fox penning

Since I am having to take a couple days off from my new projects, I figured I could post one of my older ones from 2015 from my series “American Wilderness”, which was my first solo show of my career at Roq La Rue Gallery:

“Vulpes vulpes”, 2015, Ball point pen, Ink pencils, Acrylic ink, Marker, Colored pencil, Graphite, and Gel pen  on Hot-Pressed Watercolor Paper, 18 ¼ inches by 24 inches (22 inches by 28 inches framed in custom black frame)

Available for purchase at

An Undertale piece that took me ages to complete, but it was SO WORTH IT.

So here we have all the characters of Undertale, in one page.

That is all.


Crit #2 is done!! Here are my illustrations I did for this cri! Based off a story about a young maiden who falls in love with a hare, but he turns out to be a not so good guy. Beware, Beware, to never fall in love with a hare.

“If what I think is happening is happening, it better not be.”

I think I’m at that crossroads with my art where I’m noticing mistakes & can’t pick a style; guess it’s a good sign because it means my eye is improving but now I have to force my art to catch up. Welp, nothing to do about that except keep doodling!!