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Jesus you act like Donald trump is the worst thing that happened to America. What about the bombs that Obama dropped every 20 minutes during his 8 years? Like trump is pretty shitty but def not the worst

Barack Obama didn’t brag about sexually assaulting people. 

Barack Obama didn’t instate this many controversial ~unconstitutional~ executive orders within his first two weeks in office. 

Barack Obama didn’t gaslight the entire country by lying about the size of his inauguration, which will surely progress into lying about much, much more important things.

Barack Obama’s election didn’t lead to swastikas being drawn - and normalized - all over the country. 

Barack Obama didn’t have over a million people take to the streets on one given day to protest him.

Barack Obama didn’t have every news outlet except for fucking Fox and Breitbart bashing him.

Barack Obama didn’t violate the law by pushing forward with the Keystone pipeline. 

Barack Obama didn’t have the Pope comparing him to Hitler. 

Barack Obama didn’t win through a rigged election. 

Barack Obama didn’t silence the EPA and the National Park Service from communicating with the public - which is literally their job. 

Barack Obama didn’t reinstate the Global Gag Rule, which will lead to hundreds of thousands of pregnancy and abortion related deaths. 

Barack Obama didn’t deny that climate change existed, for the sake of his own business interests. 

Barack Obama didn’t have his spokesperson promoting his daughter’s clothing line while he was serving in public office. 

Barack Obama didn’t issue a Muslim ban in 7 countries, yet failed to include the 2 countries with the highest number of terrorist attacks 

Barack Obama wasn’t best buds with fucking Vladimir Putin. 

Barack Obama didn’t forbid legal residents from entering their own country. 

Barack Obama didn’t nominate a Secretary of Education who was so unpopular that a tiebreaker vote had to be issued by the VP. 

Barack Obama didn’t nominate an Attorney General who was deemed too racist to be a federal judge, and who thinks grabbing people by their genitals isn’t sexual assault. 

Barack Obama wasn’t perfect, but he sure as hell wasn’t Trump. 

100 Days of Trump Day 89: The Daily Show with Jon Stewart.

I put off recommending this for a long time because having to choose which clips to post struck me as overwhelming but yes, the Daily Show, seriously dear god watch the Daily Show.  And I mean the classic Era with the second host Jon Stewart, Trevor is fine but his humor style is ironically enough not suited to that style of show (though he is very funny and informative in the right context).  No I am talking about the Daily Show from 2001-2015, the strange bizarre story arc where this bizarre little comedy show became the most reliable news show in America, a perfect example of the jester speaking truth to power.  I honestly don’t believe 2015 would have turned out the way it did if Colbert and Stewart were still on the air, in part because the liberals would have had a more unifying voice who most of them could trust and they lost that just when the Democrats needed it.  A major reason why Fox News is so dangers is that it allows Republican with very different views to unify, the Daily show served that purpose without being you know…evil.  And I can’t say this enough, if you get the chance, rewatch the series from 2001-2015 if you can, or at least go through and watch episodes based on the issues that episode will tackle.  Not only will you be better informed about what is going on because again…a one hour comedy show gives better coverage than the fucking mainstream News Media, but you will also….this is like modern America.  Like 2016 is the season finale of the tv show life started on 9/11, and we are seeing that the absurdity, hypocrisy, anti intellectualism and total failure of institutions that came to be personified in Trump…that is exactly what the Daily Show has been talking about for ages.

   Again, there are many many reasons why you should watch the Daily Show, but to me, the most important is how perfectly it highlights how fucking useless our mainstream news industry is.  And this is why I recommend watching the full show or at least as much of it as you possibly can in a row, because when you see  one instance of CNN utterly failing to report the news, you are like “oh ok, they fucked up”  If you see a few about a specific issues (Black Lives Matter, the Iraq War) you are like “Man, CNN is really awful”  But when you see it highlighted every day, every single fucking issue, them just completely fail at the basic fucking requirements of a news organization that is when you realize…oh god we are in trouble.

Because the shit that the Daily Show does, like this here?  

