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3 Apr 2017

Do you know those days, when you wake up feeling refreshed, and the sun is shining and everything just seems to go your way?

…me neither.

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Earn Your Trust

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request: Maybe you could write something about enemies to lovers? or y/n and H used to be together but y/n had done something really bad and he makes it hard for her to earn his trust/love back?

thanks for requesting this and sorry it took me so long to write it, i hope you like it (:

“So the media dug up yours and Harry’s past and are having a field day with it?” My stylist, Jeana, said as she finished curling my hair.

I sighed. “Apparently so, but I don’t get why what happened when we were kids is even relevant now.”

“You aren’t stressing over it, are you?” She asked me, looking at me in the mirror.

I shook my head. “Not really. I haven’t even spoken to him in years. The only time I’ve seen him in person is when we’re at the same events, and he hasn’t been to any big ones since his break started.”

“He’s back now though,” Jeana’s assistant stylist, Nicolette, spoke up. “And I’m pretty sure he’s going to be at the charity event tonight.”

My eyes got wide. “Please tell me you’re joking.”

She chuckled. “Nope. You’re both celebrity ambassadors for the charity, I’m surprised you didn’t know he was coming.”

I went to rub my face out of stress and Jeana swatted my hand away. “I did not spend almost half an hour on your makeup for you to screw it up because you’re nervous about seeing your little boyfriend tonight.”

“He’s not my boyfriend!” I raised my voice, immediately regretting it. I sighed again. “Sorry, Jean, I-I just… I don’t think he wants to be anywhere near me.”

“What happened between you two anyways?” Nicolette questioned.

Just then, Helen, my manager, and my security guard named Harris came in.

“Time to go!” Helen clapped her hands together excitedly. She noticed that I wasn’t nearly as excited as she was and her smile dropped. “What’s wrong, y/n?”

I rolled my eyes. “I’ll explain in the car.”

The charity event was in full swing, the charity’s founder had already spoken and she announced that both Harry and I were here, so I knew that he had shown up. I hadn’t seen him yet, though. And the fact that I could run into him made me more anxious by the second, but not for a reason most people would think.

“You look like you’re going to puke,” Helen joked. “Just calm down, you guys will probably just ignore each other or something.”

“What if I don’t want him to ignore me?” I said, surprising her. “What if I want things to be okay between us again?”

She examined my face, making sure I was being serious. I definitely was.

Helen exhaled. “Y/n, if you want to talk to him, then do it. The worst that can happen is that he ignores you, or walks away. And yeah, that would really suck, but you’ll survive.”

“Aren’t you supposed to give me good advice?” I jibed.

She playfully shoved me, and I set off to find him. Harry would be over what happened by now, right? I mean, it happened while we were in middle school and high school, there was no way he was still holding a grudge against me. Right?

As I was looking around for him, I accidentally bumped into someone.

“Sorry,” We both said in unison, then looked at each other in shock.

There, standing in front of me, was Harry. Though he looked older that he did the last time I saw him, he still looked like the guy I’d known back in our school years. His look of shock turned to one of extreme distaste, and mine turned into a frown.

“Um, how have you been?” I tried, hoping it would make him not look like he hated me.

He laughed sarcastically. “So now you want to talk to me?”

“What are you talking about?” I said, confused.

He looked at me as if I was the biggest idiot he had ever met. “Don’t play stupid, y/n, you know what happened. And yes, it may have happened when we were younger, but you know that once people lose my trust it’s hard for them to earn it back. Much less my respect,”

All I could do was stand there, dumbfounded. He chuckled, shaking his head and walking away. He actually, genuinely hated me. I’ll admit, what I did wasn’t right, but we’re adults now. And at one point, we were best friends. How could he just treat me as if we didn’t once care about each other?

I walked back to Helen, her smile falling once she saw how disappointed I looked.

“I’m guessing it didn’t go well?” She asked.

I shook my head.

“Aw, I’m sorry,” She said as she hugged me. “Maybe you could try again? I could get his number for you, and you can talk to him and ma–”

“No, it’s fine,” I interrupted, pulling away. “He looked at me as if he hated me, I doubt he ever wants to talk to me again.”

She pulled her phone out. “Well, I’ll get it anyways and whether or not you use it is up to you.”

It had been a week since the charity event, and of course all that was on my mind was Harry. I just wanted to make things right, but how could I do that when he so obviously wanted nothing to do with me? I lay in bed, staring at his contact on my phone. Maybe I should try texting him, and if he really doesn’t want to talk then I’ll leave him alone.

I exhaled, then sent him a text.

hey it’s y/n

I locked my phone, deciding to watch tv and not get my hopes up that he’s even answer. About fifteen minutes later, my phone went off. I unlocked it and saw that he did answer me.

Great, now i have to get my number changed.

