fox boogie brown

“Another stud she has fond thoughts of is the beloved John F. Kennedy Jr., with whom she schmoozed when she was invited to perform at a high-tone Whitney Museum event earlier this year. Brown says John-John came right up to her and told her he loved her music. "Shut up,” she responded with her usual shyness. “You don’t listen to rap!” “No, I don’t listen to rap,” he admitted, “but I listen to you,” and he proved it by going into a few bars of “Hot Spot”: “You can catch me at the Hot Spot / I fox, I plot at the bar y'all / All night, I pops.” John-John Kennedy rapping – what an only-in-New York moment! The next voice Brown heard was Carolyn Bessette Kennedy’s, conspiratorially murmuring in the rapper’s ear, “Let’s grab his credit card and go crazy at Gucci!” – Michael Musto on Foxy Brown’s A+++-list audience in Paper, 1999.