fox bunny

A commission drawn for @blackwing2230 as an illustration for his upcoming fanfiction :)

Judy have something very important to announce to Nick on this date… I think you all can imagine what it can be. 

I was so happy to have the opportunity to draw such an important and sweet moment between those two. So thank you, @blackwing2230 . It was a real pleasure working with you !

Have a nice day,


So I’ve been thinking about Fox and Bunny a lot lately (I even had a cool dream about them last night >w<), and while driving I would listen to “Try, Try Again” from Mario and Luigi: Dream Team, which sounded very Underswap to me. It made me want to draw them in “Underswap form,” so here they are!

Try, Try Again:

@phaunicier and @bun-bunmuse I hope the two of you like it and I hope you’re both doing well. 

PET PLAY - which animal do you best identify as?

A lot of people messaged me asking which animal would best fit them; they’ll describe their personality to me and I try to make my best decision. But I am not the one who can choose for you. You have to choose. Here are some characteristics of different pets to possibly help you narrow down and choose which pet would best fit you. (This list does not have every pet and these are not the only pets you can be. Be whatever you want and do whatever you want; no one can make you feel inferior without your consent.)

• BAT: negative, wants people to fear them, isolated, quirky, loves fruit, independent, “vampire-like”, possibly nocturnal

• BEAR: shy, closed off, not really clingy, playful, internally energetic, slow-moving

• BIG CAT: certain, stoic, secretly playful, appearance is important (grooming, stance, etc.), authority, elegance, sleek, seduction

• BUNNY: very cuddly, oral fixation, likes to hide under and paw at things, very childish, daydreamer, emotional, ditzy, headbutts others as a form of communication, needs attention

• DRAGON: asks for a lot, is not to be commanded, prideful, doesn’t like collars/restraints, headstrong, stubborn, protective, collects/hoards things

• FAWN: timid, shy, playful, adventurous, silly, klutzy, wary, enjoys being outdoors, better with an owner

• FERRET: fun, bouncy, can annoy others for amusement, equally active and lazy, likes to dig, hides things

• FOX: clever, playful, tricksters, doesn’t mind being around others, curious, fast, enjoys being in small spaces, excitable

• KITTEN: incredibly cuddly most of the time, will occasionally need space, very playful, needs a lot of petting, could get along without an owner but doesn’t want to, lazy with weird bouts of energy, likes to play hunt and pounce, likes toys

• LAMB: very quiet, meek, likes physical attention, likes soft things, likes getting dolled up, very submissive, obedient, lower energy, conservative

• PIG: loves to be coddled, sticks close to others, loves being given snacks, minimizes movement

• PONY: strong, proud, a little bit skittish, gentle, wants to work with others, curious, likes to have a job/responsibility, likes learning, curious

• PUPPY: playful, energetic, enjoys company, affectionate, enjoys physical contact, silly, plays with toys, curious, immature, better with an owner, loyal

• RAT: can be aggressive/feral or friendly and loving, greedy with food/items, likes to test bite/lick their owner, loves on and sleeps on others

• WOLF: independent but uses their pack for safety and comfort, strong, reserved initially, observant, grown-up, smart, self-sufficient, can get along without an owner, follows instincts, pack-mentality

Today is not really a happy day, but i want to share something with you anyway.

This art was commissioned two months ago by BeecroftA.

I waited all this time to share it with you because the art is a surprise gift for one of his friend’s birthday. But he allows me to put it in my gallery today, so here i come ! 

Judy’s room was drawn from the model share by Cory Loftis.

And… I think that’s all for today.

See'ya !

Okay, i know… I know. A lot of people in the fandom are against the idea Nick and Judy can have kits, because of the different species stuff, etc.
I’m well aware of it… But i can’t help it. I have to draw this, because i’ve got this picture in my mind for weeks.
And if you ask me… I’m not against the fantasy idea that they could have their own kits. Just because why not ? I leave all scientifical reflexions behind, and i open my mind to a world full of possibilities ^^
What you can say to justify the fact you wanted to draw something like that.

Well, at least it’s Zootopia’s stuff !

See'ya !

And here is the big art on which I have been working for two days.
This was commissionned by ShippingMammals as an illustration for the third chapter of his very famous fanfiction (certainly one of the most read and appreciated on the wole fandom), The Fox and the Rabbit. If you don’t know this very cool story, correct your mistake and go read it :

Basically, the art is an adaptation of a specific hilarious moment that happened at the beginning of the third chapter, after Nick and Judy have slept together for the first time !
I think you can barely understand the situation just watching the art… I will not comment much more than that, and i encourage you to go read the fanfiction (or read it once again).

As you can see, i have tried a new style of colorisation, by applying colors directly on a clean pencil line. The result is less realistic, but much more clean and cartoon style. I’m still learning, about coloring. I hope to make progress !

And I also hope you will like this new art as much as I do, even if it’s a little… suggestive. But nontheless funny

Have a wonderful day !