I scoffed. Was he serious? I took a deep breath, chalking his fowl mood up to him just holding his grudge still.

look harry ik i messed up and everything but that was so long ago and i’m willing to make it up to you

Hm… I don’t think I saw an apology in that.

omg stop being such a pretentious prick and let me apologize in person, i at least owe you that much

Wow, I had no idea you actually had a backbone.

But I don’t know about that, you could just be trying to mess with me.

why would i do that to you? why would i be basically begging for you to give me a chance to apologize just to screw with you? just let me try to earn your trust

I guess you wouldn’t go that far…

Fine, we can get lunch or something.

thank you, i promise all i want to do is make things right

I walked into the place we agreed to have lunch at, looking around until I found Harry sitting in a booth towards the back. I sat down in front of him, nervously looking at my nails.

“I believe you had something to say to me?” He said expectingly.

I gave him a look. “I’m not saying anything until you drop this dickhead act. This is so unlike you, and we both know that.”

He looked at me for a second, then sighed, his harsh expression softening. “Fine,”

“Anyways, I’m sincerely sorry about what happened. I shouldn’t have abandoned you like I did, and I apologize.”

He waited, as if he expected more. When I didn’t say anything else, he rolled his eyes. “That’s it? You only apologize for leaving me alone?”

“Is that not what I did?” I questioned.

“That’s not even half of what you did.” He said firmly. “I had moved to America and started seventh grade in the middle of the school year. I had no one, until you and I became friends. And towards the end of our freshman year of high school, you left me for these kids who everyone wished they were. Everyone but me, of course. They treated me like shit, y/n. And you left me for them.”

“I get that I left you, but I didn’t treat you like shit. So why do you hate me more that you hate them?” I asked.

He laughed sadly. “Don’t you get it? Not only did you abandon me, you being my only friend, you just stood there as they bullied me day in and day out, all because I was a little different. And you never once stood up for me, y/n. Not even once.”

I sat there, dumbfounded yet again. He was completely right. I didn’t stop them when they treated him awfully. I was such a shitty friend.

Tears welled up in my eyes as I watched one roll down his cheek. “I’m so sorry, Harry. I’d give anything to go back and change it.”

He shook his head as he wiped his tears away. “And on top of all of that, I had feelings for you. I still did, even after what happened. I hated that they wouldn’t go away no matter what you did.”

I looked at him in shock. “You did? Harry, I had feelings for you too. Holy shit, I was such an awful person.”

“Yeah, you were,” He chuckled. “But so was I, and I’m sorry for treating you like that.”

“It’s fine,” I waved him off. “The way you acted towards me wasn’t unwarranted. I kind of deserved it.”

Harry looked at me for a moment, then said, “Can we start where we left off? You, know, before all the drama?”

“You want us to act like we did when we were fifteen and sixteen?” I gave him a questioning look, though I was obviously joking.

He chuckled. “No, I just meant can we be super close again? Or maybe even more than super close?

I beamed at him. “Yeah, I’d like that a lot.”

if you have any ideas for other imagines you’d like me to write feel free to request them, requests are always open x


-He wouldn’t be too upset over the fact that you are cranky because you are sick. He would go into protective mode and make sure you have lots of blankets and meds and would make you your favorite soup

“Take your cough syrup and try to sleep. I’ll make your favorite soup for dinner”

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-He would just chuckle at the fact you would cough whenever you would yell at him. He would bring you snacks and your favorite movies and make sure that you were comfy on the couch

“Jagi don’t yell. You’re just going to make your illness worse. I’ll be back with your favorite snacks”

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-He would just brush off your crankiness and would huff at you if you didn’t stay in bed or if you didn’t take your medicine. You would beg him to cuddle with you, but he would pass because he doesn’t want to get sick

“I don’t want to get sick babe. I will cuddle with you once you feel better”

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-ChimChim would be just like Jin in some ways. He would be very concerned about you and he would do everything in his power to make sure that you feel better. Lots and lots of cuddles

“I’m not going anywhere. Gotta make sure my baby is ok”

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-This ray of sunshine would turn into Super Doctor the moment that he would come home and see the piles of used tissues and medication all over the dresser. He would do everything in his power to turn your fowl mood upside down

“You need orange juice? A humidifier? Tell me what you need and I will get it for you”

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-He thinks that it was cute that you got cranky when you got sick. He would bring you a stuffed animal home and your favorite candy and would sing you to sleep

“Get your rest sweetheart. I love you so much and feel better”

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-Kookie would try his best to take care of you. When you would yell at him, he would kiss your forehead and would act silly to make you laugh.

“Want me to take a nap with you Miss Cranky? We can’t have you yelling while you’re sick”

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For the anon who requested number 8 and 13 “I trusted you!” “Who do I have to kill?” with McGee

“Probie, Probie Junior.” Tony greeted you, dropping down into the chair behind his desk with a big smirk. You rolled your eyes behind your computer screen and shook your head.

