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Ellen Jewett’s fanstastic bestiary

Between dream and nightmare, this canadian artist gives life to these beautiful steampunk-styled creatures. Different forms of life, plants and animals, ally with mechanical objects, in a perfect harmony. These sculptures of an another world are made of clay, with a metallic skeleton.

I love how in certain fandoms there are some characters that everyone can agree shouldn’t be touched. EVER.

Teen Wolf: What you’re NOT gonna do is touch Mama McCall.

Lucifer: If you harm a hair on Trixie or Dr. Linda’s head, the full wrath of heaven and hell will be unleashed upon you. Know that.

Shadowhunters: Come near Magnus again and see what happens.

Orphan Black: Breathe near Cosima and you’re going to get fkd up.

Claws: Will cut a bitch over Dean. Fact.

This Is Us: God have mercy on your soul if you even look at Randall Pearson wrong.

The Blacklist: Haha go near Aram or Dembe again and see what happens.

Marvel Universe: in these fandoms, we protect Claire Temple at all costs.

Deep in the Misty Peaks lies a great leviathan, known for it’s unbridled fury and fox-like agility. Massive claws, a deadly tail and flashing silver teeth. It laughs at it’s foes as it immobilizes foes and prey alike in a slippery trap.

Are… you sure you’ve heard correctly? This surely can’t be the beast you’ve heard about. It looks like a giant pink puppy.

>>Wake him?

The Experiment - Chapter 1 (Eric X OC)

Rating: M (swearing/smut :p)

Genre: General

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An alternative stand-alone with Eric and Fox, where they’re brought into a controversial faction experiment……may be sensitive subject matter/triggers…..enjoy :)


“You have to be fucking kidding me!” Fox exploded.

Max’s dark complexion did not hide the blush that came over his cheeks. “Dauntless has been experiencing a population decline for years, every faction has…the only group that is growing is the Factionless, do you understand why we are forced to incorporate this policy?”

Fox snorted and gestured angrily to the man seated at her right. “But really, him?!”

“Eric Coulter is the most dominant male here in Dauntless, and you are the most dominant female. Your test scores in your initiation years were off the charts and you are both peerless leaders, it only makes sense.”

“I have to mate with Eric?!”

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Plague Chapter 1

Six months have passed since the battle with the Dark Forest, and peace is finally returning to the Clans by the lake. But a mysterious sickness is infecting the Clans, turning cat against cat, and not even StarClan themselves can stop it.

“Okay, that’s the last scent marker,” Berrynose announced, stepping away from the edge of trees that acted as the border between WindClan and ThunderClan. The cream-colored tom padded back to the rest of the patrol, arching his back as he stretched. “Should we hunt before we head home? I’m starving, and the Clan could always use the extra food.”

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I fennec sono nativi del Nordafrica e del deserto del Sahara e si distinguono per le loro grandi orecchie che servono per disperdere il calore in eccesso. Il loro udito è così fine che riescono addirittura a sentire la preda sotto la sabbia. La loro pelliccia color crema li tiene al fresco durante il giorno e li riscalda di notte.

While I love angst, I also want my asshole son to be happy, so here’s the story of Neil’s first pet.

  • It’s a fox
  • Like a literal fox
  • Neil doesn’t even know how it happened he just went on a run one morning and there it was. Little baby fox looking scared and malnourished and alone.
  • Well Neil didn’t have his cell phone (because what is he? A normal person? Don’t be ridiculous) so he just picks up the fox and starts carrying it back to the tower.
  • The fox tries to claw at him but the poor thing is this close to muscle atrophy so it can’t do anything substantial.
  • He brings it into the dorms and immediately calls the vet.
  • Kevin is in the shower and Nicky is in Aaron and Matt’s room, so Andrew is the only one there and it’s not like he actually cares.
  • But when Neil says “we’re going to the vet” he immediately gets his keys.
  • Which is how Neil misses an entire day of practice and classes because he’s waiting outside the vets office while the animal gets treated.
  • And none of the foxes know what’s up because he has his phone on silent like some sort of idiot and Andrew won’t explain beyond “he’s busy.”  and “No he’s not dying”.
  • But in the end the fox makes it fine.
  • They tell Neil it’s a girl, she’ll be a bit weak for a while. They think she’s an abandoned pet because she has wounds that fit having her chip cut away. When Neil says he wants to adopt her, they run him through the basics of animal care but tell him to do more research at home because foxes are pretty unconventional.
  • But at this point Neil is barely listening because he just wants to take Mary to a pet store and get her some stuff and then take her home.
  • Which is how Neil comes back to the dorm with a tiny fox the same color as his hair cradled in his arms.
  • At first the Foxes are so confused because what the fuck Neil but that lasts about five seconds before they’re all trying to pet her.
  • Neil is ecstatic that they like her but Mary is fucking terrified and clings to Neil like a cat hanging on to that sweater they know you like.
  • Then Dan offers her a piece of bacon and did I say she’s scared? I lied she’s their bff forever just as long as you keep the bacon rolling.
  • But they only truly win her over later that night, when the foxes are sitting around, Mary in the middle of the room, seemingly asleep.
  • Then Kevin says to Neil “If caring for her means time away from the court, we’re giving her to a zoo”
  • He doesn’t really mean that, but then again Mary doesn’t really know Kevin and his obsessions
  • Which is why she gets up, jumps onto Kevins lap
  • And smacks him in the face
  • Everyone starts laughing as Kevin just sits there stunned
  • With an attitude like that, she becomes the team mascot
  • She comes with them for every game they don’t fly for, and the games they do fly she stays with Bee for the night
  • She sleeps with Neil at night, who holds her like a teddy bear. It helps the nightmares.
  • Eventually they’re damn near inseparable. She comes to practice, Neil managed to convince his teachers to let her stay during lessons because she’s always super quiet, she comes to meals.
  • It takes her about a day to learn the differences between the twins, and she blatantly prefers Aaron. God knows why. But if Neil won’t pamper her then she hangs around Aaron for the rest of the day.
  • She runs with Neil in the afternoons. But never the mornings, because she’s reasonable and because she gets his bed to herself for the rest of the morning muahahaha
  • Though Matt is the one who spoils her without end. Eventually Neil has to straight up ban Matt from giving her snacks because he’s wrecking her diet.
  • She never really grows on Kevin, but then Kevin never really grows on her either, so they just spend several years treating each other like that roomate.
  • Wymack pretended he hated the idea of her at first, but then he saw her slap Nicky so he’d be quiet during a team meeting and since then she becomes his little assistant.
  • (she really likes slapping people. The foxes tell strangers that it’s how she shows affection, but they all know she does it to be petty.)
  • She even gets her own jersey that says Josten #17.
  • When she’s allowed to come to games she always sticks with Wymack
  • Whenever a group shot of the foxes is taken she’s always in it
  • At the end of every game she jumps into Neil’s arms, and he always brings her with him on press duty, which somehow ends up with Neil looking like that movie villain who always carries around an equally evil pet chihuahua. It’s hilarious.
  • At Neil’s graduation Wymack adopts her while Neil figures out his future, but it ends up with Wymack keeping her permanently
  • Though Neil skypes with her at least once a week