This is what all news organizations are suppose to do, that is what our news Media is suppose to be doing.  Or when you look at the totally awful presidential debates which are universally terrible, Americans don’t even know what a debate looks like any more.  And then you have this here, which is an honest to god debate, and this uses the term “bullshit mountain” seriously.

No seriously, look at that debate, Look at Bill O’Reilly (and thank god I am posting this just as that asshole got fired) argues vs. Stewart.  He has little postcards that he holds up saying that complaining about Bush in 2012 is boring and that is the problem).  And the speech about Bullshit Mountain, even as it is said by a tiny man using a mechanical life to make himself look taller…that is what our media and political class should be saying.  Skip to 7:01 mark if you want one of the greatest speeches in the last 10 years.  

“My Friend Bill O’Reily Now he and I agree this country does face some problems, it does have some issue, what we disagree on is the scope, scale and timing of these issues…What is wrong with this country is that we we have problems with our problem solving mechanism, and that is because a good portion of our country has created an alternate universe, in which the issues we face revolve around a woman from Georgetown who wanted birth control which is a health issue for women to be covered by healthcare the same way Viagra is covered, as a problem.  These people live in a realm called…bullshit mountain…on bullshit mountain our problems are amplified and our solutions simplified, and that is why they won’t work.” 

   This is what the media is suppose to do, this is the media’s job, but because of the the centrist Golden Mean Fallacy corporate culture of CNN etc, they just tolerate this nonsense.  That is why Jon Stewart is fantastic, 

Or shaming Congress as an institution, which none of the major organizations have done, they should come out and shame the shit out of the whole institution which…no they haven’t done.  They basically normalize that behavior so Congress can get away with nonsense like this.

   Or the Media’s notoriously short memory, so when people with a terrible track record come back to offer their wisdom, the media…and mostly CNN accepts them unquestioningly.  Which is why people forget how fucking awful the Iraq War is, if you get your news through cable TV, they already have.  

  The entire existence of the Daily Show is a condemnation of the mainstream media, specifically cable news.  Fox News is obviously a lying propagandist of the Murdoch family where sexual harassment is the norm, but the centrist media constantly fails at its actual fucking job.  In their desperation for ratings, we get a shallow talking point driven news coverage with an obsession over coverage that consistently confuses entertainment with the news, and those just don’t go together, they never will, the News is about getting people to understand the world better which evidently a fucking comedy news show can do better than they can.  This here, the crossfire debate, is the greatest moment of Jon Stewart’s career (at least until his inevitably presidency).  

Because what Jon Stewart is talking about came to its fruition in 2016, where the media totally failed to do its fucking job, and helped lead to President Trump.  There is a reason why a one hour comedy show consistently delivered the best news, and why people hated the news industry so much they are willing to believe outright lies by the Trump Administration, because the media has completely failed this country, and in so doing, helped bring this nation to its knees.


I fond this clip right here of Jon Stewart taking to Christ Wallace and it is really informative about both the problems with Fox News and the main stream Centrist Media.  

I am LIVING for Fox News having to retract false stories based on debunked paranoid conspiracy theories. That network is slowly imploding and I am here for it.

Right wingers continue to insult, humiliate and disrespect the dead. They couldnt get anywhere with their Benghazi defamation campaign against Hillary, now Right wing demons in America are smearing the life of Seth Rich.

How these people have no shame is beyond me.


This is a commercial about equal rights for transgender people – and it’s going to air on Fox News during the Republican National Convention. Oh, HELL yes.


Fox News has created an extremist culture Donald Trump is thriving in. Megyn Kelly is currently receiving death threats from Trump supporters. 

Fox News is fostering and propelling dangerous hate towards Megyn Kelly and extremism throughout the United States of America:

Fox News bowed to Donald Trump. They took his side over Megyn Kelly because of the overwhelming amount of backlash from Trump supporters – the very people Fox News has spawned. Megyn Kelly is now receiving death threats. Do not underestimate Trump and his vile supporters.

Fox News has reversed course and is teaming up with Trump as evidenced by his interview on Sean Hannity. Fox News has created a monster they have now decided to support 100%. This is a coordinated effort.

