fox pouncing

he’s problematic.
you know it, you know it, day one, you know.
he’s trouble in every sense of the word.
he’ll burn your whole world with no remorse
and you probably won’t even mind it, because hey,
it’d be interesting.
(he’d be interesting.)
you’ll watch your world turn to ash, and then
you’ll watch his eyes glow in the dancing flames.

oh, the things he could do to you.
oh, the trouble he could cause you.

of course, he’s a liar.
they’re all liars.  no one’s honest, of course, of course.
definitely not him, definitely not you.
but he’s more than that, isn’t he?
because trouble doesn’t just lie, trouble
goes to lengths too far to mask the truth. trouble
is burned trails and locked safes and carefully dyed hair.  trouble
is a past desperately buried, gasping, scared.

trouble is a rabbit that knows all too well what it’s like for a fox to pounce on it.
(a fox,
like you.)

he’s entertaining, right?
there’s always another surprise, always another secret.
there are skeletons under his bed and monsters in his closet,
smoke rising in his wake.
he’s a rabbit, he’s scared, he ought to be.
a man who can’t keep his mouth shut,
a man who doesn’t know when to quit,
a man who has stopped counting risks—

a man like that has a target on his back,
and the bullet’s already been fired.

he’s dangerous.
he’s too smart, too quick, too willing to walk through fire to save you.
(to save anyone, come on, where’d your perspective go)
when did he become the fox?

he’s a liar but so are you, you know you are
(lying by omission is still lying, where’d your goddamn perspective go)
he’s working his way around all your secrets,
finding all the things you won’t say,
all the things you won’t admit,
not even to yourself.
it’s just twisted enough to feel right.

how long until you’ll admit it to yourself?
you’re not scared of heights, you’re scared of
falling, you’re scared of him.
you’re scared of what this is, of what this means.
you’re scared of the fact that you stick up for him, too, now,
scared of the fact that you’re seeing this sober,
feeling this sober.
scared that maybe this wasn’t a hallucination after all.

you’ve never liked problems.  problems are things to be dealt with,
in any way you see fit.
(you should stop that.  he’s seen enough blood spilled in his life,
are you really going to add to that?)
he is a problem and it scares you.
he is a problem and a liar, but
you’re amused.  you are, you know you are,
you’re amused you’re entertained you’re scared.

you have a list of things that he is.
that is not nothing.

admit it.

—  90% of the time, you’re lying to yourself // es
Sweet Boy

Summary: Credence is getting off by grinding against a pillow. All is great, except it gets unmistakably greater when Mr. Graves stumbles upon the erotic scene. Inspired by this Sin that I posted a week earlier. Also read it on AO3. (WC: 2,020 words)

Warnings: Filth. Straight filth. Very NSFW.

Credence’s head thrashes as his eyes snap open, blown pupils casting up towards the ceiling and chest heaving as dim images of biting teeth and dancing tongues and entangled limbs linger in his thoughts. He isn’t quite sure if it’s arousal or guilt that turns over in the pit of his belly, but it still makes him swallow and shift uncomfortably in his too warm, too sticky bedsheets. His shirt clings to his damp back when he sits up, the prominence of his spinal column and shoulder blades visible even beneath the shirt, the outlines of the bones gliding with the thin fabric when he brings his hands up to rub his face. And when he hangs his head and runs trembling fingers through his disheveled hair, he is suddenly face to face with his throbbing groin.

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A Cauldron Full of Hot, Strong Love

Prompt: Hogwarts AU- Day 4 of Sanvers Week

A transfer student meets the notorious Gryffindor Super Squad and sparks fly.

The doors to the Great Hall opened and the four girls strode in as though the gazes of the other students were completely inconsequential.

Crisp red and gold tie in place, Alex Danvers led the quartet to their spot at the edge of the Gryffindor table furthest from the professors. Though, the space did little to curb the attention paid to the group.

