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my entire life i was told that boys are violent but girls are worse because we’re “catty.” i was told that a catty girl was my enemy, that they used whip tongues in place of fists to start things i couldn’t erase of out my skin. i saw this cattiness wherever i was told it would live. it was in pretty girls with nice lipstick and it was in the girls who studied too much to ever come to the parties and it was in my own group of friends. when i came home crying about something, i was often reminded that girls are catty bitches and if we were boys we’d just punch each other and be done with it. 

but it was boys who first started making fun of how i looked, of what mess my face was like, of the fat on my thighs. and it was girls who showed me how to apply makeup, patiently waiting with me in the bathroom mirror to show how not to cry while i applied it to the waterline. they agreed to go on diets with me even when they hated salad. they agreed to scoop buckets of ice cream into our bellies at midnight when i was upset about something minor.

it was boys who were snippy about my grades, it was a man who first said that because i was a girl i was bad at math and i’d stay that way. it was boys who started making fun of the one time i got a 34 on a math test when my mother had been in the hospital the night before. it was girls who held my hand during this, who stayed with me through hours of library studies, who explained over and over in gel pens and pretty handwriting exactly what i was missing. it was girls who taught me to color-code and to highlight and how to stay up all night, it was girls who cheered with me when i got nothing lower than a B. 

it was a boy who taught my friend that she could talk down to me like i was trash. it was a boy who started drama between us. it was a boy who wouldn’t listen or talk it out or find a solution. he’d say angry hurtful things and expect us to listen. it was girls who fixed me after this. they taught me how to make good and positive friends. how to stay away from the girls who really are toxic ones. how to be proud of others and not competitive. how to give genuine compliments, how to accept them, how to be comfortable with who i am and what has happened.

i was told all my life that there was a “type” of girl to avoid. she was probably wearing ugg boots and shorts or drinking a latte or picking out lush products or doing literally anything that girls like to do for themselves, she was catty. girls are catty. when they fight, it’s a catfight. (we were many animals besides this. vixen. pig. fox. bitch. cow. mother hen. whale. but always, for some reason: feline and both sex kitten and dangerous weapon).

girls, i find, are defensive. we wear our hands up, waiting for the hit. girls who are sick of getting hit get “bitchy.” they are fierce, they take what they want, they’ll mess you up for saying the wrong thing about their friend. and girls, who are unwilling to simply take insults without lashing back with something: they’re catty. and when boys bully others and spread nasty gossip and start drama: well, they’re just boys. they’ll fight it out, or something. 

how much i regret believing that girls weren’t my safety net. how many friends i was scared to make because i was intimated by them. so many loving people. out of fear of what? of a tongue someone else has tattooed on them? 


Some more fighters trickling in: Terry McGinnis (Batman Beyond), Bette Kane (Flamebird), and Luke Fox (Batwing). The last one is Violet Paige from the very new, very awesome Mother Panic! She’s Gotham’s newest vigilante and I’m really interested in seeing how her story will unfold.

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2001 vs. 2014

(bottom picture by yours truly)

It’s pretty amazing to see how much more developed Nintendo’s characters have become, so I thought a good way to demonstrate this evolution would be to harken back to one of the GameCube’s most treasured titles, Super Smash Bros. Melee!

The decision to replace the late Nana and Popo with Lucas and Villager came from these two reasons:

1) Lucas was meant to debut in the Smash series in Melee (replacing Ness), but Ness returned due to the delay of Mother 3

2) Animal Crossing was first introduced on the GameCube

I figured Pichu was best left as an empty space.

Anyways, enjoy this edit! If you want to use it, I would greatly appreciate credit :)

EDIT 3/8/2016

Good news to those who wanted a high-definition version of this photo! This version can be found here:

(Sorry for the watermark, but it’s been going around without any credit and I’m a bit of a credit monster :( )


The Yeti joke. How I Met Your Mother Files. Screencaps from The X-Files Season 1, Episode 20, “Darkness Falls.” Lines from HIMYM Season 9, Episode 24, “Last Forever, Part 2.”

I hope...

Happy Mother’s Day, Dana Scully!

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I hope that after saving the world & his boys, she is living the best days of her life. I hope that today of all day she is the happiest. I hope that Mulder asked William to run to the nearby florist - really, it’s just one of the neighbours who recently moved in - to bring a huge bouquet of Scully’s favourite flowers. I hope, while their son is on this mission, Mulder makes sure that the love of his life, the mother of his only child will be woken up in the best way possible…

”I love you,” she gasps when he closes his lips over her clit. 

By the time William comes back, his parents are sitting on the porch, holding hands and giggling like two teenagers. I hope that William finds them adorable and when wishing his Mum ‘Happy Mother’s Day’ they both get a bit emotional and shed just a couple of happy tears. 

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I hope that Mulder prepares the best ever Lasagne for lunch and I hope the whole family goes hiking in the afternoon. I hope Daggoo keeps William with good company while on the trail and that Mulder shares a funny story when he took Scully to an actual nice trip to the forest and it rained sleeping bags. They laugh and William asks many questions about everything.

“I love you,” he says to his Mum while hugging her tight, remembering how this was the one thing he missed the most.

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I hope that by the evening William’s uncles - The Lone Gunmen - come over and they all watch “2001: A Space Odyssey”  while eating pizza and popcorn. I hope that after William went to bed and The Lone Gunmen drove away, Mulder takes Scully for a romantic evening walk. 

I hope that with the moon guiding them with its light and upon seeing the stars reflecting back on them from the surface of the lake, they feel the safest in a long time. I hope Mulder dares to ask ‘The’ question again. I hope when Scully hears ‘Those’ words from the love of her life, this time she won’t hesitate. 

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“ I love you,” he whispers when slipping the engagement ring on her tiny, beautiful finger. 

I hope finally they found their truth, the truth they’ve been searching for together, forever. I hope its their love and devotion for each other and for their son. I hope they won’t lose anything anymore. I hope they live happily ever after. I hope Dana Scully gets the happy ending, she deserves. 

*Happy Mothers Day, Dana Scully!*  

So, I have class in 5 fours and didn’t go to sleep yet because I’m up for any opportunity to draw Scully and William. I saw this capture yesterday here on tumblr (sorry, I don’t remember who posted it so if you see this please manifest yourself) while I was drawing my first digital illustration for a children’s book, I needed a break of drawing fishes with human eyes so this was done in parallel for the sake of my sanity. Finished about 10 minutes ago, not sure if I should continue it, glad to hear coments.

The text comes from when I saw this outtake and totally imagined Mulder and Willian wearing the shirt he got from his dad for his birthday, while Scully had dreamed with a smooth clean boy with perfect haircut and ironed clothes in his first day. So there they were, in the kitchen begging Scully that William deserved to bright in the first day of school. The moustached alien won