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Donald Trump made up a terror attack in Sweden. Sweden replies, “What are you talking about?”

Last Week Tonight host John Oliver was baffled by the latest news cycle surrounding President Donald Trump. “Trump dominates the news cycle the way a fart dominates the interior of a Volkswagen Beetle,” Oliver said. “There is simply no escape from him.”

The latest example came when Trump triggered minor international confusion over the weekend when, at a Saturday rally, he seemed to suggest there had been some sort of attack in Sweden: “We’ve got to keep our country safe. … You look at what’s happening last night in Sweden. Sweden? Who would believe this? Sweden. They took in large numbers. They’re having problems like they never thought possible.”

This confused everyone, including Sweden. There was no major attack in Sweden on Friday, as Trump implied. The confusion eventually led Trump to clarify that he was talking about crime and immigrants generally in Sweden, based on a report from Fox News. And this isn’t even the first time something like this has happened; Trump’s team has gotten into trouble repeatedly over making up fake terror attacks, like the nonexistent “Bowling Green massacre.”

“Here’s where we’re at right now,” Oliver said. “Trump can dominate the news merely by referencing something that didn’t happen in Sweden.”

The story, however, serves as a warning to other countries. Oliver explained, “Just a quick message to all other countries on Earth: In the future, you’re going to find yourself wanting to ask, ‘What is your president talking about?’ a great deal. And the answer is almost always going to be, ‘We have no fucking idea.’”

*Me* “Season 1 to 3 of Family Guy was wonderful television. They honestly were. Season 4 was good too.” *Then, later on, I was a girl sports writer and got stalked by this strange misogynist man who yelled abuse at me non-stop. (Glen Quaqmire was in his avatar.) He was weird.  And all these other trolling frat boys kept comparing me to Meg Griffin and made bad rape jokes*

I could never quite stomach watching the show after that, funnily enough. 

Because it wasn’t satire anymore. It was just a cartoon that encouraged hideousness. 

Now ‘liberal’ Seth has the nerve to sit around and wonder how casual racism and sexism got Trump elected.

It’s time for a continuation of the post where Andrew keeps giving reporters different conflicting answers to their questions about why he and his ex-teammate turned rival Neil wear matching armbands.

So, get ready for Neil’s responses to reporters reading Andrew’s latest responses plus Andrew and Neil getting asked about them together after their teams play each other.

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It’s being reported that FOX are currently auditioning actors to play the roles of Sunspot, Feral, and Shatterstar in ‘Deadpool 2′. Their roles are reported to be small cameos to set up the following X-Force movie. Another X-Force member, Domino, has already been cast!


So from all the accounts i’ve dealt with fanart reposting this is the one that will not listen to anybody and repost art without tags so their pictures can’t be seen that easly. If you can and want, send a message telling them to stop and then report it for the sake of all artists here on the fandom. I’m begging you please help us to put an end to reposts.

Homecoming: Part 1

Rating: E

Summary: Cassian really misses his feisty mate.

(Post-bonding. Post-ACOWAR.)

A/N: Because y’all know this precious overgrown bat baby would straight up sulk (like whine-at-the-door-and-paw-at-it sulk) if Nesta was gone for too long.

Go to: Part 2 , Part 3 

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He missed her.

That was all. He missed her.

“So write her a godsdamn letter,” said Azriel, dancing along the edge of the sparring ring. He’d been on the receiving end of Cassian’s fists all morning and had yet to be reprieved. “It’s only been a week, Cas. We’re all getting tired of your moping.”

“Who says I’m moping?”  

“Everyone,” his brothers said in unison.

Cassian turned to scowl at Rhys, who had been sharpening his sword on a nearby bench. “Yes, everyone,” he added smugly. “Feyre, Amren, Elain…”


Azriel smirked. “The actual word she used was ‘cranky.’”  

“I am not cranky.”  

“An understatement if there ever was one,” Rhys drawled. “I think what sweet Elain actually meant was: insufferable ass.”