“I’m just saying Luce, if Lois and Clark were caught in the prefect’s bathroom we would have at least seen a deduction in house points by now, regardless of the lack of gossip about it” Alex Danvers stated to the amusement of her friends.

“Unless the professor let them get away with it! I’m telling you it was Professor White who found them and just let them off with a warning. I heard him laughing about it with Professor Marsdin” Lucy replied with a scoff punctuating her displeasure.

Scooping eggs onto her plate, Kara paid little attention to the antics of her friends. The bags under her eyes and fresh prominent bruises along her arms indicated it was a restless night for the younger Danvers sister.

Not one to sit by idly, Lena Luthor took Kara’s goblet and filled it to the brim with pumpkin juice. Placing the cup next to Kara’s plate, Lena gently rubbed her back. “How are you feeling today, hun?”

Sighing with a twinge of frustration, “I’m just hungry. I don’t think I ate enough yesterday to be up to full strength for last night so it really took a lot out of me.”

Finished filling her overflowing plate, Kara put it down in front of her before tearing into it.

With an arched eyebrow, Alex called out, “Lync, you might want to slow down there. I don’t think Madame Pomfrey would be too happy with you returning to the hospital wing so soon. Especially because you inhaled your food so quickly you got sick.”

Pouting under her sisters pointed look, Kara slowed her eating to only a slightly disgustingly fast pattern reflecting more of a starved chipmunk than a pregnant sow.

Shaking her head, Alex turned to the rest of the group and questioned, “Have any of you heard the rumors that we might be getting a new student today?”

With a frown on her face, Lena retorted, “A transfer student? Two months into the school year? That doesn’t make sense. I don’t think Hogwarts has ever accepted someone after the year has started.”

Echoing Lena, Lucy added, “Yeah, I asked James about it and he said it’s definitely never happened before.”

Grinning Alex nudged Lucy, “Ooooh you asked James about it? How is our favorite 6th year, Vixen?”

Rolling her eyes, Lucy took a sip from her goblet giving herself a moment to formulate a retort to Alex’s taunt. “He’s doing well. Which I’m sure you very well know considering we are all on the same quidditch team.“

Frowning, Lena held a hand to her heart mocking pain. “To be forgotten once again, as is a curse begotten to me by my name.” She proceeded to fall onto Kara in a parodied faint with one hand on her chest and the other backwards on her forehead.

Snorting, Kara continued to eat her breakfast as though unaware of the 5th year girl pretending to be passed out in her lap.

Arching her eyebrow, Lucy asked, “Don’t you think that’s a bit much Slysnout?”

Opening her mouth to retort, Lena was suddenly overwhelmed by a piece of bacon. Forced to eat it from her position in Kara’s lap, Lena sat up with furious dagger eyebrows glaring at Kara.

Smiling, Kara cheekily responded to Lena’s fury, “What!? You looked hungry!”

Unable to get angry at her girlfriend, Lena turned to face Lucy. “That wasn’t a bit much. What was a bit much was you saying we are all on the same quidditch team when I most certainly do not play quidditch.”

Looking like a fox about to pounce on her tricked prey, Lucy opened her mouth to reply only to find Alex’s hand covering it.

“We all know the only reason you won’t try out for the quidditch team is because your mom won’t let you” Alex quickly replied to quell the fiery argument about to launch between Lena and Lucy.

“Well of course she won’t. I’m a Luthor. I am meant to make the best brooms in the world. And, twice a year, race the best brooms in the world. But oh Merlin the scandal if I were ever to be caught playing a game on one of our brooms.” Dismissively shaking her head, Lena indicated she was done with her line of thought.

Alex kicked Lucy under the table trying to indicate for her to apologize for bringing about the sensitive topic.

With a glare directed at Alex, Lucy started “Lena I’m—“

“Students, settle down,” Headmaster J’onzz made a striking image standing at the head of the teachers table in long academic garments from his alma mater, Castelobruxo, normally saved for the start and end of the school year.

