fox marie

“Do you remember the last time you saw Anastasia? You were leaving for Paris.
You never came back. You gave her a music box. I believe this was it…”

My tribute to the new musical adaptation of Anastasia! Always loved the character of Anastasia/Anya but I think Christy Altamore made her even more lovable.


The list is long, and many are the legends, for there is scarce a noble house in all the Reach that does not boast of descent from one of Garth Greenhand’s countless children. Even the heroes of other lands and kingdoms are sometimes numbered amongst the offspring of the Greenhand.

Garth Greenhand’s daughters
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I know that Mary’s covering up her involvement with the British Men of Letters in this specific scene, but it does feel like her approach to hunting is different to John’s, and by extension Sam and Dean’s. She sets out to build networks and alliances with other hunters (which feels like it’s a more common approach?), whereas John burned bridges with Ellen and Bobby, two of the few other hunters he interacted with, and seems to have raised his sons with the expectation that they would hunt mostly by themselves. 


“They’re our peers” aka Stephanie and Brandon freaking out over their fellow Tony nominees Laura Linney, Cynthia Nixon and Mary Beth Peil being in the same room as them

“It’s okay, Mari,” Vixen whispered. “It’s okay, I’m here. You don’t have to do this.”

Marinette didn’t respond, and instead seemed to shrink into herself further. The heroine’s hold on her tightened.

“I’ve got you.”

I’ve been listening to sad music today and it has affected what I’ve drawn :’) Also I was too lazy to look up a reference for fox!Alya so I just winged it.