“Not a probie.” You corrected and Tony’s smirk merely doubled in size, and he leaned back shoving his feet up onto his desk.

“You’re new to NCIS and our team; that makes you a probie.” He argued, and you sighed, still refusing to look up from your computer. It’s like with little kids; they want you attention and if you give an inch they take a mile.

“If (Y/N) is a probie, doesn’t that mean I’m no longer a probie?” Tim piped up causing Tony to tisk.

“That’s where you’re wrong, my young McFoolish. I am still the senior field agent, you’re both my young Probiwans.” You finally glanced up at Tony with an amused look before glancing at Tim and back at Tony.

“Well I mean, if Tim is your probie, wouldn’t I be Tim’s probie?” You supplied, watching Tony roll that over in his mind before smirking again.

“I bet you’d like to be McLover’s probie wouldn’t you McGirly.”

“Tony,” Tim commented in a warning voice, shooting you a quick glance. You snorted and grabbed the files from your desk giving Tony a look as you passed behind his desk, and not sparing Tim a glance.

“Mind your business, DiNosy.” You scolded him before heading off towards the stairs so you could go down to Abby’s lab with your freshly printed information. And to get a well deserved break from Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dumb.

“Ooo!” Tony grinned getting up and grabbing a few random things from his desk so he could follow you down. You heard Tim call after him again in a warning voice but that never stopped Dinozzo. “Who put you into such a mood?”

“Go away, Tony!” You muttered, your amusement fighting a losing battle with the annoyance at Tony and the anger at Tim.

“Come on, (Y/N). Who pissed in your Corn Flakes?” He continued to tease, “Or did someone piss in your morning after eggs that Timmy Tam cooked you.” You whipped around, eyes going wide.

“Tony!” You shouted, feeling your cheeks going bright red, “When I said mind your business! I really really meant mind your damn business!” Tony’s eyes went kinda wide, hands going up in surrender.

“Hey stop yelling, I’m just teasing you! What’s got into you, you usually take jokes pretty well,” He continued to tease and you felt your hands shaking slightly as you tried to keep your anger and hurt in check. “Come on, I’m serious, who put you in such a fowl mood? Who do I have to kill?”

“Tony!” You cried out once more, pushing past the other man and beelining it towards Abby’s lab, “For once in your life drop it.”


You got into the passenger seat of the car at the end of the night pulling your cellphone from your pocket and checking a few personal emails you’d received throughout the day.

“You’re angry.” Tim commented and you took your time rolling your eyes and deleting the junk mail before glancing at him.

“You work that out all on your own or did you have to get Tony’s help?” You snapped leaning forward and flicking the radio on to signal that you were done with this conversation. Tim immediately turned it off.

“What’s that supposed to mean?” He snapped and you rubbed your temples, shaking your head left to right.

“Can you take me to my apartment please, I just need some alone time.” Tim turned the car on and slowly pulled out of his parking spot.

“I’ll take you wherever you want to go, but you need to tell me what I did that was so wrong? So I can fix it. Communication.” You turned your head scoffing.

“You’ve got no idea?” Tim spared you a quick and hopeless looking glance. “Tony cornered me in the hallway, Tim.”


“Oh? Really? I trusted you! We talked and talked about this and we agreed to keep this to ourselves until we agreed otherwise! Then you go and tell Tony? Who has the biggest gossip mouth in all of NCIS?” You ranted, turning your body to face Tim more. He reached a hand out and gently wrapped in around your wrist, giving a light tug.

“(Y/N), (Y/N) listen.” He cooed slightly. You couldn’t tell if his calm voice was making you settle down or making you more angry with him that he wasn’t fighting back.


“I did not tell Tony.”

“But.. He knew.” Tim gave an half hearted shrug, “Tony sensed something was up. He asked. I told him nothing was happening and he didn’t believe me, so Tony did what he does best and snooped. He read my.. Our text messages.”

“That little-”

“I know, I know. But you can’t be too mad, it’s Tony. We both knew keeping secrets from them would be both hard and unwise. I want to tell Abby before Tony does.” You sat for a moment before nodding your head.



“I’m sorry I jumped to conclusions…” You murmured, scratching the back of your neck and giving him a shy smile. Tim pulled your hand up to his mouth and placed a quick kiss to your knuckles before resting your clasped hands in his lap.

“I’m sorry I didn’t use a safer phone password.” You laughed and nodded your head, “Still want to go home?”

“Nah, you called my bluff.” You and Tim both chuckled and he made a quick left, heading off in the direction of his apartment instead.

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omg, i love this one

#5: “Wait a minute. Are you jealous?”

Levi watched from the bar, wiping the counter down for the 5th time in the last time five minutes as his eyes stayed trained on Eren who stood up on the stage. He plucked around on his guitar, tuning it as he hummed tom himself. It wasn’t time for the bar to open yet, the band getting ready for their gig that night. 

