fox pack


welp today i just get inspired to draw some charcter from “night in the woods” after i watched @therealjacksepticeye​ youtube channel this morning and so i draw them in human style. ihope you guys like it!! :3

Headcannon: Pynch + Poetry

Although Ronan Lynch can string his swears and curses together like a poem, let it be noted that ronan lynch is not a poet. Nor does he like poetry. 

Adam Parrish loves poetry. The metaphors, the symbolism, the allegories. Like figuring out puzzles, but with art. And so when he has to stay up late one night in the dorms studying themes in Edgar Allen Poe for undergrad lit, he doesn’t complain. 

Ronan lynch calls him like he does every night and listens as Adam chats tiredly, but excitedly about his analysis. 
“What’s this poem called again?” Ronan interjects. 

Adam lets out a crooked grin, “The raven” . 

“Coincidence” they both snort in unision.

“Who wrote this thing Parrish” Ronan drawls, admittedly now a little intrigued.

“Edgar Allen Poe” Adam smirks.

And so Ronan lynch decides to read poetry for Adam. And that would be the sweet sweet end of it, if it wasn’t Ronan lynch.

Who, for some odd reason, finds this poem nothing short of hillarious.

“I thought you said this was considered one of the greatest poems of all time” he laughs loudly the next night. 

Adam closes his book, stretching from his desk and rolling his eyes, “It is”

“Come on Parrish” Ronan scoffs, “I thought the people over there were supposed to be smart. Gansey’s midnight exential crises make more sense than this!”

Adam raises his eyebrows, “alright, are you done now” he asks, smiling a little despite himself

And he would have been. That would have been the end of it. If it wasn’t Ronan lynch.

And so Adam parrish went to bed only to be curiosly woken at 12:00 in the morning, by a strange tapping on his dorm room door. 

He arose sleepily, barely glancing at his roomates and rubbing his eyes to answer the knocking at his dorm room dorm.

His heart skips three beats when a raven, a bit larger than chainsaw, comes fluttering in. 

The following morning, Adam calls ronan a thousand and ten times, and ronan hasn’t picked up once. He ignores his roomates whispers about another “odd thing that happened with adam” and the kids on campus are all terrified and intrigued that this weird plant kid has somehow managed to train some random bird to follow him to all his classes. The end of the day couldn’t come soon enough. 

Come night Ronan finally calls at his alloted time,
“Parrish” he greets in an amused voice.

Adam is not amused, “Lynch, get this thing to stop following me. It pooped on the professor’s desk in English lit”
Ronan couldn’t contain his laughter.
Adam frowned, “lynch” he ground out sharply.

“What?!” ronan asked innocently. 

Adam sighed, gently placing the phone phone down and opening the window as his roomates walked in. Kneeling down to a whisper, he looked the bird straight in the eye; 

“You need to go” he said. sternly. politely. 

His roomates looked on curiousley, no longer able to hide their interest. 

He jumped from his desk two seconds later, hands shaking, heart pounding, listening to his roommates hight pitched squeals and loud “holy f- “, sounding remarkably like three year old girls who learned bad language, as the bird took sudden flight out the window all while dramatically croaking


One roomate may or may not have wet himself. 

No one speaks of it. 

Both roomates think they may have dreamt it. 

Legend goes, if you close your eyes and listen closely, you can still hear Ronan lynch laughing his arse off from the barns.