fox racing

Here’s a nice portrait of Judy Hopps as a real country girl. I’ve seen so many farm girl Judy Hopps fan art that I’ve noticed something: they were not authentic country girl images. I grew up in a small Agriculture town, and I’ve seen my share of country girls (even becoming inspiration for some of my original characters). So, as a response to all the usual images of farm girl Judy, I’ve created a remedy for anyone wanting to see the REAL country girl Judy Hopps could be, complete with Fox Racing T-shirt and carrot belt buckle. 

This makes me wonder this: What country singer does she listen to? I would say Rascal Flats because I do, and they’ve done songs for Disney in the past. Anyway, Enjoy this picture of Judy Hopps.


 Moto Monday is for all those out there that can’t get enough of the dirt bike action. Whether it’s on the track, hitting ramps, riding natural terrain or just enjoying the beauty  of the bikes, this album has photos of it all. The creator of PL is a dirt bike enthusiast, so this album is one of our favorites.