fox proof

Imagine Neil excitedly showing any fox he could get his hands on his new and REAL drivers license that has his REAL AND LEAGAL name on it

The Seven Alien Races!

This video explains how there are many more alien races out there than just the classic black eyed aliens also know as the greys. Many people throught the 1960′s and late 1990′s have encountered with many aliens and one artist tries to depict them and what he drew will amaze you.

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Do you think Neil has a binder (solely) for Andrew (and him) and one for his Foxes? What's inside the binder(s)? And ohh btw I just simply love your hc about the photos ((and i want more bec i love you and your hcs so much))

thanks bb <3

(neil only got the binders because he can’t cover every spare inch of the walls of their apartments in photos and articles - even he recognises that it would make it look like a serial stalker’s den. yes, andrew’s slightly judgmental expression did help him to reach that conclusion)

anyway, a list of some of the contents of neil’s post-graduation binders:

  • every photograph and article about kevin day neil can get his hands on - and there’s a lot of them. kevin holding trophies, kevin with his teams, kevin and thea in elegant clothes at big events, kevin smiling in a way that starts fake but gets more real as the years pass. kevin, alive. kevin, victorious. kevin with everything that riko tried to take from him. (enough of them that andrew made a dry comment or two about neil at least being predictable in his obsessions) (he’s quietly satisfied by the progression, too)
  • articles on robin, as both a fox and afterwards, concrete proof of neil’s work as a captain and andrew’s…something neil isn’t quite sure of sometimes, still. photos of her standing tall and proud, no trace of the mousey child who was nearly too afraid to be a fox
  • a collection of postcards addressed to them both in renee’s neat hand - pictures of mountain ranges and jungles and forests and deserts and cityscapes, ones that still make neil think about a different kind of travel than the frightened bolt he and his mother did across half the planet all those years ago with that vague kind of longing for something different
  • the entire photographic coverage of allison’s first fashion show (neil was there, which meant andrew was there. unsurprisingly, andrew ‘i wear designer clothes’ minyard found it more interesting than neil ‘the height of fashion is my partner’s oversized hoodie and these jeans that i’ve had for ten years’ josten)
  • a heavy piece of cream card inviting neil and andrew to the wedding of nicholas hemmick and erik klose (they went. neil had never seen nicky happier)
  • a picture of matt and neil hugging on the court after eschewing the more normal post-game handshake, wearing different colours and smiles
  • articles following dan’s career, from her first teams through to the foxes, including photos of her familiarly disapproving and determined and delighted expression on the sidelines or amongst her players
  • a collection of photos taken by various foxes at their ‘reunions’ - matt and dan curled in the same armchair, dan laughing because she’s getting squashed. renee braiding allison’s hair, her face all careful concentration, while allison sits on the floor between her knees drinking wine. aaron and kevin arguing, for old time’s sake. nicky and andrew making drinks while erik watches on in the background. all of them together in one mess, no one looking the right way, someone’s eyes closed, someone laughing a little bit too hard - perfect
  • a singular photo of jean moreau, helmet under his arm as he looks down at jeremy knox, the man he followed through the professional leagues post-college. he’s smiling in it, grey eyes crinkled in the corners. (neil can’t quite explain why he kept it - he doesn’t look at it much. when he does, he remembers)
  • a collection of articles about andrew on the court, from his first year pro all the way through. articles that still call him dangerous, but mean it in relation to the scoring percentages of his opposition. photos of him stretched out in goal, immortalised in brutal determination, beside total strangers calling him talented, even calling him revolutionary because of his style of play
  • more articles about andrew, off of the court - andrew as an icon, flat-faced beside LGBT campaigners for sports, speaking bluntly and truthfully and tactlessly at events as an invited guest. 
  • andrew, whose thesis on the treatment of mentally ill juveniles in the justice system was publicised by a psu student, who stared at everyone who questioned him about it in a way that unmistakably said i meant what i wrote
  • andrew, the survivor, who donates so much of his salary to a variety of causes, who did before anyone knew and who continued after it became public like he didn’t give a fuck because he didn’t
  • photos of the andrew that belong to neil, ones that make andrew curl his lip if neil pins them up - he and his brother standing shoulder to shoulder at the reception of aaron’s wedding, caught on camera by the official photographer in a very rare moment of understanding. him bathed in the light of a sunset on their balcony, all golden. he and neil together wearing red, white and blue in the locker room of a foreign stadium, ready to walk on the court for their country. him on the couch, asleep on his belly with one of the cats curled up in the cup of his lower back
  • (neil doesn’t mean to document his own history, only theirs - it happens by accident. there’s a photo of him beside kevin, medals around both of their necks at a world cup final. a photo him in the audience of an event where andrew is on the stage, photographed looking up from the crowd with a slight smile on his face included in an article on andrew. one from a reunion, taken from behind him and andrew with the sun turning them to silhouettes, including where their hands are curled together between them. a headshot of him from a where are they now-style article on the first ncaa champion fox team, scars on display and stare as bright and challenging as ever - still alive)