Looking out onto the four houses, he continued, “I know many of you have already heard the news, but for those of you who haven’t, Hogwarts is getting a new student today. Transferring from the Beauxbatons Academy of Magic is Maggie Sawyer. She will be joining the 5th year students. Professor Grant, if you would please…” Headmaster J’onzz gestured to the door.

As if on cue, Professor Cat Grant strode into the hall with a familiar three legged stool and battered hat. More interesting, however, was the unfamiliar girl with dark curly hair and hand me down robes that fell into step with her.

Putting the stool on the floor in front of the head table, Professor Grant placed the hat on the stool. Pausing, for dramatic effect- as was expected of the Transfiguration professor, Professor Grant called out, “Maggie Sawyer.”

Raising an eyebrow as though to ask who else would it be, Maggie walked up to the stool. Professor Grant raised the hat, giving an empty space for Maggie to sit, before placing the sorting hat onto her head.

“Hmmm difficult very difficult.” A voice called out in Maggie’s head causing her to straighten in her seat.

“Wha-I mean that’s- what’s difficult?” Maggie replied to the hat, hoping that her loud thoughts carried through to the unassuming psychic object.

“Very intelligent I see…and quite a streak of ambition. Ahhh! I see now, a thirst to prove you are worth more than anyone bargained for…yes yes, Slytherin would do you well.”

Eyebrows raised, Maggie looked at the green and silver table trying to imagine her fitting in with the notoriously pureblood elite. “Not Slytherin, please, I just- I mean- I can’t. I left one bad situation, I can’t go into another.”

“Hmm, right then, right…I see, not afraid to stand up for yourself and what you believe. And a hunger for righteousness…I know just where to put you.”

Holding her breath, Maggie waited on the edge of the stool for the hat to condemn her to another prison.


Shell shocked, she let out her breath and stood up. Professor Grant was quick to pull the hat off of her hat, and wave her in the direction of the red and gold table.

Walking towards the clapping students, Maggie took stock of the table and soon found the only empty seats were to the far side, opposite the head table.

Watching the new student walk in the direction of the Super Squad, the hall seemed to hold its breath at the turn of events. Alex, amused by the obliviousness of the transfer student, smirked at her friends and rose in her seat.

Waving Maggie down to their group, Alex offered her the seat next to Lena. “Feel free to sit with us, I’m sure it’s been a long day for you.”

Unsure of what to make of the attractive girl with shoulder length bronze hair offering her a seat, a place, Maggie hesitantly smiled and nodded in agreement while taking the seat.

“My name is Alex Danvers, next to me is Lucy Lane, and across from us is my sister Kara and her girlfriend Lena Luthor.”

“I’m just saying Alex, she has no friends. It would be nice if we invited her to do something with us.” Kara berated Alex while waiting for their staircase to finish moving to the 5th floor corridor.

“Kara, I invited her to sit with us in the Great Hall. I don’t know what more you want from me.”

“I don’t know Alex. She is so nice at meal times and in lessons. I don’t like to think about her all alone.”

Giving Kara a sad smile, Alex squeezed her sisters shoulder. “As much as we might wish we could, we can’t make anyone want to be friends with us. Remember how hard it was for Lena when she was sorted? Sometimes you need to give people time and space. She’ll come around.”

Pouting, Kara made to respond but was waylaid by a reverberating crash echoing in the hallway. Looking at each other, the Danvers sisters hurried to the source of the sound and found Maggie Sawyer pinned to the wall by Max Lord.

“I don’t know what Danvers thinks is so great about you. You know you’re the first she and her little posse of wannabes have invited to actually sit with them. You are nothing but a filthy mudblood.”

Raising her wand with the precision only Hogwarts’ top dueler could manage, Alex cast a banishment charm at Max and watched as he was blown to the side.

Maggie, quite literally left hanging, slumped to the floor with bruises already beginning to form. Both sisters slowed their advance as they approached Maggie.