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@digdipper09 I saw your Tony as a villain comment and raise you Tony as an accidental-clueless-unknowing villain. Not quite what I expected when I started but *shrug*

The Villainous Career of Tony Stark–A Series of (Un)Fortunate Events

A different take on the Tony as the Villains’ Favourite™ concept. Where the consequences of hate and gossip are unpredictable, and nothing ever goes the way you intend it to… Also this is mostly crack. I tried treating it seriously, but not sure I succeeded.

Warning: Contains small amounts of various superhero hate, because villains and terrible people. In this chapter mainly Tony and Bruce.

A rumour doesn’t have to be true. It has to be shared.

There is this kid, barely old enough to drink, yet already well on his way to become a super villain. It’s name–though of no importance–is Ian, and he knows two things, and two things only: 1) Being able to corrode even the thickest of stones with just your spit is unnatural and despicable. 2) Tony Stark is the most revolting, hypocritical, pathetic waste of space there is.

Both lessons the kid learned early on, like many other things, from his parents. A spiteful, bitter pair too occupied spewing poisonous words into every direction to find something worth loving in their lives.

And so it is perhaps inevitable that this kid, Ian, eventually finds his way into the New Yorker underground, where, thanks to his ability, he quickly finds a sponsor. An older, more experienced villain willing to show the kid the ropes and keep him out of trouble with the big leagues until he might be able to handle it.

They talk about super heroes eventually because of course they do. Know your enemy and all. And it’s then, when the mentor goes over Iron Man’s known abilities, that the kid frowns in confusion.

“But Iron Man isn’t a villain?” he says like it’s obvious, a truth that has been drilled into his mind for so long that questioning it is unthinkable–after all, following Iron Man’s path is a large part of the reason why Ian is here in the first place, trying to become a super villain.

The mentor meanwhile is struck dumb by this, this utterly ridiculous statement. He doesn’t even know where to begin refuting this claim, everyone knows Iron Man is a hero, where did this kid even come from?

But when he tries to explain as much to the kid, Ian proves himself surprisingly stubborn for the first time. It’s all “He went out of the arms’ business” “Yes, because he didn’t want to share them anymore, he kept them to himself” and “He saved the world” “Yeah, to save himself”, until eventually, the poor, exhausted mentor has to admit defeat. There is no convincing this kid that Tony Stark isn’t a villain, even though he’s obviously a hero.

…isn’t he?

There’s this lower-class villain mentor who’s a little thrown-off by his protégés insistence that Tony Stark is a villain. He knows it couldn’t be true of course, but there doesn’t seem to be a way to convince the kid of that–and that, that bothers him.

He seeks counsel with a higher-up villain the next day, a man feared enough to have earned his own villain name. Dagger he is called and rumour has it he has even once encountered an Avenger himself.

Dagger has nothing but scoffs and scorn for the mentor, served with a bunch of sharp barbs about how the drinks must’ve softened up his brain. But Dagger holds no love for Iron Man, who at one point blasted him into a wall before he could so much as raise his daggers, and so the answer a curious minion overhears is a snappish “sure is enough of a selfish bastard to fit the bill”.

There’s this man well into his fifties, who’s been working behind the bar of the Gustav’s all his life. He’s used to the odd people slipping through the door way too late, used to barely hidden weapons, used to shady deals and not asking questions.

He’s less used to a bunch of very shady men gathering together in one corner, arguing, louder and louder, drawing more and more attention. Over Tony Stark of all things.

But he’s kept his head down all his life and he continues to do so. Until the men demand a refill and one of them demands to know whether it’s true, whether Tony Stark really is a villain. And this man, who’s rarely ever been asked for his own thoughts, bares his teeth as he thinks of Stark, of the man who has been born with everything he could have ever wanted, and so he rants about arrogance and entitlement and how Stark has done more damage to this world than that damn Loki ever did.

And the men listen silently, occasionally nodding in solemn agreement, and the next round the bartender gives out for free.

There is Carter Whistney who hasn’t been high up in HYDRA’s hierarchy. Which might just be the only reason he is still alive and free. But ever since HYDRA’s fall–or setback, depending on whom you ask–he has begun to make a name for himself. And whilst not as high up in the underworld as, say, Loki, he is doing well indeed.