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Ahhhh your hunter/fox AU killed me (also how have I not been following u until now???) anyway, angsty prompt: fox hux gets wounded by Ben during the hunt and uses the last of his strength to transform into a human and tell Ben that he still loves him despite what he's done before losing consciousness (or dying?? Idk how angsty to make it)

[Follow up to The Fox & The Hound - WARNING GRAPHIC VIOLENCE]

The troop had survived the first hunt. 

The river had been low enough for Hux to lead them across but too dangerous for the riders and their horses. Kylo Ren had called his dogs away to chase some other prey. 

Hux had a little guilt that the neighbouring earth of unchanging foxes would likely fall to Ren, but he felt so heartsick at recognising the human he’d loved under that horrible mask. It was all he could do to put on paw in front of the other and get his own followers to safety.

They had not been so lucky with the second hunt. 

They’d been wary. A blond man who smelled a little like Kylo/Ben had been seen skulking around their forest. It had put them on edge. The sensible ones at least. 

Hux’s brother had never been sensible. Poor Techie, born with ruined eyes and reliant on his sense of smell had strayed too close to the man’s tempting scent. It had put him on an open path when the hounds turned a corner and all was lost.

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some more photos on the foxhole court wall (besides these ones):

  • andrew, neil and robin on the couch in the lounge, the first picture of robin to make it onto the wall (taken by nicky, who doesn’t understand robin just yet, meek and quiet and afraid, or understand andrew’s commitment to keeping her, but who has adopted her anyway)
  • robin and neil together on the bench in gear, staring past the photographer, neil’s mouth open as he yells something without concern for abby who is trying to ice his knee (taken by an official photographer, collected and pinned up by one of the sophomore foxes as proof that their captain is unstoppable)
  • one of the twins, turned away, the sun turning his hair into a halo against a background of skyscrapers (no one is entirely sure which brother it is, but they presume it’s aaron, the photo taken by katelyn. they’re wrong)
  • dan and matt embracing on a beach, their cheeks pressed together as they smile at the camera. dan’s left hand, held up in the foreground, sports a ring (taken by allison, who recommended a lot of rings that matt didn’t buy but couldn’t fault the one he eventually picked even though it wasn’t one that she showed him. neil puts it up on the wall, and feels happy whenever he looks at it)
  • aaron, nicky and katelyn at graduation, shoulder to shoulder in their gowns and caps with katelyn in the middle. aaron, thinking the photo has already been taken, is kissing her on the cheek and has his arm curved around her waist
  • the same trio, with nicky smooching katelyn on her other cheek so her face is all scrunched with laughter (both taken by neil, who felt a smile creeping over his face as he took both of them, despite feeling his solid ground shaking under his feet)
  • a sneaky shot of andrew and aaron together, andrew wearing his usual dark clothes, refusing to walk in the ceremony but still there anyway (also taken by neil, because it’s too good an opportunity to miss, catching the two of them speaking like actual adults. or an approximation of such, with their deal done and them connected in a way beyond blood and sacrifice and promises. maybe not through friendship, maybe something uglier than that, but definitely something stronger)
  • an even sneakier photo of andrew and neil talking off to the side. neil’s finger is hooked into the hem of andrew’s shirt, stretching it out a little between them (taken by renee, who wouldn’t miss andrew’s graduation - even though he refused to consider it important - for the entire world)
  • robin cross with a bloody nose after the first fight on court that she isn’t too scared to walk away from (neil puts it on the wall as a solid reminder to her that she’s a badass, though he doesn’t say as much)
  • kevin in a us court jersey, helmet under his arm as he stares straight into the camera, no trace of fear in his face (it’s a publicity shot, and abby’s the one to put it up on the wall because she knows wymack won’t but she also knows he wants to. it’s important because these days, that fearlessness isn’t faked)
  • neil, bleeding from his face on the fox bench again, with abby leaning over him alongside a blonde head that almost certainly belongs to a graduated goalkeeper who should be up in the stands but isn’t (taken by betsy, who was watching the game with the crowds and who was abruptly abandoned, put up on the wall because it’s fox tradition to have at least a photo a year of neil injured)
  • renee with mountains behind her, her hair bleached pale all through with time and whipping in her face, her smile so big and so sweet (taken by her travel partner with the Peace Corps, sent to neil by her as part of her usual updates to all the foxes and pinned up by him)
  • neil on the day of his graduation, alone and unsmiling, his eyes a challenge for the person behind the camera (he’s always been a challenge to andrew minyard. this isn’t any different)
  • neil and his entire original fox line, all there specifically to watch the boy who never even expected to survive his first year at college receive his diploma, crowded together in with arms about shoulders to a man (taken by wymack, who is so so fucking proud of these kids for everything they’ve survived and everything they’ve done)

