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.: A little gift for @sema-the-fox :. 

Eeee- I can believe you wanted to be a friend of mine Q//v//Q It totally means a lot for me ! I love your art btw ! (Like I told you before, your way of drawing Oswald is just too perfect  *//-//*  <33)

*ahem* Anyways, ~Hope you like it !~ (I totally had fun drawing your OC ! >w<)

May the happy fox bring joy into your day ! 

So we can take the world back from a heart attack
One maniac at a time we will take it back (x)


What’s real is every time that you were sick when you were a kid, your mum used to sit up with you all night and read to you till you fell asleep. That’s real. Or when you were seven and you took your silly rowing boat out and you got lost in that storm, and me and your dad were out, shouting and screaming, losing our minds. And when your dad found you, how he cried. That’s real.

anonymous asked:

About your idea about Fox!Alya and Chat Noir as "furry bros", this could make Ladybug a little... ehm... "jealous" (NOT in a romantic way!!!!). For the entire S1 there are just LB and CN, and considering the LB would going to be suspicious of Fox, this NEW friendship beetween CN and Fox will worry LB, while she will not be so unnerved by QB (see: IRONY), beacuse, as YOU say previously, the latter will argument a lot with CN for LB's attention...

“What are you two doing?”

“Its a furry thing. A bug wouldn’t understand.”

“Please don’t ever say that again.”

Anon, I totally agree lol. Ladybug has a naturally little jealous personality and I wonder how well both of them are going to share. But I love the idea of the Fox being mischievous and likes to tease Ladybug. 

Reminder: the Captain Underpants movie comes out this Friday!

There hasn’t been much advertising for it (which is weird, considering it’s a Dreamworks movie and other DreamWorks movies had a fuckton of promotion) and 20th Century Fox seems to have forgotten about it, so I wanted to get the word out so it doesn’t end up being a bomb and get lost amid the Wonder Woman hype. Reblog and help spread the word!

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