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“Fingers long and elegant as he wraps them around an apple” FARMERS MARKET HAND-PORN SOLAS– GO!

@ladylike-foxes for you <3 We all need more Farmer’s Market Solas!

Solavellan, of course :D


It is mid-morning by the time Lavellan finishes setting up her stall at the Skyhold Farmer’s Market. Her harvest had been particularly bountiful this time, and she has no doubt that by the end of the day, she would return home with empty baskets. For Lavellan was a familiar fixture at the Market, well-known for the organic fruit she grew.

She wonders if he would come. 

She hopes he does.

She is so busy helping helping out another customer she fails to notice his presence. After sending them off, she turns to him, a bright smile plastered on her face. Her palms are sweaty, and she wonders if her face is red. He is dressed casually in a simple plaid shirt, sleeves rolled up to the elbows exposing tanned, wiry, muscular forearms. His dark wash jeans are well-fitted, and she has the sudden urge to place her hands on those tapered hips. 

If she wasn’t red before, she’s pretty sure she is now.

“Hello there,” she greets. “Solas, isn’t it? It’s nice to see you again!” As soon as the words are out, she regrets them. Was she being too forward?

His voice is smooth, silky, making her think of fingers dipped in chocolate fondue. “Likewise. I hope you have been well?”

“Oh yes,” she hates that she sounds like a besotted fool, “my garden has been coming along very nicely.”

“So I see,” he remarks, reaching down for an apple. Her throat goes dry as his fingers, long and elegant, wrap around the red fruit with a certain kind of delicateness. 

She wonders how they would feel on her breasts. Imagines those slender fingers plucking gently at a nipple, before he sucks in between those wonderful, plush lips…

“These are very good,” he comments, and she gives herself a little shake. “I’m sorry?” she clears her throat, feeling as though her face is on fire. “I didn’t quite catch that.”

“I said, the apples are very good,” he repeats, his lips twisted up into a smirk. The look he is giving her is knowing, and there’s something in there that causes heat to pool deep in her stomach.

“I, ahhh… thank you,” she babbles.

“I think I will take a dozen,” he says. “Would you mind if I choose for myself?”

“Of course,” she has no idea what she’s saying, all she can think of is how the flecks of silver in his ocean-blue eyes catch the sunlight and sparkle.

“Thank you. That is very kind,” he gives her a quick wink, and she nearly faints.

“N-n-no p-problem,” she stammers.

Her mind is a jumble as she watches him select the fruit; though she knows it is insane, they’re just fruits after all, she can’t help but find the way his fingers run over the smooth skin, the way he weighs each apple in the palm of his hand, the way his forehead furrows just the tiniest bit as he scents each apple. Even the rejected fruit get a delicate treatment from him, his fingers gently and carefully returning them back to the pile.

His hands are going to drive her crazy.

He is going to drive her crazy.

She’s silent as she bags the fruit he’s selected. She can’t help the small shudder that goes through her when their hands brush against each other as she hands him his purchase.

His fingers feel so soft, like satin, but she has no doubt that they have a great deal of strength.

“I hope you enjoy them,” she says, her voice ever so slightly scratchy - unsurprising really, considering how dry her throat is - and there’s a pang of disappointment when he turns to leave.

Her heart beats faster when he turns back to her. 

“I do not suppose you would be interested in sharing these with me?” his tone is polite, but she thinks the sultry look in his eyes should be illegal; she wants to melt under it.

“I-I-… I would love to,” she smiles back.

“Good.” He pulls out his wallet, and takes a business card out from it. “Do you have a number I can reach you at?” His smile is brazenly flirtatious, and she feels the tip of her ears heat up.

“Yeah, here, let me give it to you-” She digs through her purse and pulls out a business card, quickly jotting down her personal number at the back. When she’s done, she nearly throws it at him in her excitement.

He takes it from her in a smooth, fluid motion, flipping the card with a practiced grace to look at what she’d written. “Well then,” he drawls. “I will call you tonight, if that works for you?”

She nods.

His lips pull sideways into a smirk, filling her mind with all sorts of ideas - all of them most definitely not safe for work. “I look forward to enjoying the… juiciness… of your delectable fruit with you. A final quick wink, and he’s walking away, leaving her rooted to the spot, utterly speechless.

