fox ranger

Hello everybody !
This little art was commissioned by the incredible Drummermax64 who asked me to draw Nick and Judy as children (the fox in his scout ranger uniform, the bunny in her bunny cop disguise) walking paw in paw in the meadows…
I find the idea pretty cute, and stat wondering what could have happened if those two have met as children… Yeah, i ship them even at child’s age. I’m incorrigible.

Have a great day


How do I even begin to explain Ahren Schreave?
  • Camille: Ahren Schreave is flawless.
  • Hale: He has two crowns AND a limousine.
  • Kile: I hear his hair's insured for $10,000.
  • Ean: I hear he does car commercials. In New Asia.
  • Henri: Favorite movie ees Notebook.
  • Fox: One time, he met Tessa Tamble on a plane.
  • Erik: And she told him he was hot.
  • Jack Ranger: One time he punched me in the face. It was awesome.

Sooo in another blog I run, the good ol’ crackship kiddo meme was circulating through the Pokemon askblog community, and I sent a prompt to @askvulpinecurses with my Roserade Perceval and their Braixen Morrigan. And this was the result they made.

I loved Camellia so much that I asked the mod if I could adopt her, to which I was absolutely allowed to do so. So thus, I gave Camellia her own ref with some sliiight tweaks to her design. She’s so gorgeous, though I may have a wee bit of a hard time thinking what Pokemon could attribute to her part Grass typing. She’s predominantly Fire and secondary Grass but still has some Psychic powers, just not as much as a normal Delphox. Anyone wanna help me think of which grass-type would work well for her to have roses budding out of her like this to justify the grass-typing? :D;

And yes I know, insert Green Arrow jokes here. In any case I love how Camellia looks and I’m super thankful to the mod for letting me have her, so much so that I have plans to use her, and rather soon thanks to some perfect timing with the blog’s current setting! I’ll definitely be putting this rosey fox ranger to some good use. Thanks so very much again, mod! ouo)b