fox hopper

Agent Fox Mulder and Chief Jim Hopper would get along so well

  • Both lost a family member very close to them when she was just a child
  • Both are paranoid messes 
  • Both are up against literal monsters and paranormal shit
  • Both are sworn enemies of really awful rich white dudes who are in on the whole monster situation
  • they can’t prove a damn thing
  • Emotional
  • In their mission to take down monsters and evil government dudes, both have badass lady partners who they’re a little in love with
  • Disregards all rules, is the most unprofessional government employee ever
  • “Here’s my badge. You don’t care? Here’s my fist.” 
  • They both come across as conspiracy theorists, but they’re always right
  • very Lonely
  • #TheTruthIsOutThere