How week 7 went:

  • Got my yearbook pictures, and we all have fake smiles. I don’t know why but I think we didn’t have enough time. I guess we were pressured because of the allotted time which was not enough for us. But anyway, who cares? I’m gonna graduate soon!
  • We visited Jana last Wednesday because she got confined for a week due to dengue. Thank God it wasn’t as serious as other cases because naagapan daw. I think she’ll be discharged today or tomorrow but she has to stay and rest at home for a week.
  • Passed Ateneo! Haha, I guess I’m really sure where I’m going to enroll for college. Zherlynn and I were supposed to claim the results last Thursday but due to late dismissal time, di naabutan ang office. So my mom was willing to get the results for me and yay, thank you Lord!
  • The whole week probably circulated around prom practices. That means we only had two days, I think, when we had our classes. But honestly, prom practices are lame because we get to sit for like how many hours and get tired by the end of the day. But how so?
  • Well, the usual, NAT review was boring as heck. But the only subject I would love to attend is Math. Seriously, it’s the only subject I love and I get excited. (Why do I love Math so much)
  • Everyday, I watch or read Kamisama Hajimemashita (and it’s the third time, but I’m reading the manga for the first time so I started from the beginning) and I still get these kilig vibes all over me.
  • Valentine’s day was well spent with my mom! I talked to her about some things I wanted to share to her for a long time already, I’m more open now compared to what I used to be. I’m not that secretive to my mother though, but it’s just that I can talk about more things to her unlike before.

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