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I get so mad thinking about how good Transformers Dark of Moon would have been with Megan Fox

You can tell they did minimal rewrites when Spielberg fired Megan, they just gave Megan’s story to Rosie. No shade to Rosie I think she did her job well it’s just they destroyed that movie and severely damaged the franchise when Megan got the boot. You could just feel the awkwardness because you know she was supposed to be there and they didn’t even try. They just said “hey Shia, every time the script says Mikaela just say Carly instead.” Like the whole position of Sam and Carly’s relationship was definitely just Sam and Mikaela in part three. Like we were supposed to just accept Mikaela dumped Sam after all that happened at the end of Revenge of the Fallen and now he is thinking about marriage to this random chick that he has literally the worst chemistry with? No. Sam was supposed to be struggling to propose to Mikaela just like he struggled to say he loved her in the last one. The first one they met the second they fell in love and the third was supposed to be them getting engaged but since Spielberg is an insecure dick who is afraid of a strong woman with opinions they just slide a new girl into the “we are going to be together forever you are my everything” story AND IT DIDN’T WORK. Spielberg literally basically destroyed a woman’s career and a movie franchise because he is an entitled twat. He thinks he’s God. News flash Steven, your tv shows are atrocious and keep getting cancelled and a lot of the movies you’ve made recently have been shitty. He puts his name in everything and a lot of it is garbage. This isn’t the 70s/80s/90s anymore. You are just eh…. you can tell they tried to make Rosie the instant star Megan was but that didn’t work out and then when they tried to do it again with Nicola it still didn’t work. Megan went from 0-100. Spielberg and Bay won’t get someone like her again that gets them attention. He made a HORRIBLE mistake both business and artistically. Also fuck Bay for treating his actors (especially woman like Megan) so shitty and not directing them in their dramatic scenes and only caring about the action and explosions but at least he gave her a chance with TMNT which I loved but sadly we probably won’t get another sequel to that. I liked the sequel even though they sexualized Megan and made her another damsel. Fuck y'all. Give Megan Fox her comeback. We need more stuff like Jennifer’s Body which is a CLASSIC

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