He was gorgeous under the stage lights that shined on him, making his tan skin glow more than it usually did. His smile out shined all of the lights — in Levi’s opinion, it could out shine the sun. But he was a bit bias since they had been dating for coming up to a year now and he’s been the happiest he’s ever been in his life. All because of the German beauty on the stage with a shiny, white electric guitar.

His heart fluttered like a school girl when Eren looks over at him, flashing a smile in his direction. That smile did so many things to him. Just Eren in general did so mamy things to him. He was so in love without wanting to admit it yet.

“Hey,” Eren greeted him, leaning over the counter to plant a kiss on Levi’s lips.

“Hey, babe.” Levi poured him a glass of water, adding a lemon slice like he knew Eren liked. “Are you guys all set up?”

“Mhm.” He took a long gulp, Levi’s eyes trailing down to watch his Adam’s apple bob. “Now we just need to wait for the bar to open.” His hands reached out for Levi’s, playing with his fingers a little before tugging his hand forward to press against his cheek.

Levi smiled, something he never did unless it was Eren because only Eren deserved to know and see the love Levi poured out with the little things he never did. He brushed his thumb over Eren’s cheek, pulling him closer and into a proper kiss that had Eren humming in delight.

“Eren! Stop making out with your boyfriend and get over here!”

There was still a smile on Eren’s face when they were forced to pull away and he gave Levi one last kiss before sliding off the barstool and yelling back at Jean as he made his way back to the stage. They bickered a little, Armin eventually playing peacemaker like usual to calm them down and they were back to joking around as if they weren’t fighting like an old married couple less than two seconds prior.

It was usually full on nights when Eren and his band played, but tonight seemed a little extra full if Levi was honest. But, all the more money for him. He was a decent bartender, often getting flirty waves and comments along with phone numbers on napkins that he threw away.

He loved watching Eren. It was his favorite part of the entire night. Watching as he danced around, fingers expertly moving and down the neck of his guitar with a talent that still shocked Levi despite knowing Eren for years. He always had fun, singing his heart out with his closest friends on the stage. It made him smile brightly whenever others sang along with him and Levi couldn’t help but chuckle.

But, one thing he did hate was the amount of attention Eren earned from the beautiful girls that always swarmed the front of the stage. They acted as if they were at a concert instead of a bar but Eren gave them the attention that they craved.

Levi doesn’t really consider himself a jealous person, usually he didn’t care what you did as long as it didn’t bother him but he couldn’t deny the burning sensation in the pit of his stomach as Eren winked at a girl, tipping her head up by her chin and bringing their faces closer before blowing her a kiss.

It put him in a fowl mood and it was difficult for him to not practically put like a goddamn child when Eren finally made his way over. More girls swarmed him, feeling up his arms and giggling at every word he said. Levi practically had steam coming out of his ears.

He was definitely jealous.

What made it worse, however, is that Eren didn’t pay Levi any mind while the girls were there. Instead, he talked to them as if they had been friends for years.

Finally, they left and Eren actually paid attention to him.

“What’s wrong?” he asked as Levi made his way down the line and over to him. “You seem… upset.”

Levi grumbled a little, refusing to meet Eren’s eyes. “Why don’t you ask your little posse of fangirls?” He hadn’t meant to blurt it out, but he did and there was no turning back.

It seemed to click in Eren’s mind and he blinked slowly at Levi. “Wait a minute… Are you jealous?” There was a knowing grin on his face as Levi didn’t answer and occupied himself with wiping down the already clean counter. “Oh my god, Levi.” He laughed, hiding his giggles behind his hand and the tips of Levi’s ears turned red. “You’re jealous of a couple of girls?”

“How can I not be? They’re always swarming you and getting your attention. I’m not usually a jealous person, much more a little possessive but shit.” It all came out in a garbled mess, all in one breath and Levi knew he was red.

“Baby,” Eren cooed and reached out to hold Levi’s face. “You always have my attention. You know why?” He smiled and kissed Levi softly. “Because I love you.”

This boy was going to be the death of Levi. It was the first confession between them since they had started dating and Levi smiled. He wasn’t afraid to admit it, not anymore.

“I love you too.

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Happy birthday, Frank!

@entropyrose Happy birthday, dear!

Frank was filling out a deposit slip at the bank when he realized what day it was. His growled cussing over the discovery earned him a sharp look from the old lady beside him, but he was almost beyond caring. He hated his birthday! The worst part was he knew there was someone at home who would be adamant about celebrating it. Frank spent the rest of his day scowling in his squad car.

By the time he came home, it was pouring cats and dogs. Not only was he in a fowl mood but drenched to boot. He steeled himself for whatever big surprise Red had waiting and opened the door.

Much to his shock and relief, the scene that greeted him was the same as any other random Thursday in July. Max met him at the door with a slobbery ball, and Red was in the kitchen stirring a pot of something heavenly smelling. There were no friends popping out from corners or balloons tied to chairs.