Dana Scully has for sure thought about her platonic partner’s (fox Mulder) penis. Proof?

Deleted scene from 4x02 home. Mulder and Scully are in a cramped bathroom examining the remains of a dead fetus.

Scully looks up at Mulder

Mulder: oh that was my penlight

Scully: oh, I thought a long standing curiosity has just been satisfied.

Mulder: hmm.


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Hey, I know your blog is actually about of MMDC, but since you had problems too with that blue bitch, what do you thinks about this? /post/163266817845/hello-blue-fox-of-eternity-im-assuming-you-are She's just freaking out at anyone who doesn't do what she wants, and she think she deserve respect or a second (or third or more) opportunity, she's a big hypocrite

here’s the post btw.

Yep, isn’t a suprise tbh.

I mean, if she doesn’t respect other opinions and artists itself, so is pretty obvious that she doesn’t respect ppl’s schedule, not everybody will be around her and she needs understand that she isn’t the center of the universe.

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Lucifer S2 Episode 5: Weaponizer (Imagine)

Subtitle: Chloe-Proof the House

This is how I imagine Lucifer would behave now that he’s under the impression that Dad could reneg. on the deal at anytime…

At the office: [Lucifer sees Chloe ready to take the stairs, imagines her tumbling down] “Detective, let’s take the elevator instead.”

[Then he imagines them in the elevator plummeting to their deaths] “…On second thought let me just carry you down. You are taking a sick day.”

Heading to the car, on the way home: [imagines Chloe getting run off the road or into a barricade.] “Detective, how about I drive this time?”

[Chloe steps in front of the car and says “over my dead body” which prompts Lucifer to picture accidentally backing into her with the car.] “…On second thought, better walk. Fresh air, good for the lungs.”

[Imagines Chloe in the crosswalk getting hit by a cyclist] “Actually, the air in LA isn’t so fresh, and these loafers are meant to be admired, not broken in. Let’s Uber.”

At Chloe’s new apartment: “Not bad Detective, I think I might stay for dinner.”

Chloe - “Well, Maze didn’t go shopping today like I asked, I’ll have to pick up some groceries from the corner store.” 

[Lucifer imagines the mini-mart being robbed at gunpoint.] “Nonsense, you shouldn’t have to cook on your first night in the new place. Take away’s the thing. Who wants Chinese? On me. Well, on the table really unless you’re into that kind of thing…[Chloe gives him a withering stare]. My treat.”

Chloe - [begrudgingly] “I’ll have cashew chicken.” 

[Lucifer imagines Chloe choking on a cashew and pulls Maze aside.]

Nevermind, I’ll whip something up… Mazikeen, I can’t believe I’m going to say this, but I’ll serve you drinks for the rest of time as long as you remain her roommate. Protect Chloe, even from herself.”

Maze - “You want me to babysit the Detective?”

