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‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’ Season 5: Renewed or Cancelled at Fox? | TVLine

If Brooklyn Nine-Nine gets cancelled, the news would hit co-creator Dan Goor like a city bus. (Too soon?)

Discussing the Andy Samberg comedy’s uncertain future with TVLine, Goor says that fans are “going to riot” if the Nine-Nine doesn’t return to active duty for Season 5.

“[Fans] are going to find the presidents of Fox and they are going to deface their houses,” he says with a laugh. “No, I’m kidding. Probably shouldn’t say that… I know I would riot. I would be very upset.”

Brooklyn Nine-Nine — which returns after a four-month hiatus on Tuesday, April 11 (8/7c) — is one of a handful of Fox sitcoms (including New Girl and The Last Man on Earth) that has not yet been renewed for the 2017-2018 season, which may prove to be a problem. Known for ending each season on a cliffhanger, it doesn’t sound as though Goor & Co. have any intention of tying up loose ends in the Season 4 finale.

“If you’re asking if we wrote a potential series finale, we did not,” he stresses. “We do not want this to be the series finale.”

Goor, however, remains confident that Detective Jake Peralta will not be forced into an early retirement.

“We’ve received a tremendous amount of support from the network, and I’m sure our pickup will be coming at any point.”

The first same-sex wedding on U.S. television – network TV, at that – aired on the Fox sitcom Roc way back in 1991. The Season One episode “Can’t Help Loving That Man,” focuses on Roc’s uncle (Shaft’s Richard Roundtree) revealing he’s gay, and the family’s subsequent struggle to accept his lifestyle, ultimately culminating with Roc (Charles S. Dutton) hosting the ceremony in his home. The episode took home a GLAAD award that year for the positive portrayal.

“The Best Gay Weddings on TV (So Far)” | The Rolling Stone

a note: the family’s subsequent struggle was really only one family member, his brother. His nephews were basically shocked and uncomfortable at first but came around quickly because, as they simply put it, it’s what made their uncle happy. His niece (the title character’s wife) was immediately accepting.  The only one who acted up was his brother…who eventually came around by the end of the episode. 

also… this is the cast of Roc

the FIRST same sex wedding on U.S. tv was delivered by a Black cast.

AND it was an interracial wedding.

deal with it.

you can watch the episode here (it’s the first one):

“Family Ties” A, My Name Is Alex (1987)

“A, My Name Is Alex” is a two-part hour-long episode of the NBC television series Family Ties. The episodes aired on March 12, 1987 as the 23rd and 24th episodes of the fifth season and 119th and 120th episodes overall in the series. The episode garnered a Primetime Emmy Award, a Humanitas Prize and a Writers Guild of America Award for writing as well as a DGA Award.

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hi, can u please list/name some southeast asian- especially Filipina- actors

H! Coincidentally I’ve been thinking of finally making a tag page for the blog based on actors’ ethnicities. The list is not full, obviously - just those actors I know and have on this blog, also here are only actors that work in Western TV/Film industry:

Actors of Filipinx descent:

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“There are places I remember
All my life, though some have changed
Some forever not for better
Some have gone and some remainAll these places had their moments
With lovers and friends
I still can recall
Some are dead and some are living
In my life I’ve loved them allBut of all these friends and lovers
There is no one compares with you
And these memories lose their meaning
When I think of love as something newThough I know I’ll never lose affection
For people and things that went before
I know I’ll often stop and think about them
In my life I love you more"

Family Ties (1982 - 1989)

Hi, you don’t know me but, Iv'e recently ran into your stuff like two days ago and I have to say I’m impressed with how big you are on the internet especially your W2H work. I’m amazed that it has such a huge fanbase, well maybe not amazed because it is really really good. I don’t really, too much, wanna talk about just your W2H because I’m sure it gets annoying and you’ve done much more than just that, for instance: Iv'e been though your Deviantart and your youtube and your art is amazing and I can’t wait to see what you’ll do next, but I am curious about you as an artist. How does it feel that you’ve created something many people love? Does it annoy you when people ship your characters? Does it bother you when people make fanart of your characters, or even change them, or put them in their own comics? I know fans are crippling and demanding and it must be hard work to create the wonderful things you do. Do you have fan trouble? One more thing, do you ever think about trying to get, not just W2H , but your work into a TV series or even a youtube series with Mondo Media? I apologize for taking up sweet time but I’m just blown away with how much you’ve accomplished and the lives you’ve touched. Hell, you'e managed to create a whole new fandom and if that’s not impressive, IDK what is. 

