-captain something while his head is lolling around Andrew’s shoulder. He almost always wakes him, it’s a clear subclause in his ‘keep Neil out of harms way’ contract, and Andrew’s dutiful when it comes to deals.

There’s a knock on the door at half past three on a Monday morning, and Andrew startles awake in an empty room. He stews in slow annoyance as the front door opens and closes, muffled voices tripping into the bedroom. He gropes for the light switch in the dark, and Kevin flips it on for him, toothbrush sticking out of his mouth, eyebrows shaking hands across the stretch of his forehead.

They have a brief staring contest and then Matt clears his throat from behind them, knocking awkwardly on the door frame.

“Um… Andrew?”

Andrew looks at him blearily. He’s conscious of Matt’s eyes tracking his hair sticking out sideways, one of Neil’s soft nondescript shirts slouching on his chest.

“We need your expertise,” Matt says, grimacing. Andrew turns to retreat to his bed, unimpressed, but Matt huffs. “Neil’s having a nightmare. He fell asleep in our room.”

Andrew stops.

“He’s freaking out,” Matt continues, soft. He makes eye contact with a wild edge that says he’s refusing to let the blankness in Andrew’s gaze phase him.

Andrew pushes past Matt like he’s rolling his sleeves up, breaking out into the strangeness of the dorm at night. 

The door to the neighbouring room is open and Aaron’s standing just inside, arms crossed.

“He woke me up,” he says cooly as Andrew passes.

“Jesus weeps,” Matt snarks, hot on Andrew’s heels. He’s looking beyond the twins to where Neil is curled on the floor, trembling. Matt’s face pinches with concern. Dan’s sitting on the couch by Neil’s head in a jersey and bare legs, looking like she’s trying to help just by being nearby. The room has the suddenly bright feeling of a fire alarm going off at night, minds alert inside sleep dulled bodies.

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For DWC: 🏊 swimming together! May I have some Solrana please?

Glimpses: Mydas

@dadrunkwriting, @thevikingwoman

Rating: T

Genre: Romance

Verse: Confessions of a Teacher’s Pet

Pairing: Solas x Surana

Warnings: Professor x Student, age gap

The water lapped at her bare toes, cool and calming. She sighed and laid back against the smooth rock, closing her eyes. Her legs and arms hurt, and she could already feel blisters forming where her sandals cut into her skin. All around her she heard the soft echo of waves striking the shore, rocking back and forth like a lullaby.

She lay at the mouth of a small limestone cave, carved from the cliff by millennia of wear. It was cool and quiet inside, empty except for some snails and spiders. They’d walked over a mile along the beach, clinging to the worn walls of the shore. He’d offered to take her back the first time she slipped and fell, but she refused. And she was so glad she did.

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If Teen Wolf ends on an honest to god musical number with Tyler Hoechlin dancing i will take back everything I have ever said about this show. Linden better fucking tap dance or some shit though. Or yell about the price of his sunglasses. I better get like 4 walking dead references in the song some how. Break the 4th wall. The show was all a dream. A terrible nightmare had by Scott while sick and high on niquil.


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The thunder boomed outside, the heavy rain pelted at his window, the lights flickered as the lightning crashed and suddenly there was a knock at the door. For the first sentence ask.

The thunder boomed outside, the heavy rain pelted at his window, the lights flickered as the lightning crashed, and suddenly, there was a knock at the door. Mulder startled awake on the couch, and as the knock sounded again, he climbed over Scully’s sleeping form, being careful not to wake her.

“Fox,” Diana said loudly, striding in the moment Mulder opens the door, “I really need to talk to you about what happened with- what, why are you shushing me?”

“Mulder,” comes Scully’s sleepy voice from the living room, “who’s at the door?”

“Just someone who has the wrong apartment,” Mulder calls back, and Diana’s face hardens.

“Yes, it would appear so,” she says coldly, before turning and striding briskly away. 

november 27, 1973

summary: five things that could’ve happened to samantha mulder

spoilers for little green men, ascension, and colony/end game. fourth in my series of fics i’m writing as i rewatch txf.


Samantha is abducted on November 27 and returned on December 24. Christmas Eve. Her father’s friend finds her in the woods (nightgown torn, hair loose and tangled, feet dirty) and drives her to the hospital. 

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The Experiment - Chapter 5 (Eric X OC)

Rating: M (swearing/smut :p)

Genre: General

Thanks everyone for the re-blogs and support!!! IT IS SO AWESOME!!!

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An alternative stand-alone with Eric and Fox, where they’re brought into a controversial faction experiment……may be sensitive subject matter/triggers…..enjoy :)


Steam and Screams


Eric let her lead him back to the couch and sat passively when Fox gave him a gentle push down. Hiking her dress up slightly Fox straddled his thighs and settled on his lap. Eric brought his hands up and rested them carefully on Fox’s thighs. He was still hesitant, and Fox felt another stab of guilt; she reached up and gently cupped Eric’s cheek, he sighed and leaned his head against her palm, closing his eyes.

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