“Hey- uh- hey Sawyer? Maggie?” Alex called trying to get the girl’s attention.

Not wanting anyone to see her with her guard down, Maggie’s face took on a guarded expression as she turned to face the sisters.

“Hey Maggie, we saw what Max was doing. We heard what he said. You are an amazing witch…you know that, right?” Kara said with a forced smile on her face trying to respect the girl’s privacy while also holding in her inner rage that threatened to come bursting out at any moment.

Noticing her sister’s struggles, Alex gave her a look that said pull yourself together. Stepping in front of Kara, Alex bent down to Maggie’s level and offered her hand. “Here you are Sawyer. Let’s go get you checked out by Madame Pomfrey.”

Putting her hand in her savior’s clasp, Maggie was surprised by how right it felt to be held by the other student. Shuffling upwards, she nearly fell again but was saved again as Alex caught her in a hug.

Awkwardly looking up at the taller girl, Maggie fixed her footing until she was able to stand on her own.

“Uhm-yea- right then!” Brushing off the invisible dirt from her robes. Maggie looked down to hide the blush that had formed on her cheeks. Had she been looking at Alex, she would have noticed her ears and neck turning a deep red.

Walking towards the hospital wing, Kara, who’s deep breaths quelled her inner turmoil, spoke up, “Maggie, you’ll hang out with us now…right?”

The fireplace roared to life as though auditioning to be the newest mascot of the Gryffindor house. Sprawled in front of its light, the Super Squad, and their newest addition- Maggie, settled in for a night of homework.

“Leeeeeena, I can’t believe you finished all of your homework already,” Kara whined as she puckered her lips in a failed attempt at a pout.

With an eyebrow raised, Lena haughtily replied “She said with surprise in her voice for some reason.”

“I thought you loved me. How could you do this to us Lena? You were supposed to be my hot cauldron bubbling with love.” Eyes filling with fake tears, Kara took her water bottle and blotted more condensation onto her fingers which she rubbed on her face for added effect.

Rolling her eyes, Lena replied, “Honey, I think the lyrics you are trying to remember are ‘a cauldron full of hot, strong love.’”

Watching from the sidelines, Maggie was surprised by the ease in which the others accepted the relationship between the two girls. Their banter alone was the source of much amusement for Alex and Lucy. Not once did Maggie notice disdain or reproach due to the girls’ sexuality.

Noticing the inquisitive look from the newcomer, Lucy questioned, “So Maggie, tell us about yourself. What made you decide to come to Hogwarts? We’ve never had a transfer student in the middle of the year before.”

Looking up at Lucy with wide eyes as though she had just taken an awakening potion, Maggie looked to Alex for help out of the question.

“Oh leave her be Vixen, we’ve all got things we’d rather not talk about” Alex called out from her armchair. Her feet danged over the arm of the chair; she had a book perched on top of her knees though she had yet to flip a page since opening it.

Eyebrows furrowed with confusion, Maggie questioned, “I’ve heard you call her that before- you know- uh- Vixen…? Do you all have nicknames?”

Grinning up from her seat in front of the fireplace, Kara was quick to bark out “Yes! It’s the best!” before noticing the frown marred on her sisters face.

With one eyebrow raised, Maggie questioned, ‘Well Little Danvers, are you going to tell me the rest of your nicknames?”

“Oh right! Well, you know Lucy is Vixen already. My nickname is Lync, Lena is Slysnout, and my lovely sister over there is Swiftpaw.”

Squinting her eyes as though trying to read something from far away, Maggie went on to question, “Is there- well there must be- is there a particular reason why you have these nicknames? I mean feel free to tell me to mind my own business, I’m just being nosey.”

Giving her sister a pointed look, Alex replied, “Well, I’m surprised our reputation hasn’t preceded us. You are looking at Hogwarts finest group of pranksters since the Marauders 50 years ago.”

“What Alex is trying to say is that we-” Lena stops to gesture to herself and the rest of the group “-tend to get up to nighttime extra-curricular activities that make nicknames a much preferred communication tool over our actual names.”

