fox and tea

“It is better to run upon this blade, than to enter the circle with fear in your heart.

How do you wish to enter?”

Black Tea Fox 🌙🔮🐚🌟✨

Don’t miss the grand re-opening! 
Friday the 26th, 19:00PM CEST!

I’m officially posting my very first tag post ! I was tagged in the #myaestheticself post and I was so excited to do it because I had so many ideas! A few words to describe my aesthetic would be: Woodland cottages 🌲Nature 🌿🦋🐝Woodwind instrumental music 🎼 Foxes 🦊 Flowers 🌷🌻 Writing 📝 Tea ☕️ Candles 🕯 and Holistic Healing and Herbalism🌱

The rain has driven me indoors for my ootd, but I’m hardly complaining about the weather.

Earring - Wolftea
Necklace - BlackTeaFox
Boots - Kenneth Cole
Pants -  @byther
Everything else is thrift

Purple is such a mystical color, don’t you think? I always feel extra mysterious. When I’m clad in purple 🔮

Another compilation of pieces, that are to be released during the shop re-opening.

Here we have: a wrap around pentacle choker, and two lovely amethyst necklaces ^^

Link to my etsy shop.


MSR moments compilation. Not every single good moment, but definitely includes a few of my favourites.