fox sprites

c. Toby Fox, @heyneon​, @somekangarookid

Grillblue sprites done! (Though I may exand them later.) The actual resturant is pretty much done as well but I want to brush up some details tommorrow.

I’m hoping it’s obvious that these are free for use? Like I want people to be able to use them for fake screenshots and such of Underfell, that’s what they’re for. Same with the Sans sheet.

*Edit: Suspenders fixed

He’s mean, he’s rough, he’s super tough!

He’s out to punish chara for all their crimes

they once called him papyrus but now he’s known as Times

this warrior would chill but his burning soul melts the ice

before you mess with him- you better think twice

you can’t get burned if your already made of fire 

with the heat rising you can’t get much higher

cool down bro-  your soul might decay 

it could bubble up and melt away ….

“the one with the orange soul represents Bravery.“  

Heres his battle song :3



Undertale, Undertale, Undertale… By far my favorite game of 2015!

Haven’t posted here in forever… Sorry about that guys xP Just barely graduated and was bogged down with work and senioritis  ^^; I have a load of work that I haven’t posted so stay tuned!