Donald Trump is fanning the flames of extremism in the worst way possible thanks to the culture Fox News has created. Him and his supporters get off on his derogatory and dehumanizing behavior towards women, Hispanics, and other marginalized people. He’s also pitting us against the Chinese and Mexican governments.

This is NATIONALISM being used for evil on display in modern American politics. WAKE UP PEOPLE.  

Trump is a PROPAGANDA artist in the worst way possible. He is using nationalism, misogyny, and his “authenticity” of being a mentally deranged bully to breed extremism in the United States of America.

Trump supporters are like the South when they say the Confederate flag is about “Southern history” – yeah… a history of racism. Trump, you are authentic… an authentic bully. And it’s disgusting so many Americans are cheering him on. This clown needs to go bankrupt more companies and make some more products in China. Oh, and Mr. Trump inherited his success from his family unlike the Clinton’s who built their success side-by-side, dating back to their days at Yale Law and Hillary’s work on the Children’s Defense Fund.

Trump also says no book beats “the Bible.”




  • Fox News 2008: if Obama is elected the government will come take everyone's guns away!
  • gun nuts: OMG! we need to go buy more guns and get ready for the coming war!
  • Fox News 2009: now that Obama has been elected the government is coming to take everyone's guns away!
  • gun nuts: OMG! we need to go buy more guns and get ready for the coming war!
  • Fox News 2010: the government is coming to take everyone's guns away!
  • gun nuts: OMG! we need to go buy more guns and get ready for the coming war!
  • Fox News 2011: the government is coming to take everyone's guns away!
  • gun nuts: OMG! we need to go buy more guns and get ready for the coming war!
  • Fox News 2012: the government is coming to take everyone's guns away!
  • gun nuts: OMG! we need to go buy more guns and get ready for the coming war!
  • Fox News 2013: the government is coming to take everyone's guns away!
  • gun nuts: OMG! we need to go buy more guns and get ready for the coming war!
  • Fox News 2014: the government is coming to take everyone's guns away!
  • gun nuts: OMG! we need to go buy more guns and get ready for the coming war!
  • Fox News 2015: the government is coming to take everyone's guns away!
  • gun nuts: OMG! we need to go buy more guns and get ready for the coming war!
  • Fox News 2016: Obama's last year in office! this year for sure the government is coming to take everyone's guns away!
  • gun nuts: OMG! we need to go buy more guns and get ready for the coming war!

Present day conservatism – be it in the form of Republicans, Libertarians or the Tea Party – operates on three levels: White grievance, fear-mongering, and irrational hatred of “the other”  


Meet Elmer Davis (January 13, 1890 – May 18, 1958) - a well-known news reporter, author, the Director of the United States Office of War Information during World War II and a Peabody Award recipient.

Davis spent two and a half years reporting the news on radio and gaining the trust of the nation. Then, in 1941, his colleagues persuaded President Franklin Delano Roosevelt to appoint Davis director of the newly created United States Office of War Information, a sprawling organization with over 3,000 employees. Even though Davis was being paid $53,000 per year from CBS, he left the network to work in government during the crisis of World War II.

Fun Fact: Fox News Nation still hasn't reported the Las Vegas Shootings

So, because I apparently hate myself, I like to check out Fox News Nation whenever there is any big news going on in order to see what the racist cretin commenters have to say about it. And interestingly enough, despite having ample time to do so, Fox News Nation has yet to post an article about the two uber-conservatives who murderered three people out of anti-government outrage. Their front page has no less than five articles about Bergdahl and multiple opinion pieces about how awful Obama is, but not a peep about two of their own showing what it means to be a responsible gun owner.

Interesting, isn’t it?

Error in Transmission

“Why did President Obama spend the entirety of his speech yesterday saying nothing but ‘President Obama addresses the nation. Fox News,’ over and over again? I don’t think I’m out of line in saying that there could be some issues of mental unbalance here.

Correction: I had Obama’s speech on mute. I thought closed captioning was on, but it wasn’t.”

Here’s a look at more imagined transcription errors.

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