fox van

Mulder and Scully sitting on the porch of their unremarkable house, sharing the same blanket and cuddling together while holding their cups of coffee.

Scully: when I look up at night, I think of William and talk to him in the hope that he can see the same stars as us.

Mulder: I’m sure be hears you. I want to believe.

Scully and Mulder looking up in synch to the beautiful night sky in silence.

Van Wash!

by @rouvere

When you are driving around the world, you gotta keep your ride clean! Here is another pic of a Sonic Dream cast I had in mind. While I prefer Rouge as a character, I think I could have fun writing Jet with these guys! Plus I like the color balance with these guys!

  • What she says: I'm fine.
  • What she means: Dana Scully would NEVER have given up her child. Chris Carter survives on human misery and female tears. Why was it necessary to make her give up William? It didn't fit the storyline or the character. I don't want to hear that he is safer away from them because we all know that is one bullshit excuse. Scully deserved better. Mulder deserved better. And William deserved better.

Honestly I’ll be heartbroken if we don’t get a season 3 of The Exorcist. It’s such a good show and I’m sad it took me so long to start watching it. Like I had very low expectations going in but it hooked me within the first episode, that’s how good this show is.

Anyone who watches Supernatural, Wynonna Earp, Dominion (miss that show too), Damien, American Horror Story, Ghost Wars, Van Helsing, etc. should give this show a watch cause it is amazing and you will not be disappointed.