fox paris

Anyone vexed about Still Star Crossed getting put ass up to the axe? 💁🏾

Upset that they don’t know how to promote good shows in their first season? 🙋🏾

LET. THESE. BITCHES. KNOW. (No intended misogyny, I apologize.)

If you have anxiety and/or have difficulty in calling people, you can read them for filth online. It’s as quick as a text post here and you don’t have to give your real name. Even if you just tell them how awfully they promoted this show so far, we can at least do for Still Star Crossed what we couldn’t for Pitch or The Get Down or Sense8 - drag them through the nose and pockets.


What ? my demoreel ? ya ya ya ! Check my work ! I chose a relaxing music !

(I can say that this year there’s some kind of level up ? ) Level up ?? ‘o’

🦊🎉You chan check here my portfolio too, I updated it !🎉🦊

looking for an internship yeah !

kiss kiss

At this point, one suspects the GOP plan for Global Warming is just to leave all their grandchildren a DVD of Kevin Costner’s Waterworld in their wills. (”The Bodyguard lived through it, you can too!”)

Old people don’t bother about Global Warming because they know they’re never going to have to live through it.