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I am getting absolutely no notifications one on of my ask blogs, @rarely-cultist-eevees, so I am just going to promote it right here by saying that it would be great if I got more people liking, reblogging, asking, following, mentioning, and/or otherwise interacting with it.

Notifications are slowing down a bit on my other two ask blogs, @nick-multiverse-maintenance-man and @fox-features-syndicate-official, so just know that those exist.

And I guess nobody is interested in @brandom-world-history. So until there is some interest, I am probably not going to do much with it.

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The demon awakens from her long slumber among the melancholy and ominous lights. Her soul climbs from the darkened but light room. The beacon of the world illuminated by the cold darkness of evanescence. Pre-verberating echos mock the chimes of the present and future world(s). Balance is struck amiss in the chaotic undertone of the calm before the storm.

hello everybody…i normally dont do this type of thing loke ever but we have a huge problem

the woody collective has claimed minis blog, luckily the username was deactivated and @maccie is waiting the 24 hours to claim it but we have no clue if any other brandom blog will be absorbed, so i ask does anyone know the usernames for any deactivated brandom blogs not ones that are still up, or ones that were repurposed.

im going to tag every blog i can remember off the too of my head sorry if ypur deactivated i havent really been keeping up, but please lets keep our friends safe

@cinnamon-bun-unofficial @gingerbreadofficial @minis-offcial @galaxy-candiesunofficial @3-musketeers @beefjerkynon-official @fox-features-syndicate-official please tag anyone else you can think of and please help with the usernames…thank you

((What is this? A new icon for the blog! By the amazing @the-homo-goblin (@gingerbreadofficial, @gingerbread-bakery, and @cotton-candy-official)? Why yes! Yes it is!))

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Hey, this is Draco Rex, also known as Hoodie Fox, Kiiro, Foxy Mun, and Fox Mun. I run @fox-features-syndicate-official.

So anyway, I had a little conversation with @i-should-clean-my-room, also know as Light and Bluebird Mun. They run @kmart-totallyofficial-service and many others.

The conversation continues under the cut:

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She let her fingers run over the the address, outlining each character. She didn’t entirely feel at ease with this, but she wasn’t going to miss the opportunity. She’d just have to apologize for showing up to Fox’s address unannounced. She was beginning to wonder if all anons were quite so pushy? It wasn’t a problem, but it was a little confusing. She raised a hand and rested against the door before her, breathing in calmly before knocking on it. The knock was soft at first, her nerves egging them to be so, but the following knocks were moderate in noise volume. Well, she hoped they were anyways.