Red grinned in his direction as Frank stowed his gun belt in the usual spot. “Why hello, officer,” he smirked. “I hope you don’t mind stuffed peppers and mashed potatoes. I’ve been craving them.”

Frank didn’t mind. Stuffed peppers was his favorite dinner. He hesitated for a moment waiting for the inevitable mention of his birthday, but got nothing. “Sounds good to me,” he muttered.

“Good. Hurry up and change. It’s almost ready!”

The rest of the night went much the same: Frank waiting for some big birthday surprise that never came. If you’d have asked him earlier, he would have said that he’d have been happy to have his birthday ignored, but as the hours paesed, he realized that he was actually disappointed. In fact, by bed time, he was down right pissed about it. How could Matt forget his birthday? Red never forgot anything!

Frank grabbed his pillow roughly as he listened to Red brushing his teeth in the bathroom. He started squishing it into the ball he usually slept on when a red envelope fell out. Instantly he saw his name neatly printed in Matt’s most meticulous block lettering–something he knew was difficult as fuck for Red to do.

“What the fuck was in my pillow, Red?” He called out.

Red appeared in the doorway wearing nothing but boxers and a wide grin. “Open it and see.”

Inside was a card with a pitbull wearing a party hat. The inner inscription was nothing more than “happy birthday,” but nestled between the pages was a pair of plane tickets with Rome listed as the destination. Frank’s heart nearly stopped.

“What the hell?”

“You didn’t think I would actually forget your birthday, did you?” Red asked with a laugh. “Besides, you always said you wanted to go…”

Frank could speak. He dropped the card and tickets on the night stand and crossed the room. He grabbed his husband roughly and captured his lips. He loved Matt more than he could say with words.

Matt pulled away to nibble at Frank’s neck. “Mind if we celebrate a bit more?”

PROMPT: Person A trying to make Person B jealous so they’ll go out with them. (Link to Prompt: here)

- Sirius had tried everything that he could think of to get Remus to notice him.

- He had started wearing less clothes around the dorm

- He was always touching Remus as innocently as he could

- He even tried dosing himself in Amortentia

- But nothing seemed to work.

- James made the suggestion of just telling Remus how he felt

- But that approach never worked for James, so why would it work for him?

- No, no. This couldn’t be done simply by talking to Remus.

- It had to be far more complicated than that.

-Which is how Sirius found himself in this unfortunate situation.

- He decided the best way to get Remus to fall head over heels in love with him is to make him jealous

- But it completely backfired.

- And the only one who ended up jealous was Sirius.

- Sirius decided he was going to make Remus jealous by asking out the captain of the Ravenclaw Qudditch team, Aaron Langton, on a date

- He made sure to do it in front of Remus and a few other witnesses

- Remus didn’t even seem to flinch when Aaron immediately said yes.

- And then the unthinkerable happened.

- Kody Carson, the Ravenclaw keeper, leant over and spoke to his Remus.

- “Well, Remus. Now I know for certain that you and Black aren’t dating, would you consider going on a date with me?” He asked politely and almost shyly.

- Remus blushed bright red and bit his bottom lip.

- And then did something Sirius didn’t expect.

- He said yes.

- “Really?” Kody beamed, and was encouragingly smacked on the shoulder by Aaron.

- “Hey, maybe we could do a double date, yeah?” Aaron said through what looked like gritted teeth.

- “Sure, if thats alright with you, Remus.”

- He nodded and gave a lopsided grin.

- “Yeah, great.” Sirius barked. “We’ll see you tonight at 8, Three Broomsticks.”

- He grabbed Remus’ shoulder and dragged him away from the Ravenclaws

- How dare Carson ask his Remus out!

- What was even more confusing was the fact that Remus said yes.

- Especially after that heart to heart they had nearly a year ago when Remus had confided in Sirius that he wasn’t interested in looking for a relationship because some people couldn’t look past the fact Remus was Trans, but people definitely wouldn’t look past the fact he was a werewolf.

- He said he felt that an elephant would always be in the room.

- Sirius tried to tell him that night that he was in love with him

- But stupid Wormtail came in at the wrong time and beg Remus’ help on his charms essay and the moment never arose again.

- Remus was humming along and walking on cloud nine as they made their way back to the common room.

- Sirius, however, was in a fowl mood for the rest of the day.

- The second they reached the common room, Sirius stormed past Remus and ran straight to their dorm.

- He slammed the door loudly behind him and started to kick his truck viciously

- And screamed.

- It echoed through out the common room.

- “What’s up with Sirius?” Lily asked Remus

- He bit his lip with a large grin. Lily raised an eyebrow.

- “He asked Langton on a date.”

- “Oh, Remus, I’m sorry-wait. Did he say no? Is that why he’s upset?”

- “No, no, he said yes.”

- Now Lily was really confused.

