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Oh, my beautiful sweet little angel babies. We’ve done it. We’ve reached the season finale. Can you believe that it’s only been 9 episodes? And now here we are, the 10th episode. Consider this our final game of the World Series. Let’s go out with a win!

No matter what happens in the upcoming months, whether we get renewed or not, I just want to say that it has been a pleasure to meet and create and scream with all of you. We truly have something special in this fandom and I, personally, couldn’t be more thankful to have met you wonderful, brilliant people.

Y'all know how this goes! Pitch starts at 9p EST on Fox. Remember to set your DVRs, watch live, stream on the Fox app, tell your friends, tell your family, tell random strangers you meet on the streets…And keep watching! Hulu, Amazon video, Itunes, and the Fox App have episodes!

And don’t forget to tweet your hearts out! Starting at 8pm EST, get to tweeting with our hashtags #RenewPitch, #PitchOnFox, #Pitch. We’ve trended FIVE weeks in a row (during airing weeks)…let’s make it six!

Episode Synopsis: Ross warns the Padres that Ginny is dangerously close to her pitching limit, but management is reluctant to end her season. Meanwhile, Amelia confronts Will about money that has gone missing from the restaurant fund in the all-new “Don’t Say It” episode of PITCH.

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November 5th 1955, Hill Valley.

The date Dr. Emmett Brown invented time travel


Okay, okay. I know there is no new episode today….but I still gotta make a post. First, they’re going to be replaying an episode tonight at 9pm so if you can, please check it out! Fox app, dvr, tell your neighbor, scream at your family during thanksgiving dinner, etc.

Second, I thought it would be a good idea to still try to trend our hashtags tonight. I know some of the US fandom might be enjoying family time but if you could/want to, tweet your little hearts out with our hashtags: #RenewPitch and #PitchOnFox starting at 8pm EST.

I’m sending a huge HAPPY TURKEY DAY to the US fam and a HAPPY REGULAR DAY to the international fam! 

xoxo, see you next week with a brand new episode of Pitch!

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Fox's app just froze during the most pivotal moment of the Super Bowl, so everyone started watching in Spanish

By the fourth quarter of the Super Bowl, the New England Patriots had made a stunning comeback and were trailing the Atlanta Falcons by just one touchdown. 

But it was a moment people watching on Fox’s app couldn’t witness. 

The app froze during the pivotal part of the game, prompting outrage on social media.

Annnnnd then the Fox Sports GO app for Xbox dies just in time to miss that epic catch #FML #SuperBowl @FOXSportsGOHelp

— Kaleigh Griffin (@Kaleighgriff)

February 6, 2017

Many resorted to watching the Spanish version of the app’s livestream, which was working. 

Alright for the Fox Sports Go app in Spanish coming in clutch 👌🏾

— Toussaint🙌🏾 (@mtoussaint32)

February 6, 2017

My friggin fox app quit so I had to switch to Spanish. Pats scored while I was buffering but THESE announcers are mucho caliente!🔥

— Gwendolyn Tavira (@Gwendolyn0826)

February 6, 2017

 A few minutes later, the app seemed to be up and running. 

FOX #SuperBowl livestream is working again, but I kind of miss the Spanish version (I don’t understand what’s going on anyway).

— Ashley Engelman (@AshleyEngelman)

February 6, 2017

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Support Henry Cavill and Amy Adams at the Teen Choice Awards!
∟ Congratulations to Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice’s Henry Cavill (Superman/Clark) and Amy Adams (Lois Lane) for being nominated for this year’s Teen Choice Awards for #ChoiceMovieLiplock! Voting is now officially open via, the FOX NOW app and Twitter. Through Thursday, June 23 at 12:00 PM PT, fans can vote once each day per category, per platform user ID.

Vote via Twitter by tweeting the category hashtag with the nominees’ names. 
Tweet Example: I vote #HenryCavill and #AmyAdams for #ChoiceMovieLiplock @TeenChoiceFOX

Make voting fun and a true celebration by adding pictures or gifs to your tweets, and let’s win this for Henry and Amy’s Clark and Lois!

Don't forget to keep watching the Sleepy Hollow Finale (on a loop)!

We really need the ratings boost! and DVR are the best places for this (ratings results come in faster than on Hulu.)

You can do this on two different ways:

1.  Sign into your cable provider account and get free access to the full episode on your computer or through the Fox app on your phone/tablet.   - OR - 

2. Get free for 12 hours with a pass from Fox. This can only be used once.