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@cream-and-ginger, @official-tabasco-sauce, yes, please, do come in.  Because of course when I said “I want to be alone” what I really meant was “I want every single person I’ve ever briefly interacted with to come in my house uninvited, eat all my food, and be entertained by my misery”!!  

Fuck all of you.  Don’t touch anything.  If you need me, I’ll be in my office.  Word to the wise, don’t need me.  

(( I guess this is an open rp now for anyone who wants to come loiter at Wonka’s house since he left the front door open.  So far who’s here: Tea, Tabasco, @fox-features-syndicate-official and all his followers, @thin-mints-unofficial (Scout), and @the-ghost-of-rasputin  Since he’s going through a lot already right now, Magpie mun kindly requests that you don’t break anything.  Maybe just poke him with a stick and tell him to feel better.  He does secretly enjoy the fact that people cared to stop by but he also hates it.  He’s weird I know.  Go poke the weird candyman with a stick.))

((End of Event One))

((This is the official end of Event One.))

((It has been over for a while, but I only just got to making this post, so this is the official end.))

((Also, I will probably do a recap of Event One before I do Event Two.))

draco-rex  asked:

Perhaps you could tell us what Wonka thinks of each of the people he likes?

((oooh challenge accepted~!

Three top people he likes (who likes him back)

@fox-features-syndicate-official - Wonka honestly is just confused by Fox more than half the time but has learned not to question it.  It’s like Fox is wearing constant poker face and his emotions and feelings are his hand of cards he keeps hidden.  Wonka finds it unnerving at times that he can’t ever seem to read Fox’s expression and can’t for the life of him see why Fox grew such an attachment to him.  But… He also does think Fox’s facade commands a lot of respect and can certainly admire him for that.  And Wonka is no stranger to facades seeing as how his whole life has always been 70% fake smiles.  He is secretly a little envious that - even after all the things Fox has gone through - he can still keep his stone-cold act maintained even when he’s flustered,  meanwhile Wonka’s act is now breaking at the seams after only 80 years.  So I guess you can say he simply admires Fox and the respect he commands and … honestly makes Wonka wish he could do the same.

@unicornpops-refreshed - Just.  A precious child.  Really, he thinks it’s only a matter of time until she gets taken advantage of.  He thinks of her as incredibly naive and over-trusting. He tries to guide her to stay away from him from the most part because he knows himself too well and doesn’t want to become the person that does finally take advantage of her.  But her kindness that shows up in his inbox every now and again really does brighten his day and he treats those kindnesses to be as precious as rare gems - he doesn’t get that kind of unconditional kindness from-… well anyone! Ever! Another reason why he doesn’t want her to get too close to him.  Mini can’t give those kindnesses to him because, although they try, their kindnesses towards him always seem tainted by what they know about him.  I guess you could say he rather have an occasional sincere smile from an acquaintance who knows little about him that a hug from a friend who knows him all to well and can act out of pity or judgement.  Uni is a friend at a comfortable distance.

@thin-mints-unofficial - Scout… He’s still trying to figure out.  He thinks Scout might have some daddy issues and is unconsciously trying to adopt Wonka as his new dad - which Wonka does not want.  The only kid he ever have and ever will consider to be like a son to him would be Charlie.  Anybody else saying they want him to be their dad actually makes him pretty upset.  He really loved Charlie and part of him just gets really angry when people suggest they could replace him - which is how Wonka reads people asking him to be their dad.  But that aside, Scout isn’t too bad of a kid.  Wonka doesn’t think he really has anything in common with Scout but… the company is nice.  Like I’ve said before, Wonka has a bad habit of building walls around himself.  Only people who keep trying to talk to him even after he’s pushed them away stand any chance of ever getting through to him.  And… no matter what, Wonka is always going to be a little grateful that Scout is still there and trying to break through to Wonka.  

There’s more peeps but ,, honestly not too much more.  But I’m a tired birb and want sleep so for now, these three are all you’re getting. ~ Magpie mun))

anonymous asked:

So, MIV, you want to learn about pain, do you? -Fox

I know a reasonable amount of information about it in terms of the nervous and physical reactions it evokes in humans. Your subject in question and petty threat is not equivalent to the type of information I want.

I want to know how pain effects people mentally, and what can be gained from it.

Being unable to feel any form of emotional and physical pain myself, I wish to search out the answer to this question.



anonymous asked:

Hey Mini, how are you doing? I found out what happened, and I'm pretty angry. Is there anything I can do to help? -Fox

Ahh h thanks for the offer, @fox-features-syndicate-official but I don’t really think there’s anything you can do. So far it seems to be ok? I mean,, yeh,, MIV is pretty weird and creepy and I can’t get him to leave my house now and he made me start wearing this weird collar but it’s,,, it’s ok, I don’t want you to worry.

The Offices

[Exterior view of an abandoned office building in the middle of nowhere. There are trees in the distance. The only living thing around is a yellow fox in a grey hoodie.]

[Everything is whiteness.]

[There is a crater, now. At the center of the crater, a blue fire burns. The yellow fox remains where it was, sitting on a floating bit of dirt. The bottom surface of the dirt forms a section of a sphere centered on and surrounding the fox. The fox seems to be holding a goblet. In the far distance, beyond the lip of the crater, there is wasteland.]

anonymous asked:

Is MIVic still fused? What's up with that? Is Mini alright?

(( MIVic just escaped @fox-features-syndicate-official‘s fire attack with some mild burns and after some thought, MIV let them unfuse without explanation.  He seems to be a touch melancholy at the moment.  I guess he’s gotten bored. ~ Magpie mun reporting in ))