Bonjour tout le monde ! 

Hello everyone, I wanted to share this with you, it’s something cool that you can do if you want to try to animate : 1 action, many ideas =) 

I know that it’s really nice and quite difficult to begin animating, but when you are into it … the hardest part is coming ! And this part is finding ideas ! Well, it depends but during these periods it’s hard being productive because you are searching all day and then the ideas are coming only at 2AM ;___; 

How to train even when you don’t got any idea of animation ?

If you are a beginner (That’s so cool !!) don’t try to animate something ultra hard like a meca robot or a character fully clothed but try with something really simple 

a ball, a square, a stickman etc …. (I tell you this because it happens that some try to hard and then thinks that animation is to hard and stop ^^’ … take your time ^^)

Then you will try to take the character or object and make it do a movement or a trajectory, you have the choice for the direction (I chose left to right because it’s an accurate direction in animation, it makes your character feel advancing and not going backward) you can even creat a trajectory ! A N one or a W one, anything ! Don’t draw to much frames if you think it’s too much, 10-15 is fine

And the fun begins =)

Take a blank page and then put all the letters into circles, then take a little object, close your eyes and let it fall on the page, the idea have to begin with the letter you have and it will guide you to know why your character did this trajectory !

Don’t forget that this is while you are searching something to animate, if you don’t have ideas with a letter try another one, some ideas can creat a new way to an animation you will work hard maybe after.

I’m not the creator of this and it can works with drawings too (poses), just a reminder if you begin animating, to have fun and train and then getting the ideas ! I often do it so I can train even if nothing is planned =)

And so, these are my results, T N F K H W P ! I had a U but nothing came so I tryed another one =) 

And think a lot of what you enjoy the most, great ideas comes from what you really like, it can be anything ! (song, movies, landscape, TV show, videos)

Hoping it will help and good luck ! Train with fun, don’t give up, be inspired, it’s the way to progress ! 

This piece was too large for the scanner, and my camera is currently not in commission so this was photographed with my phone. This was a very special commission for maythefoxbewithyou, who requested something cute yet slightly creepy for their nursery, with little Vader the pet fox to fit the fox themed decor.

The idea is, that although Vader the fox is no longer with us, he watches over the new family member in spirit. Special thanks to maythefoxbewithyou for sending this job my way (even if it did make me tear up a little)

Similar commissions are available, I’m pretty much always accepting new work unless otherwise stated.