“And by that, Lena means, we don’t want our asses to get busted when we spell Max Lords hair pink or hide truthfulness potion in Professor Grant’s tea cups,” Lucy adds with a smirk as she winds her wand in a delicate circle as though to mimic a spell.

“Wow, huh, you guys aren’t like bullies though right? Like, Max Lord I get…he is-“ Maggie breaks off to shudder to herself in memory of being pressed against a wall, her wand too far to reach from where her arms were pinned “-he is the worst. But you don’t pick on people who aren’t doing anything right?” Maggie looks out questioning whether her new friends were people she could trust- people she could respect.

Quickly sitting up in her seat, Alex looked out at Maggie and slowly said in a voice that left room for no argument, “We have not, do not, and will not tolerate bullying of any kind. The four of us ended up getting close because we were at one point or another bullied by people in the school. Of course, Kara and I were close regardless.”

“Now, that’s not to say we haven’t done pranks that have affected the entire school” Lucy butt in to ensure Maggie was not blindsided by their activities.

“Anytime we do that we make sure it is in good fun though Maggie, seriously. We never want to hurt another student or make them feel attacked or alone” Kara made sure to chime in to echo her friends.

Raising her knees, Maggie hugged them to her body as she looked out at the group that had slowly become entrenched in her heart. Alex and Kara had saved her from Max’s advances. Lucy and Lena had been there to help her in class and offer quick-witted retorts to Lord’s striking comments.

“I guess the reason why that’s so important to m- well to answer your original question Lucy- I transferred to Hogwarts because I was jumped at my old school” Maggie quickly stated jumbling her words as she tried to get them out.

The four girls looked up at her with varying degrees of horror etched across their faces. Kara, once again, looked like she was battling an inner beast ready to come out and strike down all of her foes. While Alex, who also looked deadly, resembled more of a smoldering ball of flames that on command would explode into a wave of white hot fire. Meanwhile, Lucy and Lena both had equally fierce looks on their face- but seemed more ready to question Maggie for the details rather than punch their way through a battlefield.

“Can we ask? I mean- would you mind, if we asked what happened?” Lena questioned looking like she was torn between giving Maggie her full attention and going over to Kara to help calm her down.

Maggie looked out at the group as though weighing the pros and cons of her confession. She knew that this group was accepting; she saw that on a daily basis with their response to Kara and Lena’s relationship. But somethings, no matter how well you know a person will take it, are still hard to say out loud.

Almost whimpering, Maggie hummed to herself before starting, “I guess it won’t be a big deal for you all. I don’t know. But, it’s important for you to know. I was the only out queer kid at Beauxbatons. And well, the students were already divided over issues with veela and other magical creatures. I guess I shouldn’t have been surprised they didn’t want a queer classmate.”

Frowning at Maggie’s self-deprecating tone, Alex spoke up, “Well, we definitely want a queer classmate. I know that can’t take the hurt away from what happened to you at Beauxbatons. But, know you are in good company.”

Raising her eyebrow towards Lucy, Lucy huffed a sigh before saying, “I am bi, you already know Kara and Lena are so gay for each other they can’t function-“

“-Hey!” both Kara and Lena cried out from their spots on the floor.

“-and well Alex here-“

“-I am the resident baby gay. I came out this summer to lots of tears and worn down Stevie Nicks albums,” Alex cut Lucy off before she could finish.

“Stevie Nicks? I thought purebloods didn’t listen to muggle music?” Maggie questioned while trying to wrap her head around the fact that the group she had made friends with was made up of out and proud queer women- just like her.

“Well isn’t that antiquated of you?” Lena said with a smirk, “and that is coming from the resident Luthor.”

“Yes, yes, Lena dear. We all know that you’re evil,” Lucy said with a roll of her eyes as though agreeing that a toddler would grow up to become president.