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yoooo can you do a description of each brooklyn nine-nine character for someone who's never seen it? my friend says they're uncharacteristically complex for a fox sitcom but,,, is that accurate tho

im probably not the best person to give u an unbiased opinion bc i personally think that most of the b99 characters are incredibly complex and well-written and that the character relationships and motivations are pretty darn nuanced for a goofy sitcom, BUT HERE GOES

(this might be - yikes, definitely is - my own interpretation so @b99 fandom feel free to pitch in)

jake peralta: jewish kid from brooklyn who grew up with a single mom who was working all the time to keep them standing on their own two feet but with whom he still has a really strong and Good relationship. it’s pretty much implied that they didn’t have a whole lot of money, and he still has a lot of insecurity and general mental health issues regarding his father’s departure, but it’s not used as an excuse for any bad behaviour he does demonstrate, either; he grows and deals with it realistically with the help and support of his friends and coworkers, and when he does mess up as a result of insecurities or abandonment issues influencing his reactions towards people, he always apologizes. related to this, he was essentially raised entirely by strong and diverse women (his mom, nana, gina, gina’s mom darlene probably considering how close they were, rosa was his best friend in the academy, etc) which is cool because there’s a lot of canonical reason for why jake’s attitude towards women is always very respectful and obviously feminist. (note that he also makes small mistakes or assumptions that are realistic given his inherent privilege as white male in a patriarchal society, but that he’s conscientious and willing to listen to his female friends). he’s is ridiculously trusting and naive for an nypd detective whose father left him when he was seven, but here’s the thing: jake constantly blames other people’s mistakes on himself (his own shortcomings, as a person), as a result of his dad leaving, and so he continues to maintain a trusting and hugely compassionate attitude towards people despite all the emotional crap he’s been put through. it’s also implied (this is my opinion, but there are some pretty strong implications) in the way that he’s written that he has something at least similar to adhd, and possibly dyslexia (though this one’s a bit more shaky), which was probably compounded by a crappy public school system and a mom who had to work all the time and thus didn’t have the time to address any of that. also, (once again my opinion) he’s written in a way that implies that he sometimes struggles with episodes of mild depression; there’s canonical moments of using strained jokes to cover up abject despair, vocalized self-hatred that’s brushed off as a joke, mentions of the fact that he sometimes doesn’t have the emotional energy to get out of bed in the morning (usually following sudden upheaval, which makes me think it’s the sort of depression to be triggered by sudden out-of-his-control events) and other similar symptoms. despite all this, jake’s got a huge, huge heart and loves everyone with his all, has a fundamental sense of right and wrong/justice vs injustice that’s almost bordering on black and white (which can be problematic at times), is always willing to learn from his mistakes and is an all-around walking human sunbeam. 

amy santiago: tiny smol highly intelligent latina superhero who is a giant competitive nerd (and also just generally a nerd) as a result of growing up in a household full of brothers. i say superhero for several reasons, but let’s begin with the fact that amy is in no way averse to ~feminine~ things as a result of having brothers and or by way of trying to prove how tough she is. she loves pink and dresses and fills her apartment with doilies and lace and flower patterned stuff. at the same time, she’s tough, and it’s obvious without her having to hold up a neon sign that reads IM TOUGH. she can take down perps twice her size with one solid kick, is always Ready To Fight, and has a hard edge underneath her competitiveness (that jake, while also competitive, simply does not possess). amy clings to being super professional, and i think a part of that is that she knows she’s good at her job and so when she’s immersed in doing her job, her lack of confidence in her abilities is forgotten. she can stare down perps and the vulture and file reports with insane accuracy and solve cold cases in under a minute with the right evidence, and she loves doing it. despite this - despite being damn good at her work, and beautiful, and smart - amy very obviously struggles with some kind of anxiety disorder and very likely a form of ocd, which is why her confidence in herself so often deserts her in social situations and she ends up being humongously awkward and trips over herself in an effort to please others. her biggest flaw, to quote herself, is that she cares too much what other people think of her - hugely, I think (and tbh this is partly from personal experience), as a result of her anxiety. and yet (back to the superhero thing), she’s working incredibly hard to build confidence in herself. she’s managing to learn how to show the utmost respect to her superiors while still standing up for herself with poise and conviction. this has been nurtured over the course of the show through her relationships with the other characters (jake, rosa, holt) but also through her own drive and determination; amy is the definition of “go big or go home”. in addition to being fiercely competitive and ambitious, though, amy’s also incredibly selfless - she sends hand-written thank you/christmas/etc cards to everyone in the precinct, including all the janitors and her criminal CIs, and she’s always ready to accommodate others when they’re having a tough time of it. her latina heritage (cuban-american) is a part of her identity but not her defining identity (as with all of the characters’ ethnicity, tbh) and she’s always ready to shut down racists and sexists with very few qualms. additionally: she is a huge nerd. she loves learning, geeks out about office supplies, is constantly reading and looking up trivial World Facts and being an all around hermione in her know-it-all-ness, which is adorable and hilarious. she calls movies about the font helvetica action thrillers and then turns around and takes down badguys with mad roundhouse kicks and tbh that’s awesome, imo

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