As such, when the first rumours of Tony Stark being secretly a villain reach his ears, he could afford to spend ten minutes laughing about how gullible his minions really are.

Then. Then he takes the situation for what it really is. A chance to besmirch the name of Tony fucking Stark, an irritating nuisance in every honest villain’s butt.

And so he turns back to his terrified underlings with a wide, crazed smile on his lips and uttered a single confirmation.

There is Brock Rumlow tilting his head to the side in consideration. For the past three weeks or so, the underworld has been abuzz with rumours about the one and only Tony Stark, a name that never fails to draw attention from every side of the legal line.

It’s not the first time that uninformed morons and FOX reporters insist on the inherent evil-ness of the guy, but those rumours usually dissipate within days. This time it seems like every minion in New York has been won over at the same time.

It could be a coincidence, mere happenstance, but Brock Rumlow doesn’t believe in coincidences. And since this time the theory clearly isn’t gonna disappear on its own, perhaps it’s time to–reconsider.

After all… There has been the Incident.

(Nobody talks about the Incident.)

With a sign Rumlow pulls out his newest burner phone. It’s time to let the others, who are less likely to pay attention to their underlings’ worries know of this new development. Whether it’s true or not, rumours as persistent as this one will have uncomfortable consequences sooner rather than later.

They need to deal with this as quickly as possible.

The Council of All That Is Evil And All That Spreads Evil is in full session. Which is to say, all its twenty four, highly esteemed members are shouting and flinging insults at each other, as is usual at this stage in the informed decision making process.

“This is preposterous!” one of the more conservative members interrupts. “Why do we even waste our time with this pointless discussion? Iron Man is a hero, there’s no questioning that!”

“Then where was he during Project Insight?” another one throws in heatedly. “Why wasn’t he defending his precious civilians from all those armed helicarriers? Helicarriers that he built by the way.”

“Hulk wasn’t there either and I don’t see you trying to turn him into a villain!” the first one shoots back.

“Psh,” a third member scoffs. “Hulk runs all the time.”

“And someone explain to me how a man who routinely hacked SHIELD and other secret government data banks, could not know about HYDRA’s continued survival!” the second one continuous with new fervour. “Explain how a man with the most developed computing skills didn’t know his own business partner made deals with terrorists.”

“He almost got killed by said terrorists,” the first one scorns.

“Oh, like you’ve never gotten rid off your partner because he knew too much,” the second snarks right back.

“I can’t believe we’re even considering this.” A fourth villain buries his face in his hands.

“You have to admit though, there’s a lot of holes in these stories,” his seat neighbour comments. “I mean, do you really think SHIELD could just sneak a spy in right under Stark’s nose and he’d suspect nothing?”

“Order! Order!” the Council’s president bellows. “I do not believe that we will resolve this issue today. Therefore I ask that you keep your eyes and ears open, and gather as much information as possible for the meeting in two weeks, where we’ll discuss this again. Meeting adjourned!”

Technically there are 2-3 more parts planned. Two more from various villains’ perspectives and then one from Tony’s point of view. But this was getting ridiculously long as it is and also I’m increasingly less sure if it’s a good read? Damn you, insecurity. Let me know what you think?

Btw the alternate title for this was The Only Acceptable Consequence Of Tony-Hate, just because.

April O'neil sketch! More I see trailers, more I want to see the film. It’s definitely growing on me. And I have to say, Megan Fox as April wasn’t a bad choice at all! Cheers, thanks for looking!

House of Memes (

BREAKING NEWS: There is a special election for Montana’s single House seat.  Election day is today.  Yesterday, Greg Gianforte, the Republican candidate, assaulted a reporter from the UK newspaper The Guardian.  He grabbed the reporter by the neck, slammed him to the floor, and broke his glasses.  A reporter from Fox News witnessed the assault, and it was recorded on audio.  Gianforte was cited with misdemeanor assault.