- “Kody Carson then asked me out on a date.” He grinned

- “But … you don’t like Carson that way?”

- “I know, and Carson doesn’t like me that way, either.”

- Lily was positively puzzled now.

- “Carson has this massive crush on Langton, we were talking about it on our prefect rounds last week. We cooked this up.”

- “But, how did you convince Sirius to ask Langton out?”

- “Oh, that was simple. I just let Sirius catch me looking at his arse a few times and convinced James to talk Langton up to him,” Remus smugly brushed off his shoulder, “Sirius is nothing if not predictable”

- Sirius and Remus made their way silently to the Three Broomsticks.

- Sirius had avoided him for the rest of the day

- Remus acted oblivious to it

- Just before they made to their destination, Remus decided to link arms with Sirius and rest his head on his shoulder as they continued to walk.

- “It’s really cold tonight.”

- Sirius heart rate had sped up.

- “Y-yeah. I guess.”

- “I’m glad we’re doing this together, Pads. I’m so nervous. This is my first date.”

- Sirius pulled them to a stop and stared at him.

- “Why are you letting that Carson be your first date, Remus? You deserve so much more than him.” He snapped.

- Remus looked speechless and started gaping like a fish.

- “Kody’s my friend, Sirius … and the same could be said about you and Langton. I mean, before this week you never even mentioned him.”

- “You know what, let’s just forget. They’re waiting for us.” Sirius sighed heavily.

- Dragging his feet along the ground, they finally made it to the Three Broomsticks.

- He opened the door for Remus to go in first.

- Langton and Carson were already sat in a booth near the fireplace with a round of butterbeers.

- Kody spotted them first and waved them over happily.

- A flash of annoyance flicked over Langton’s face for a moment before he schooled it into a smile.

- “Siri! I bought you a butterbeer. Come, sit! I’m so glad that you asked me out.”

- Remus chanced a look at Kody who shot him a look back that said they both knew how fake Langton was behaving

- Sirius, however, saw it as a look of longing and felt a twang of pain in his chest.

- “You look wonderful tonight, Remus” Kody winked, pushing a butterbeer Remus’ way.

- He wrapped his hands around it and chuckled slightly

- “Thank you, Kody. You look wonderful yourself. Thank you for the drink”

- Sirius was physically scowling.

- He hardly paid any attention to Langton or the fake flirting he was supposed to do because he couldn’t tear his eyes away from Remus

- His Remus who was laughing at Carsons jokes, and allowing Carson to touch his arm and hands so casually.

- It was burning him up inside.

- “I can’t take this anymore!” Was shouted with a loud clang of a glass being slammed on top of the counter top.

- But it wasn’t from Sirius.

- “Kody, I’ve been in love with you for nearly a year now! I can’t stand to see you with anyone else! I’m sorry, Lupin, you seem like a stand up guy, but I can’t just sit here and watch you two!”

- Both Remus and Kody let out a breath of relieve, let go of eachother and slumped down in their seats.

- “Well, its about time you idiot!” Kody grinned. “I didn’t think Remus and I could keep the fake dating up any longer!”

- He leant over the table, grabbed ahold of Langtons collar and pulled him in for a hard, bruising kiss.

- “F-fake?” Sirius stuttered looking away from the kiss and over to see Remus sheepishly smiling at him.

- “Yeah … we kind of set this up. Kody wanted to make Langton jealous to get him to realise his feelings. I think it worked, don’t you?” Remus gave him a pointed look, but Sirius didn’t say anything.

- Remus sighed and got up from his seat.

- “Well, congratulations you guys. I’m gonna head back now, have fun on your real date.”

- Without waiting, or even looking at Sirius, Remus turned and walked out of the pub.

- Sirius just sat gobsmacked and followed him with his eyes, making no attempt to get up.

- “You better get off your ass and go tell him how you feel, Black.” Kody demanded.

- Finally coming to his senses, he beamed widely and the newly found couple, rushed his congratulations and ran out and after Remus.

- He hadn’t made it too far along the path to the castle so Sirius managed to catch up to him easily.

- He ran up behind him, wrapped his arms around his waist from behind and pulled him tight to his body.

-“Tonight nearly killed me. It’s made me realise how much of an idiot I was being. James was right; I should have told you three years ago how I felt instead of pussyfooting around this. Don’t… don’t tell him I said he was right about something, I wouldn’t hear the end of it ever.”

- Remus chuckled and spun around in Sirius’ arms to face him.

- He traced his hands along Sirius’ collar and wrapped his arms around his neck.

- “I should have asked you out on a date tonight. I’m sorry for being foolish.”

- “So, you’ve learnt your lesson then?” He gave a toothy smile “Next time you want to ask me out, ask me. Not some other guy to make me jealous. It’s a good thing I came up with plan, otherwise I would have been extremely jealous that someone other than me was going out with my Sirius”

- Sirius cheeks blushed pink at being called Remus’, but he did furrowed his eyebrows when he cottoned on to what Remus had just confessed.

