fox run

i found an add-on for firefox that turns it into a real life fire fox! its cute!!! its running around my bed!!! haha my sheets are burning!! my bed is burning!!! in fact , my whole room is burni

it is 6am and your heart jumpstarts into beating.
it is 7am and your ribs ache
but at least you know this means you’re alive.

it is 10am and the world continues to move,
nothing is still but your body, layered in white sheets
and white bandage.

it is 11pm and your heart refuses to settle.
it is 1am and you won’t sleep through the night,
sustaining yourself on caffeine and candy,
anything to keep you awake and alive.
It is 2am and you can’t remember a time
you felt anything other than fear.

and this is the cycle,
rinse and repeat,
your life laid bare to the bones.

until it’s not.

until its 6am and you wake with a start,
rabbit heart crazy in your chest.
the room is dark but you’re not alone.
someone sleeps at your side,
their hand a comma on your spine.

it’s 10am and you’re dragged from your dreams
by a shout and a scream, but no fear,
just the frenzied feeling of living and laughter,
and the friends you know are near.

it is 11pm and your eyes are drooping,
head tilting to the side.
there’s a touch to your forehead,
and a smile against your skin
and a warmth that means you are home.


A Witches Altar by samanthapina-1 featuring red home decor

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mintycoolness asked:

Your game hasn't even come out yet, and I already ship you and Phantom-kun so much! XD You need to confess already! (If you haven't yet!)

Yusuke: Thank you for the encouragement and support, but there will be no confessions from myself to anyone. So-

Phantom: Filming on the job, huh?

somewhere only we know | a chara & asriel mix

memory - toby fox // run away, fugitives - pokemon mystery dungeon ost //  everything is alright - lauren shigihara // boats & birds - gregory & the hawk // chasing cars (music box) - snow patrol // house by the sea - moddi // iris (music box) - goo goo dolls // somewhere only we know - keane //

listen | art

I had the amazing opportunity to go on a hike through Fox Run Regional Park and see a number of the Ute prayer trees. These two trees were modified by the Ute people long ago and have been named the Portal Tree by conservationists. It is believed that the Ute thought that passing through these trees leads one to a different plane.


In honor of getting my final dreamie (Fang, who I had in both WW and CF and missed terribly), I’ve updated Fox Run’s dream address! There are cool clothes, toys, and accessories scattered all over town! Come drink too much coffee and eat far too many sweets in the mayor’s kitchen or relax in Kitty’s secret garden. I’ve also started landscaping the beach!

Baking for the Holidays? by fl4u featuring H&M ❤ liked on Polyvore

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