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hey so uhhh read my gotham fics on ao3 please



  • Spitfires - ghost!jerome haunting jeremiah after 4x18. canon divergent & basically ignores everything after jeremiah gets sprayed, for the sake of angst.
  • To Suffer - a kinda-character-study with my boys oswald & jerome! also canon divergent because i hate the writers apparently. focuses on how they process things differently.
  • It’s Alright, We’re Okay - joker!jerome and harley being good platonic pals. obvious canon divergence/au, hurt/comfort & valeyne/batjokes.
  • Pull The Trigger - trippy dream fic with bruce & joker!jerome. technically a future fic. written during season 3, so disregard everything after 3x14. kinda valeyne/batjokes.
  • Rotten Roses - nygmobblepot angst-with-a-happy-ending written during the disaster that was season 3. a whole lot of dumb canon divergence just for the sake of cute murder husbands. kinda poetic.

ok thank u bye