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Metal Gear Pokemon!

I had this idea of doing Pokemon battle screens with Metal Gear Solid bosses since all of them are themed around animals. So I paired each of them with a 1st generation Pokemon that I felt matched their animal. I had fun making them and I’d like to do more sprite art stuff like this. I hope you like them!

vulpix sprite ratings

Pokemon Red/Blue: The beginnings of vulpix. Cute but the eyes are staring into my soul. I’m scared. 5/10

Pokemon Yellow: Starting to get cuter! Vulpix looks as though she wants to run to your side. I welcome her any day. 7/10

Pokemon Gold: Still jumping upwards. Looks as though she now wants to leap into your arms. My heart is filled with joy. 8/10

Pokemon Silver: What have you done to offend this fluffy ball of joy? Vulpix is ready to attack and feels threatened. However it makes a cute face when angry. 7/10

Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire: She sits patiently like a good girl. Very deserving of a treat. Look how nice and obedient she is. 9/10

Pokemon Emerald: Looks like Vulpix is cornered and currently very scared. Needs a hug. 8/10

Pokemon FireRed/LeafGreen: Almost the same as the Ruby/Sapphire Vulpix. Still adorable but has better proportions. My heart cannot contain the cuteness. 10/10

Pokemon Diamond/Pearl/Platinum: Come back, Vulpix! What are you running away from? Are we playing tag? Such a spunky trickster. I love her. 8/10

Pokemon HeartGold/SoulSilver: Approaches with the sweetest face. Wants to be your friend. I’m crying. I love Vulpix so much. 10/10

Pokemon Black/White: Ears are pointier. Not as soft. Looks off into the distance and is a very aloof Vulpix. 8/10

Pokemon X/Y/ORAS/Sun/Moon: Top Quality Vulpix. Warm, fluffy friend that will love you until the end of her days. I want to pet and give her love. 10/10

tl;dr: I love Vulpix with my entire being and I want 50 of them. All Vulpix are good Vulpix. 10/10


An Undertale x Pokémon crossover I did for Undertale’s 1 year anniversary! Still my favorite game of 2015~<3

(was gonna implement some pixel portraits too but ran out of time :v)


Anonymous said: Request: mess with Leon’s hair sans hat? 

Anonymous said: (fantasy-harvest-moon hereee!) ok guys imagine leon with short hair. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

This was fun but a little amnoying because I had to get Leon’s hatless sprite via miiverse screenshots. Other than that it went rather smoothly!

The first one is just Leon’s regular outfit minus the hat. I couldn’t really think of a variety of looks to give him, so I was just like “lemme give this poor man his hat back” for the last one lol

fox man rly rocks that short hair i gotta say