First batch of pictures done from the shoot yesterday. It’s taking so long because I’ve had to delete every single midge from each picture individually, which takes about two hours in itself (thanks Lake Erie). 
But yeah.
My Anastasia cosplay!
Photo credit goes to my best friend, Stellina, who did a great job for her first time using my DSLR.
Dress made by my wonderful and talented mother. Hair and makeup by me. Taken on the steamship the William G. Mather docked in Cleveland, Ohio.

We heard screaming...

**it’s a few years down the line and the infamous Josten - Minyard rivalry is heating up**

• Reporter: “so you’re andrew minyards cousin?”
Nicky: “yeah”
Reporter: “do you know neil Josten?”
Nicky:“yeah we all went to college together - we were all on the Foxes. ”
Reporter: “is it true andrew and Neil hated each other even then??”
Nicky, smirking: “oh they hated each other for sure.”
Reporter: “What do you think of their rivalry now?”
Nicky: “I think it’s just the beginning”

• Reporter: “you were on the Foxes with Neil and Andrew, what can you tell me about their relationship back then?”
Matt: *chokes* “What?”
Reporter: “isn’t it true they hated each other even back then??”
Matt: “oh.. Yeah sure…”

•Reporter: “how well did you know neil and Andrew when you went to college with them?”
Kevin: “no comment”

• Reporter: “is it true andrew minyard and Neil Josten hated each other even back when you were all at college together?”
Dan: “uh I guess that’s one way of putting it…”
Reporter: “you would put it a different way?”
Dan: “well….”
Allison, grinning: “oh I remember we heard them fighting all the time.”
Reporter, hooked on Allison: “oh?”
Allison: “yeah. So those two shared a room - don’t ask me why I have no idea, I think Kevin liked keeping them close to drag them to practice - but anyway. Dan renee and I were two doors down. Night after night we heard screaming, muffled shouts, furniture tipping over, doors slamming, things breaking…”
Reporter: “oh wow really?!”
Allison, milking it: “yeah.. at all hours of the night… those two woke me up more than a few times too… and kept us all up all night…”
Dan: *hiding her face in her hands cause fuck*

Jay Z, his nephew Daniel Julez Smith, Jr., Beyoncé and Daniel Smith, photographed sitting courtside in his Rocawear-branded seats at a game between the New Jersey Nets and the Miami Heat, played at the Prudential Center in Newark on April 16, 2012. 

Hov would have left slightly disappointed, as his Nets lost the game to the Heat 101-98. There was one major highlight though—after scoring his team’s final 17 points to help them clinch the win, Jay’s close friend and mentee LeBron James approached their seats. After he and Jay performed their secret handshake and spoke for a few moments, James gave his game headband, shooting sleeve, and wristbands to Julez; then signed his Nike “LeBron 9″ game sneakers and handed them to the astonished child. 

Before approaching Jay and his family, James was seen fervently calling over his then-teammate Norris Cole so he could introduce the young point guard to one of his heroes. Afterwards LeBron told the Fox Sports reporter that “me and Cole be in the locker room a lot talking about how great Jay Z is lyrically. For [Jay] to be my big brother and for me to get inspiration from him—Cole looks up to him [also] so I’m happy I was able to introduce them. I’m just blessed.”

Hov is wearing one of his Roc-A-Fella Records yellow gold chains (priceless), an 18K yellow gold Cartier “Panthère” ring ($24,000), a R13 denim trucker jacket ($595), a pair of Air Jordan IV sneakers in the “Cement” colorway ($160).


Behind Fox News’ Baseless Seth Rich Story: The Untold Tale - NPR  Morning Edition

The Fox News Channel and a wealthy supporter of President Trump worked in concert under the watchful eye of the White House to concoct a story about the murder of a young Democratic National Committee aide, according to a lawsuit filed Tuesday. The explosive claim is part of the lawsuit filed against Fox News by Rod Wheeler, a longtime paid commentator for the news network. The suit was obtained exclusively by NPR. Wheeler alleges Fox News and the Trump supporter intended to deflect public attention from growing concern about the administration’s ties to the Russian government. His suit charges that a Fox News reporter created quotations out of thin air and attributed them to him to propel her story.