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me and some friends played persona 4 mafia

for those of u who dont know: its basically where u get one of the persona characters ((or just a certain group of people, doesnt have to be p4 specifically)) and a role at random which you now “play as.” the villagers need to vote on who they think the mafia is. the person who gets the most votes will end up dead unless protected, while the mafia is gonna have to kill the villagers and uh here are some screenshots i saved

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anonymous asked:

Any more web comic kinda things you recommend other than the scrub diving one?

Hmmm… Ok so I should make a list

you already mentioned The Scrub Diving. So now from what I read (or I’m still reading)

Always Human (@alwayshumancomic)

Lavender (@kumadraws)

Go Get a Roomie (@batlesbo)

Their Story (originally chinese, translated by @yaoi-blcd) also there is Chinese volume released

Fluttering Feelings (originally on Comico currently on hiatus… because of author’s illness, fast translation can be found here, HQ translation 

Magan&Danai (translated by @manhuajia but because of author they stopped it (also there weren’t out new chapters for long time, you can check my Sanctuary for few raw comics that weren’t translated)

Sunstone (@nabezial-aheri aka shiniez), NSFW, you can buy this also in comic version (art improved and additional content) on amazon or comic book stores etc.

Club (@katotochan) finished, NSFW

Before you go  finished

And of course you should check Lezhin platform, because they have A LOT of yuri comics worth to read like:

Pulse (by Ratana Satis @rts1519​ with @three-musqueerteers​ help, also you should check Lily Love also it has pre-orders open for English Volume edition right now! :D)

What Does The Fox Say


The Love Doctor


As you see xD not very much BUT I have LIST of LISTS with LISTS of F/F webcomics :3

This one (LGBT+ webcomics in general)

And THIS with queer ladies :)

And if you want more other recommendations *click*