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I am getting absolutely no notifications one on of my ask blogs, @rarely-cultist-eevees, so I am just going to promote it right here by saying that it would be great if I got more people liking, reblogging, asking, following, mentioning, and/or otherwise interacting with it.

Notifications are slowing down a bit on my other two ask blogs, @nick-multiverse-maintenance-man and @fox-features-syndicate-official, so just know that those exist.

And I guess nobody is interested in @brandom-world-history. So until there is some interest, I am probably not going to do much with it.

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*FINALLY ARRIVING HOME, FOX runs into MINT.* ....... Hey. Sorry about that.

Mint sure wasn’t expecting that, the collision knocked her off balance. She wavered a bit before promptly landing on her  butt. It took a few moments for everything to register, a nervous Mint was a bit of a slow responding Mint.

It’s alright,” It was a soft dismissal of the incident, and she was already getting back to her feet.”I should apologize for not paying enough attention. I was always told to be more aware of my surroundings..


Hey, could I get a promo please?

I have a great number of blogs:

@draco-rex Is my main. Come here to find Undertale, Homestuck, 17776, furry, Brandom, Pokémon, personal, and political content, as well as plenty of other things. There is also an old text adventure in here that I have been meaning to get back to doing, and I tend to reblog fanart and requested or commissioned pieces to here as well. It is my third most popular blog (and the second most popular blog of my own creation) by far, and one of only three to break one hundred followers.

@roleplay-awtt Is a blog meant for my roleplaying memo on Pesterchum, #Roleplay_AwTT. I plan to do some more with it soon.I should note that I did not create the original incarnation of this blog, but the creator is gone, I am the only remaining admin from the original incarnation, I created the current incarnation, and I am the main admin on this blog.

@nick-multiverse-maintenance-man Is one of my many ask blogs, centered around one of my original characters, Nick. It is kind of a Brandom blog, but mostly not, thought it is currently having a “pilot episode” of sorts that is a crossover with the Brandom. Nick actually appears in the #Roleplay_AwTT roleplay as a side character.

@emeraldflower-healersward Is another ask blog, this time definitely a Brandom blog. It is meant to be the Brandom’s hospital, effectively. I am one of the admins on it. For the time being, not much is going on here, but this could change at any moment.

@brandom-world-history Is another Brandom blog, this time a meta ask blog, which currently lacks any characters. It is meant to chronicle the setting of the Brandom. I am the creator and main admin of this blog. Not much is going on right now, but I have plans to change that.

@fox-features-syndicate-official Is my main ask blog, my main Brandom blog, and, obviously my main Brandom ask blog. It is by far my second most popular blog (and the most popular blog of my own creation). Follow the adventures of Fox, Guardian Deity of Earth, his cousin Wolf, the cultists that worship him, and several other, related, characters.

@pine-apple-fox Is meant to be my vent blog, but is currently mostly unused. I plan to actually use it once I get a proper icon for it.

@rarely-cultist-eevees Is YET ANOTHER ask blog, and something of a Brandom blog and a Pokémon Daily Blog, kind of. Follow the adventures of Ricky and Rook, the Eevee Brothers. This blog is a spin-off of @fox-features-syndicate-official, as Ricky and Rook are Fox’s eevees.

@thebrandomfiles Is another Brandom ask blog, this time a meta blog again, though it actually does have characters. I am not the creator, but own the only living character currently on it (The Archivist), and have become the main admin when it comes to making posts, posting submissions, answering asks, and reblogging posts. This blog is meant to help keep track of the Brandom. It is also my most popular blog.

@randomdragonstudios Is a blog meant for my sort-of company, Random Dragon Studios. Currently, it is mostly unused, other than as an alternate account for myself, but I have future plans for it.

Finally, I am hoarding a number of urls. I am holding onto most of them just because I used to have them or because they are similar to my usual usernames and I want to keep people from impersonating me. However, I have future plans to use @graham-cracker-darkness and @pbj-shades.

Last but not least, I used to own kooba-cola-official, and I am trying to get it back, because I had plans for it. Someone has taken it and is doing absolutely nothing with it. My attempts to contact them have so far failed.

Edit: @awtt-sburb, the one url that I used to have a blog on, but no longer do (as said blog was moved to @roleplay-awtt) is going to be used to archive posts from @roleplay-awtt that were made during its original incarnation (when it was @awtt-sburb).

Anyway, those are all my blogs. I will be reblogging this post and @ mentioning   some people, but I will not be doing that in the original post to avoid breaking the @ mention limit.


Hey, this is Draco Rex, also known as Hoodie Fox, Kiiro, Foxy Mun, and Fox Mun. I run @fox-features-syndicate-official.

So anyway, I had a little conversation with @i-should-clean-my-room, also know as Light and Bluebird Mun. They run @kmart-totallyofficial-service and many others.

The conversation continues under the cut:

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Uh, hi. I was told to come here looking for a "Marty"? My name is Fox. -Fox

{When Fox enters the establishment Gelato is exiting} {He nods at Fox in greeting but doesn’t say anything} {The is a person in a pair of bedazzled overalls behind the counter, they have dark skin and and dark chocolate brown hair with faded red and blue stripes} {They are shouting something about remembering cat food to Gelato}

{When he leaves the person’s evergreen eyes focus on Fox} {They seem shocked} 

{They have doubled over laughing}

(( @fox-features-syndicate-official ))