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Seasons Change

A/N @meychia It seems that we’re both thirsty for EliUmi

It was a warm Friday afternoon, the birds were singing their last song for the evening and the sun was starting to makes its decent under the horizon. The season for rebirth is finally here, spring was such a colorful season, with all the baby animals bouncing around and the flowers returning after sleeping through the winter. 

Umi was currently sat in Eli’s apartment, a yellow fox plushie clutched to her chest as her gaze lost itself with the view outside. She could hear the faint sound of humming emanating from the kitchen as the owner of the cozy abode was currently preparing something cool to soothe the heat from the day. 

“Here, fresh ice tea for m’lady~” 

Cheeks now pink, Umi buried her face into the soft teddy to hide her embarrassment from amused blue eyes. She could feel the sofa dip beside her, her body being embraced by a familiar warmth as Eli nuzzled herself against Umi’s side, bumping her head against the archers affectionately. 

The two stayed like that for a moment, enjoying the rare serenity they get to enjoy together. “Is it safe to say that you get more embarrassed in the spring time? It’s like you change with the season.” Umi lifted her head up to peer at the blonde, her expression curious as she thought over the others words. 

“I’ve been told that I remind people of winter, but that is about it.” She had never once been told that she changes during each season, or maybe people just don’t mention it to her?

Eli chuckled. moving a stray lock of midnight blue hair away from the fiery embers she was so deeply in love with. “Spring seems to make you all the more… adorable. Summer seems to get you fired up, Autumn calms you down again.” Eli was getting all the more giddy thinking that she is the only one Umi shows this to.

“And winter?” Umi questions.

“Winter? Winter is just you.” Eli answers. 

Umi seems slightly confused at first, but as her clever mind begins spinning, her cheeks become all the more red. “You really are the more romantic one of the both of us.” 

Eli laughs at this, reaching behind her to grab the matching dark blue bunny and holding it between her hands. She gave a teasing wink towards her lover before placing a gentle kiss against the bunny’s nose. Her playful eyes seeming to smile as they watched as the younger woman’s face erupted into a very dark shade of red. 

“Now it’s your turn~” 

Umi looked at the yellow fox on her lap, shaky hands lifting it closer to her face until trembling lips could feel the soft fake fur underneath. “So adorable!” She didn’t even have time to react before the older female was above her, pinning the archer to the sofa and plating many kisses on the warm skin. 

Umi will get her back when summer arrives.