“To answer your question Maggie,” Alex replied with a pointed glare at the bickering friends, “while I am a pureblood, Kara is adopted and we have tried to honor her muggleborn heritage with things like muggle art and music.”

“What Alex means to say is that she loves muggle music and uses me as an excuse to sneak into muggle London to see awful rock and roll cover bands,” Kara interjected.

“Regardless of Alex’s musical proclivities, you are safe with us Maggie. That is, if we haven’t scared you off,” Lucy said in the most serious tone Maggie had heard her use since meeting her.

Fingers fidgeting in her lap, Maggie looked at the kind smiles adorned on her new friends faces.

“Nah, you haven’t scared me off yet.”

“I TAKE IT BACK! I TAKE IT BACK! I’VE BEEN SCARED OFF!” Maggie screeched as she chased after Alex. Winding their path through secret passageways and passed scandalized portraits, the girls eventually fell into a broom closet, panting for breath.

“I- can’t- breathe,“ Maggie managed to huff out as her short breaths pressed achingly into her burning ribs.

Alex, on the other hand, was silent as she took long deep breaths attempting to steady herself.

“Well, all we need to do is get passed Professor Grant, and your initiation prank will be complete,” Alex eventually replied with only a slight wheeze to her voice.

Still trying to catch her breath, Maggie only managed to glare at Alex before eventually replying, “You failed to mention she could turn into a cat.”

Chuckling softly, Alex offered Maggie a shrug. “Well, she is the Transfiguration Professor.”

Hearing footsteps in the corridor outside the hall, Alex covered Maggie’s mouth in an attempt to quiet the slowly softening rasps.

Standing still for what seemed like an eternity, Maggie attempted to quiet her breaths while also not allowing herself to get lost in her friends eyes. Eyes which, upon notice, were very close to Maggie’s own.

Forcing herself not to glance down at Alex’s lips, Maggie could hear her heartbeat speed up once she realized their position.

Removing her hand from Maggie’s mouth, Alex looked torn between moving closer or jumping back and giving her space.

Deciding to chicken out, Alex took a step back and allowed the silence of the night to lull the two into a less heightened headspace.

Listening to the footsteps grow lighter and lighter, Maggie reached out to prod Alex, “I think we can go.”

Looking at the girl in surprise, Alex questioned, “Are you sure you want to chance it?”

Grinning, Maggie replied, “Ride or Die, Danvers?”

Holding out her fist, Maggie’s hand tingled when Alex bumped hers and replied “Ride or Die!”

Slowly opening the closet door, Alex peeked out to make sure they were alone. Motioning for Maggie to follow her, she quickly turned around before exiting the closet.

“Once we get out there we will have to make a run for it until we get back to the Gryffindor common room,” Alex exclaimed making sure Maggie understood the plan.

“I know Danvers,” Maggie said with a roll of her eyes.

“Well- uhm- then- for good luck?” Alex questioned before swooping in and pressing a kiss to Maggie’s cheek.

Unabashedly gaping at Alex’s courage, Maggie was not ready for Alex to throw open the closet door and race down the hallway.

“Oh you are not getting away from me that easily,” Maggie muttered before taking off after Alex.

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Fox pouncing on a mouse hiding behind a bush in front of a mountain, with lunar cycles, manzanita branches, wasp, caterpillar, arrowheads, and icosahedron.  Sean’s first tattoo!  Go ribs or go home! By Pony Reinhardt at Forbidden Body Art in Portland, OR USA.  
IG: freeorgy

Harry Potter and the Cursed Child Fic: More to Magic

2.4k words, G rated. 

Over the years Draco has learned that there are two types of magic: boring magic, and evil magic. There really isn’t much more to it than that. At least, there isn’t until he has Astoria and Scorpius. 

Once upon a time this was meant to be a little headcanon about baby Scorpius enjoying his dad’s spells? And now it’s 2.4k words of Malfoy family fluff. I can’t say I’m entirely unhappy with this development. 

Beta’d by the awesome @bounding-heart.

