fox sticker


As a follow up to this post, I made a few new designs and then added these stickers to my Etsy shop!

Thought I might as well make some crystal stickers while I’m at it too!

The skulls are of a Chinese water deer, red fox, stag, bearded dragon, tiger and a Griffon vulture.

A5 prints of each individual skull as well as a A4 / A5  group shot and crystal print are available also! It’s free UK shipping and international postage is available :D

Hey y’all! I finally got all my body horror stickers done with! This is round two. There may be a round three in the future if the inspiration strikes. This one is a bit messy cause I had them drawn on two different pieces of paper but hopefully they look okay still! I am going to have these completely stickerized and available to order on my Etsy tomorrow cause it is late tonight and I wanna sleep.


Selling stickers 

  • Price: $2.00 each (this includes shipping)
  • 10 designs (so far more will be added when i have time….all star wars characters basically…suggestion?? Let me know.)
    • First row: Grand Admiral Thrawn, Director Krennic, Zeb/Kallus, Clan techie, Lieutenant Mitaka
    • Second row: Agent Kallus, Grand Moff Tarkin, Fox Techie, Agent Kallus Flower Crown, and General Veers
  • These are printed on photo paper and have an adhesive back
  • They are roughly 4inches in height (width varies by the design)
  • You can only pay through PayPal or Vemno

If you are interested please send me a message here or email me at

(Watch out for another post on how you can get a free matted sticker..LMAO..i don’t like how to matted ones came out.)