fox statue

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I just had a mental image of kurama being the patron god of children. Like, if you wanted a child, you'd go to this huge fox statue/shrine with little kits around its feet and wished for kids. There would be festivals and holidays for this patron god. Hmm maybe people who are abusive towards their children mysteriously end up gone, and the children whisked away to loving families.

Well I certainly approve of this image.  💕

It took about 0.2 seconds of these photos being released for this request to show up in my box (you pervs work fast) and I was all //gasp! I know the perfect request to combine this with and ta da! One super silver fox, coming right up!

Extra points to the first requester for splooshing. 

What about an imagine where rafael starts freaking out over his graying hair and reader assures him that it’s fine. He doesn’t believe her and then she admits his silver fox status is actually super hot and cue smut (side note: how amazing does Raul look in those new pictures, if you’ll allow me to borrow from Pam Poovey, *sploosh*).


Oh my god you should totally do some type of imagine about Rafael and the age gap between him and his gf (if you have time/feel like it)! Love your blog btw!

It had been a long eight months. The phone calls and texts had helped but your hotel had spotty wifi at best and it had been too long since you had last seen his face. Stepping off the plane, you were grateful to be back home, although less grateful for the chill in the air. Your body was going to have to readjust to a New York winter after the blistering heat of Thailand.

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i mean like this Fox News dissing him (i keep telling u giving him a name of any sort gives him power/status)  - fox fucking news :)  i never thot in my life i would praise them for anything