- “How did you know I would ask Langton, though?”

- “Oh, I made have planted that seed in your head,” he demonstrated by poking the side of Sirius’ temple, “I guess I’m more persuasive than you think”

- Sirius melted at the purr in Remus’ voice.

- “I-is that right?” He gulped. “What else will you persuaded me to do, Mister Lupin?”

- Remus grinned flirtatiously. He leant close and whispered in Sirius’ ear.

- “I not going to persuaded you to do anything. I am, however, going to demand that you ask me on a date and kiss me right now.“

- Sirius felt his knees go weak.

- “God, I love you.”

- And then Sirius did exactly what was demanded of him.

- Although, perhaps not in the order that Remus requested.

So I managed to do some work in the end. Now in just curled up in bed in agony from my post medication, so have a story. Enjoy!

Winchester brothers-Invisible Part 5

Title:Invisible Part 5

Pairings: Winchester brothers x reader, Bobby x reader

Word count:1076

Request:Dude, you’ve got to keep writing this, please

Request:Hey! Love this your an amazing writer!! Can you please make another part to invisible and your safe now? Thanks :)

The machine was the only thing to be heard. The loud single beeps that followed by a eary silence as they started at your ashen complexion. Your skin was no longer it’s normal natural complexion but now cadaverous.

Tubes of transparent thick liquid entered through your nose and another down your throat. Tubes that kept you alive, kept you breathing. It was hard for them to see a machine being the only thing that was stuck in the middle of the void of life and death.

A machine being the only thing to stop the core from snapping. Like a thin string, ruffled to the touch ready to snap but a tube was coated around the string, so it was stopping the string from getting any more damage.

No one knew if the string would break.

Your body lay flat, back on the frumpy mattress to which had caused a stir from Dean as he stood emotionless beside your bead, fingers skimming over yours.

‘’She hates lying on her back’’Dean whispered, voice barely audible as he glared at the ticking machine. Sam looked up form his position in the plastic uncomfortable chair that bent his back into a way his spine didn’t belong in.

Sam winced every time he moved but refused to leave your side as he grasped your fingers gently into his own.

‘’I know, Dean. I know’’Sam nodded, reasoning with Dean’s pain. Dean had offered to go get the coffee since Sam had a small fear of going to get coffee in case the same situation happened when he would come back and you would be dead just your dad was.

A small creaking sound sounded as Bobby slipped through the door, Red hair shining in the light, old cap ruffled on the outer rim and shoved down as far as he could get it. The colours were faded and letters fraid and torn but this was your favourite hat of Bobby’s so he wore it a lot now.

‘’I’ve got it’’Bobby mumbled, eyes unconsciously checking to see if anyone was listening. Years of experience leaving him paranoid. Bobby pulled out the thick transparent tube when he noticed no one was looking. He frowned, the corners of his lips twitching downwards forcefully as he cringed when Sam pulled a few hairs out of your head.

Dean glared at Sam, hand reaching out to smooth back down the spot where the hairs had been taken from. Sam sighed, flashing Dean a sympathetic look. ‘’Dean, she’s gonna be okay. But only of we do this’’.

Dean sighed, broad hands rubbing his tired eyes as he nodded and plucked a tube out of Bobby’s hand before cringing and knocking his glass against the others.

‘’Cheers’’He grimaced as they all took that as a sign to knock it back. They coughed ans spluttered, choking or gagging a bit on the hair since you were a girl so you didn’t have hair like theirs.

They rushed over to the chairs, sitting in them to make sure they knocked out in their original positions, other wise the nurses would probably think you were contagious and gave them all something to make them drop to the floor.

Sam’s head dropped, chin pressing into his chest as his eyes fluttered closed. His hands were either side of the arms on the chair and looked peacefully asleep.

Dean was curled up beside you since he was originally standing by your beside and Bobby had taken the last chair at the end of the room.


‘’Huh?! Ughh’’

Grunts and groans were bouncing off into echo’s as the three men sat up, rubbing their eyes to push away the blurry vision. Dean coughed before swallowing thickly, eyes squinting to make out where he was.

‘’Where in the Impala’’Sam muttered, eyes squinting to before he looked around to make sure Bobby was okay. Bobby sat upright, elbows resting on either side of their chairs as his hands hung in the void.

‘’You Idgits okay?’’Bobby questioned, same thoughts on his mind as Sam. Both brothers nodded, dean still in a fowl mood as he swung the Impala door open.

‘’Well at least she dreams about the Impala. ‘’Dean grumbled trying to keep some of his humour remained. Sam smiled softly, laughing through his nose as he got out too.

‘’What is this place?’’Sam questioned, looking above him as he shivered at the formidable obscure sky. There were no stars, no light, no nothing. Every thing was colourless, black every where. The cold air nipped at their skin, shivers running down their spines as they constantly felt things staring at them from behind.

