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One Job concept art

Here are a few sketches and concept arts for One Job! Each work has a title at the bottom when you click on them!

***One Job is an original story I created with my dear co-creator, @f0xywriter!At this moment,it is in development.But we are planning to make a webcomic soon! ***

Happy Wednesday everyone 💗💗
I want to make a draw of my favourites scenes of tbbt, the first one (are not in order), a girls night! This scene was hilarious, Remember when the girls found that Amy writes fanfics? Well was so fun and I felt very identified with the girls reading it, the ones that read fanfics will understand me! haha  I used a new technique of color, I´m very happy with the result, I hope you guys like it too. 😘Which scene will be next?  💗

Mayim’s fanartfriday!!!

I’m SO happy and honored to be this week’s fanartfriday on Mayim’s social accounts!! I just can say THANKS for all the love everybody sent me today. It’s mindblowing!

I couldn’t read all the comments, messages, emails and all I received, but I will try to reply soon! If you want TOMORROW I’M DOING AN INSTAGRAM LIVE, (trying to) sketch live while (I struggle) talking in english. I will be answering your questions too! Remember, tomorrow Saturday 4th - 18h GMT (LONDON time).

I’m reposting the final portrait, probably some of you didn’t see it before, and the screenshots of Mayim’s mentions. I normally don’t do that, but well, this is REALLY special for me!! I’m a big fan of TBBT and a proud grokite and Mayim’s fan. So, give me today the pleasure to fangirl a little about this. *shy*

THANKS for all the love. THANKS to Mayim for reposting not only my art today, also my friends @majimforever and @missshc other weeks. I’m looking forward to see more artists featured on Mayim’s account. And we will be doing more fanart for all of you, of course!
Talk tomorrow!! Love you all!!!! 😘💕💕💕

Kanagawa oki nami ura

Inspired by what we learn yesterday here (Good Mythical Morning) …
… about Mayim’s tattoo based on Katsushika Hokusai’s The Great Wave off Kanagawa (Kanagawa oki nami ura) 神奈川沖浪裏

It’s a beautiful piece, sure you saw it before because it’s a well know icon of japanese art. 

Watch the video! we didn’t know about the tattoo, and this inspired me to do a sketch of what I had in mind in that moment. 

It’s not my intention to offend Mayim’s modesty with this, it’s just the image I had in mind after her narration. So please have this in mind. 

I hope you like it!

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Here’s the main trio for a Superhero Romantic Comedy

The Romance of Vipra the Villain

The basic premise of this is that a villain called Vipra, who worked for an evil organization called Neon Order, falls in love with the rookie hero Hawkboy after a fateful battle for control of the world. She decides to pursue him, but is shocked to find out he already has a girlfriend: the perfect, rich hero Silver Bee, who is incredibly doting and possessive of him. Refusing to let that deter her, she forms a new attitude and a new home to gain his affection and find her own inner peace.

Verana Moniq aka Vipra

Joaquin Moreno aka Hawkboy

Winona Fowler aka Silver Bee

Shamy cover for QBMaja’s new fanfiction 😎 I couldn’t wait to post it, I don’t know why but I love that drawing so much. 😌

Can’t wait also to read the fanfic. 🙌🙌 

Going to sleep! Have a great night everybody!! 😊😘💕