fox estacado


You know who deserves free food?  Mycroft.  And you, at @221bcon 2017.

Mycroft Holmes, your empty refrigerator is too tragic!  We’re coming to your bachelor pad, aka the @homelessnetwork-221bcon Suite, bearing dinner.  Come join us!

When:  Saturday, April 8, 2017

What time:  6 - 7:30 PM

Where:  The Homeless Network Suite at 221B Con


  • Beef lasagna
  • Vegetarian baked ziti with chicken on the side
  • Middle Eastern platter, vegan and vegetarian
  • Garden salad, vegan

Why:  Because on the @threepatchpodcast, @dixiebell said of Mycroft’s sad refrigerator, “Someone should bring him a casserole.”

How much food?:  We have ordered food to feed 40 people.  This is financed by private donation, so sorry, it’ll be first come, first served!  Feel free to bring your own casseroles or other food if you want to contribute!

Who:  Joint cheer brought to you by the @homelessnetwork-221bcon and @threepatchpodcast!


Come to the Three Patch Podcast meetup at Dashcon (Saturday 7/12, 7 PM) and get a drink charm featuring episode banner art by foxestacado!  There will also be drink charms that ship Mystrade (grey and burgundy) and MorMor (skulls and tiger eyes).  The meetup will be the only place to pick up a drink charm, so be sure to come say hello!   


Fox Estacado’s art was recently featured at the Fremont Gallery in Pasadena, CA at an exhibition supporting HIV/AIDS services in Los Angeles County. She regularly exhibits her realistic, emotive original and fan art at some of the largest comic book and anime conventions in the country. At the Sherlock Seattle, Fox Estacado Arts will be offering limited edition prints and pouches made with her Sherlock Holmes (both Sherlock BBC and Guy Ritchie films) fan art, in addition to a selection of postcards, buttons, and bookmarks. “Like” or follow Fox Estacado Arts on Tumblr, Facebook, Twitter, or DeviantArt to get news, freebies, and discounts!

Fox Estacado recently had a post put up by the Three Patch Podcast folks, as she does all of their lovely design work and will be selling a bunch of it at the convention! We already reblogged it once, but we’re going to reblog it again later today, just in case you missed it. ;)


Oh man, I totally have no money after Sherlock Seattle, but IT IS TOTALLY OK BECAUSE LOOK AT ALL THIS SWEET STUFF I GOT. 

I like to support artists, so.

(ps there will be a following post with moar pics of stuff and things I did in Seattle, because I am ridiculous.)

Awesome artists and dealers:

Areyoutryingtodeduceme (PS you need to stop giving me prints because I am totally willing to pay for them)


Fox Estacado

Pepper’s Pins

Unicorn Empire Prints

It was great meeting so many artists, making new friends, and spending time with people I don’t get to see much! :D


More #221Breathe gentle cheer.  :-)

Top left:  a dress I got printed with one of Fox Estacado’s amazing, amazing graphics.

Top right:  penns-woods taking a #sherlocklives photo when she visited me in Philadelphia a couple of weeks ago.

Bottom:  a pillowcase with an iron-on printout of another amazing Fox Estacado illustration, one of my OT3.  Although maybe this is about to become one of my two true pairings.  I’ll get back to you about that in a few days.  :-)  I’ll be using this pillow to muffle my screams as I watch “His Last Vow.”