And intensely aroused.

GUYS I MADE IT remember last week was my presentation in class??? Well today my professor said out loud in front of everyone that she started watching b99 and that she LOVES IT and that it lived up to the expectations I built and then my classmates one by one said they started watching it too and IM YELLING im doing a better job promoting it than the entire fox marketing department


A vast castle town and a sprawling trade centre for Atania, Alterwood is a home of thief and tradesman alike. Governed by Lord and Lady Oakheart. The Oakheart family thought treated as part of the upper royal elite are originally from a long line of masons, architects and builders. This is why they have taken the castle as their sigil to remind themselves of their humble beginnings. Their rise to power however happened quickly and was well earned. The lands of Atania are wild and barbaric and have yet to be tamed. Because of this humanity has been forced to hide behind large and thick stone walls, keeping the violent beats of their land at bay.

Alterwood is known as a trade city filled with guilds in every kind of trade possible, the circular market has small tall buildings that can be rented out by traders to sell their wares. From the market trade caravans will leave and be travelling constantly along the highways between cities and often hire help to protect from Bandits, thieves and the beasts of the wild. The Atania Trade Corporation have made their home here and with their vast family connections they have spread out their links setting up a corresponding market halls in every single human city bar one. The recently built human city Edgestorm has been tasked to the youngest member of the family, Evelyn Pickett who has dropped the traditional path of the lady that most of the women in her family follow and has adopted the sword and shield, it is her dream to setup the latest market hall and slowly work her way back to Alterwood and the ATC and take over her grandfathers company.

Along with the other guilds and trade groups the famous ‘Fire Foxes’ thief guild exists somewhere in this city, though only those who are chosen or are already initiated are able to find it. Rumour in the nastier inns and back alleys of Alterwood that the Fire foxes are planning a grand heist and are seeking new initiates to help with their devious plans.


“Logan” viral marketing video “”

20th Century Fox released a viral marketing clip today focused on X-23 that basically teases her origin story in the movie universe. It’s largely similar to the comics and shows her being held captive at a facility and (presumably) having her claws surgically inserted.

The shots of the operating room certainly recalls images from “Innocence Lost” when Laura was subjected to radiation to force her mutation to manifest and later when her bone claws were surgically removed, coated in adamantium, and reinserted.

The same goes for the scene of Laura in her holding cell, cutting herself.

And the final, over-the-shoulder shot of Laura cutting herself looks like an homage to the cover of NYX #4 as a bit of fanservice for long-time X-23 fans.
One million patients a week cannot get a GP appointment, statistics show
One million patients a week cannot get appointments with GPs, amid the longest waiting times on record, new figures show.

The awesomeness of universal healthcare…kind of reminds you of the VA, huh? #socializedmedicinesucks

The Lunar Mark (Xiumin Werewolf!au fic) Chapter 13

Warnings: none

Ch. 1 Ch. 2 Ch. 3 Ch. 4 Ch. 5 Ch. 6 Ch. 7 Ch. 8 Ch. 9 Ch. 10 Ch. 11 Ch. 12 Ch.13 Ch. 14 Ch. 15(M) Ch. 16

“Y/N….Y/N can you hear me?” someone questioned. It was a woman…that you were sure of. You were also sure you had heard her voice somewhere before, but in that moment couldn’t place it. You tried opening your eyes and were met with bright green orbs staring back at you. “Yixing! Her eyes are open.”

“Thank you, Sora….” a tall man with kind eyes leaned over and looked at you, “Welcome back, Y/N. My name is Yixing…no, don’t go back to sleep now, you just woke up.” He placed a rolled up towel under your head to keep your head propped up. “I’m the healer of Minseok’s pack….if you’re wondering where you are you’re at the pack house, specifically in the bathroom. Don’t worry, the ladies did most of your initial washing.”

You looked and finally realized that you were laying in a large claw foot stub with hand towels covering both your chest and privates. “Where’s…where’s Minseok?” you choked out.

“He’s in the hallway waiting to see you, but first you have to let me do my work, okay?” he questioned.

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