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What if they weren’t blueberries?

“What are you going to do?” Judy spat, not even a hint of fear in her voice. “Kill me?” Now, this bunny really was a real cop. She’s so defiant it was admirable. It was also probably contagious, since even being thrown in a pit with an evil mastermind looming over you doesn’t seem to worry me all too much.

Until Bellwether started laughing, with a sick victorious tone. “No, of course not.” She cocked the gun and took aim. “He is.”

The bullet fired and pain stuck my neck. Judy cried out my name, and her caring paws were on my shoulder. I clawed at my own fur, trying to get the blue stain off. Quite difficult when you have to pretend a small little blueberry was a drug that was supposed to make you lose your sanity.

“Yes? Police!” That was Bellwether ringing up ZPD. This actually makes things easier for us. Which means I should thank her once I get out of this exhibit. “There’s a savage fox in the Natural History Museum! Officer Hopps is down! Please hurry!”

Hopps? A rabbit? Down?

Judy was still next to me, telling me to fight off the effects of the serum. I could hear her. But I could hear something else … Another voice inside me. A call … A need.

Attack her.


Hunt her.

Oh, no. No, no, no, no, no. The stains on my neck suddenly burned, hot and wild. It was followed by the sickening realization: that bullet was no blueberry.

“Nick, don’t do this,” said Judy, close to me. She said something else, too. But I couldn’t hear her. I only heard the savage howl inside.

Kill her.

I caught the scent of frightened prey. My muscles twitched.  

Kill her. Kill her. Kill her. Kill her. Kill her.

The world turned red. And just like that, it wasn’t an act any more.


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anonymous asked:

That fox Nathaniel one shot is blatant queer baiting. I thought you had more respect than that.

I’m sorry, what?

I don’t… I don’t see it at all. That’s two boys wrestling, how can that be misconstrued? 

I mean… look at the language every time the two of them touched.

As the fox-boy neared Adrien turned, and instead of leaping away, he sprung for Nathanaël, scooping him up across the stomach and threw the boy over his shoulder. Laughing and holding onto his legs, Adrien spun the smaller boy around.

There’s… no mention of sliding hands or staring gazes, or body parts brushing. It’s non sexual. He literally grabbed and hoisted.

Grabbing the back of Nathanaël’s shirt, Adrien dropped him on the ground and pounced. They scuffled, trying to get the upper hand, a tangle of limbs and feet. Yowls and growls and yips, while wrestling and romping were common.  

… I mean, maybe if I said, “Adrien passed his palm up the back of Nathanaël’s thigh so he could grip the back of his jean, tossing the smaller boy on the ground. Eyes as blue as the sky stared back at him. Nathanaël’s full, luscious lips teased Adrien as he spread them to return the smirk. A delighted shiver of anticipation ran through him as Adrien pounced.”

That would be queer baiting. 

Nathanaël pounced. It was a quick scuffle, the stunned Adrien didn’t have a chance to retaliate. Arms roped around his neck, Nathanaël straddled Adrien’s back and sat on him and chomped.

I mean, that passage is pretty straight forward too. Foxes pounce. Cats pounce. That’s the type of animalistic motion I was going for, there isn’t a better word than ‘pounce’.

If Nathanaël straddled Adrien’s ass and ground his hips and I spent a bit more time describing body language and parts brushing and what the touch was doing to each other, that would be deliberate queer baiting. But I didn’t. It’s very quick, action type movements. 

Queer baiting completely wasn’t my intent. Writing two boys wrestling playfully was.  Every word was picked to portray wrestling and action, not sexuality or longing. 

If you point out the sentences which were queer baiting, I’d appreciate that so I can change them. 

anonymous asked:

"Blue berry!!!" Fox pounces Tom at the flippen grocery store with some burses on his arms

Blue yelps, stumbling forward, not expecting it. He smiled and turned “hey foxy” he hugged him, frowning at the sight of the bruises “what happened?”