fox plushies


There’s a handful of items left over from Youmacon that have been made available! I’m working on photographing the rest and listing them.

I’ve also made pre-orders available for sea pancakes in case you missed that announcement.

There are:
- 3 large white bat pillows
- 12 small black bat pillows
- 15 fennec fox and succulents pillows
- 3 chocotiel sundae pillows
- 5 sleeping original starter pokemon pillows
- 1 toothless pillow
- 4 bacon pillows (1 angry / 3 flirty)
- 2 crochet pokeballs
- 1 hot pink crochet jellyfish
- 6 whale sharks (3 blue and white polka dot, 2 grey and white polka dot, 1 grey moon and stars)
- 2 sitting kitties (yellow and orange)
- 4 blue sting rays
- 3 shiny sleeping umbreons

We are 3K away from goal!!! YAY!! Check out the Kickstareter here!

Today we’re featuring a closer look at Berri-Kei! The third design of the Kekitsune (Cake Fox) series for the Kickstarter!

We were at 29K yesterday, and we’re currently 3K away from funding goal! Check the Kickstarter page out for details on tiers, pricing, and the stretch goals! 91% Funded and still 3 weeks left!

Once funded we’ll be making an announcement to some adjustments for stretch goals! Making it even easier to get a few other plush our fans have been demanding for a while such as Inukii and Nocturii.

Please continue to share for us and get the word out so we can wrap up funding and move into some exciting additional plush!

Thank you again all for your continued support!