fox nail


I did these on a classmate who went through my IG on a slow day and wanted me to do something similar on her! I was glad to do it. I used ILNP princeton with china glaze fairy dust on the tips for extra holo and painted the foxes on with acrylic paint. She loved them so much which is an awesome feeling.

Cheer Up Post #4602 - Fox Nail Art Edition

canislupusarctos would like a post featuring fox-inspired nail designs. Here you go!

Nature/Animals Masterpost 

***Disclaimer: Most of the images used do not belong to me. If you see one that’s yours, and you would like credit or to have it removed/replaced, please just ask.

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gavr-che  asked:

I'm back again to say that Neil find this horrid bright fox orange nail polish and tries to paint his nails with it. But he's never painted his nails before and he's a fucking mess and his nails are a fucking mess but he's very please with himself. Until he knocks the nail polish bottle over and stains their floor orange. Andrew is not impressed. Allison takes one look at his Disaster™ nails and spends the next hour fixing them.

I hella subscribe to this. (Gav with the good head canons omg)

Neil is so frugal that he would rather die than pay the fine for having orange fingernail polish on the floor when they move out, so after Allison fixes his nails he goes back home and scrapes and scrubs it off the floor. He chips the polish and is so heartbroken, he can’t ask Allison to paint his nails again! He physically cannot walk back to her room and let her know that he ruined it nearly immediately. Andrew goes out, without a word, and comes back with orange and white nail polish, fixes the chips and pains little fox paws on Neil’s nails. The foxes take bets on who painted Neil’s nails. Kevin says, “Andrew did it.” and no one, not even Allison, wins that bet, but they’re all too pleased to care and end up using the money to buy Neil a bunch of nail polishes.


Once again got my nails done by my friend @when-shes-gone. This time wanted to fall back to phantom as I loved it’s base color is light blue / grey. As summer is coming and there has been more of the sun was able to see UV version more often as well. It’s light purple or raspberry as they call it in product interview. 

This time theme was double animals:

Fox, Badger, Huskies, Owl and Hedgehog for left hand.

Arctic fox, Trash panda, Wolf, Owl and Hedgehog for right. 

I love how it turned out. Colors I like + cute animals + holographic effect that makes me want to hoard my nails in big pile and treasure them (have same type of sentiment for good books so maybe there truly is some dragon blood in me). Just looking at them makes my day ^^

Have managed to gather more courage and will keep these nails as long as they last (about 4-5 days probably). It’s not bad to let my workmates get used. Have also done same with some subtle clothing choices. 

You can learn more about nail art made by @when-shes-gone from Nail art guide