Lucifer - “I just had the strangest sense of déjà vu. It’s quite the realization.”

Maze- “To what, my challenges as your body guard or Chloe’s aggravation as your probation officer?”

Lucifer- “What? No, no. I mean I finally understand Chloe’s near-constant state of dread being a parent to that small human. Detective, I’m sorry I wasn’t sympathetic to your plight before. I didn’t think this was such hard work.”

[Maze, Trixie, Chloe, and somewhere in the distance Dad roll their eyes]
down in the dumps - Chapter 1 - Humanities_Handbag - Zootopia (2016) [Archive of Our Own]
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By Organization for Transformative Works

Judy Hopps expected many things from her job, but she did not expect to answer a domestic disturbance call to find a Fox holding a baby bunny at the door.

Nick Wilde didn’t expected much from his life, but he certainly did not expect to find the child resting in the bottom of the garbage bin.

Neither expected to change the world. But that’s how life goes.

(or: nick wilde accidentally finds revolution, justice, prejudice, reasons for living, and small animals at the bottom of a dumpster. And then he blogs about it.)

single father au

If anyone wants to read about Nick Wilde finding baby a Rabbit, despising it (and he makes this point incredibly clear every chance he gets), but still keeping it for no known reason…

Then you might be able to tolerate this story.

If you are not partial to Fox Dad in Denial, then I’d encourage you to move along.


I’ve been a fan of Jennifer for years, but I don’t know if anybody on the x files fandom is as well a fan of hers. So, I’ll just leave this here ‘cause it’s really funny and cute! English is not my first language, so I’m sorry if I’ve made any mistakes!

interviewer:” …and you stopped everything and go back to school. You went to Yale!“

Jennifer:” Yes, yeah,”

I:” You where back at the same time Jodie Foster and David Duchovny where there?”

J:” Yes!”

I:” Did you ever meet either of them?”

J:” Yes, Jodie and I became friends and I used to see David on the street and ehm …he tried to pick me up on several occasions and I said - Uhm …I’m living with somebody!. - and then I end up taking this acting class in New York and who walks on the door but David Duchovny! And he’s like - I swear I’m not stalking you! - and we became really good friends and he’s a real sweetheart and when he was doing the x files he talked to me about doing that, but I think that Gillian was much better suited for that part than me.”


Day 28 - Red.

Barney with Dot - who I mainly just call The Little Red Hen & who ought to be renamed Ginger - after the character in the film Chicken Run. Little Red Hen is the peskiest pesk of a pesky hen I’ve ever met. She’s soo naughty - even by chicken standards!

Most hens are little terrors, given half the chance. They creep in the house & mess on the kitchen floor & try to intimidate the dog & steal his food. If you eat out in the garden, they aggressively beg or hop up & grab bits off the plate if they can. They go through phases of roosting in random flower pots, behind the shed & under garden furniture (you try finding a black hen sleeping on soil inside a large flower pot at night), so you have to send the collie to search, flush them out & herd them into their safe (fox-proof) hen house. They also like laying eggs in ridiculous places from time to time - buckets are a favourite spot. They destroy everything. Garden plants are eaten, ripped apart, or sat on - stripped of their leaves, uprooted & shredded, soil & gravel are dug up & scattered all over the patio.

You think you’ve fenced them in (they have ½ the garden), then go out 10 minutes later to see they’ve found a teeny gap under the fence, or worked out how to get over the top & they’re strutting about destroying yet more stuff, evil glint of humour in their hennie eyes. Occasionally, they magically appear in the neighbour’s garden & have to be recaptured. At which point, despite being tamed, they start racing around like you’re going to wring their silly hennie necks & put them in the oven. Unlikely as I’m a vegetarian & while the dog & cat do eat meat, the our own chickens are off-limits!

The Little Red Hen is the craftiest we’ve ever had. We’ve currently corralled her, but no doubt she’s plotting an ingenious escape plan! She’s sweet though - used to be really shy but now comes when called, jumps in the air to take treats from my hand, evens hop on my lap occasionally…

(bottom 2 shots: Little Red Hen tackles spaghetti! Hens LOVE spaghetti *worms* & get it for a treat - I even cooked them up a pan for their Christmas dinner last year!)