Ruffling sounds and running sounds followed as they all looked at each others.

‘’Her head’’Bobby mumbled, gulping as he looked at what he could only describe as another hell.

‘’Let’s just do this and get out of here. This place is giving me the creeps’’Dean shivered, eyes closing in discomfort.

‘’Exactly. Dean, this is in her head. No wonder something’s got her, her mind is practically a home for supernatural creatures’’Sam yelped out, sighing at the thought.

‘’Why didn’t she tell us?’’Dean growled angrily, more at himself than you. He was angry he didn’t spot it and angry you still didn’t feel comfortable enough to tell them.

‘’She only just got you back, she was probably scared she’d lose you again if she told you’’Bobby explained, smiled gently before ushering them along.

‘’We get that, Bobby. You think we don’t feel like crap for what we did to her before?!.’’Dean growled, hands balling up in Bobby’s shirt.

‘’Boy you get your hands off me right now! I know you’re worried about your sister, but that doesn’t mean you have the right to lash out on everyone else. We’re all worried. I’m worried, Sam’s worried. (Y/n) isn’t just something to you, she means a lot to all of us. Hell even fricking Gabriel is worried about her!’’Bobby raged.

Dean froze, looking at his hands in shock before nodding softly and letting go of Bobby’s shirt. ‘’i’m sorry, Bobby’’Dean apologised, grumbling as he started to tread along the dirty path were the tall oak tree’s stood.

‘’I know you are, Dean. We’re going to help her’’Bobby encouraged, nodding.

‘’We are, I know we are.’’Sam added, clapping Dean on the back as he and Bobby followed Dean along the dirt path to God knows where.

‘’C’mon, let’s go see what’s hurting your sister’’

Badgirl!Y/N and BadBoy!5sos - Michael Clifford Imagine

A/N: I have come to the realization that we have a good amount of Punk/Badboy 5sos imagines, but no Punk/badgirl Y/N ones, And i was thinking…why can’t i be a badass too?? i wanna have tattoos and be ruling the school and not be the “geeky, shy, bookworm.” The way I am, is very not geeky and I’m Kinda out there and not shy, so this (shitty) imagine is to the girls like me who want to be badass too. Here’s to you. You fucking rock. 

TW: As you can tell by the authors note, swearing, maybe some smoking, maybe the mention of sex and Alcohol. I’m not sure, I haven’t wrote it yet, but it won’t be to terribly bad.

 Michael’s Pov

Another year another school. I finally was about to get through a hole school year without getting expelled, and then, BAM, I take one nerds clothes in the locker room and run it up the flag pole outside and now here i am. Going into my Senior year and another school. I guess the principal and gym teacher finally got sick of my shit. But it’s not like i haven’t done it before. 

The only thing good about it is my friends were in on my plan, and they got expelled too. My boys had too sink with there captain and there ship right? The fact that we actually all got expelled on the second to last day of school still floors me. Couldn’t we have just gotten suspended like before??

“Hey man you ready for this hell hole?” Luke asked on our drive to the shit hole. 

“Yeah man, lets go get Ashton and Calum so we can get this over with.” 

We pick up Cal, and as predicted, he’s in a fowl mood, due to having a hangover from the night before. I told him not to get to crazy, but what does he do? He gets shit faced and brings so twenty something year old home. Thank God his parents were gone on a business trip, Joy would have flipped. 

We were pulling up to Ashton’s house when he came bounding out of the house and jumped into the back seat, looking like he was about to burst. “Holy shit guys guess what I found out.” 

“That you didn’t brush you’re teeth this morning?” Cal responded rubbing his head.

“No, asshole, that Jessica Linkson has the clap.” he responded laughing. 

“Aw shit that’s nasty Ash. I was waiting for that bitch to get something!”Luke replied laughing at the misfortune of his ex-girlfriend who cheated on him with half of the football team in 9th grade. 


Y/N pov

I got of my bike this morning at school, with a smile on my face. Not because I like being at school at 7:30 in the morning on a Monday, but it’s because I woke up with the feeling something good might actually happen today.

“What the fuck are you so happy about?” Lexi said pulling up next to me, on her flame red bike and pulling off her helmet. 

“I’m great best friend, How are you?” I sassily acknowledged, which prompted her famous eye roll. “Anyways I’m fine. I just feel like today might be good, you know, it’s our first day of our senior year, were gonna kick even more all.” 

My little speech prompted a smile and a happy eye roll from Lexi. Before anything else could be said Moriah and Morgan pulled up on there purple and blue bikes. All of our bikes were different colors, but matched to bind up together as a group, Moriah had purple, Morgan had blue, Lexi had red and I had black. 

We all got off our bikes after a quick hello and headed inside. The people in the halls parted like the red sea. Everyone staring at the girls covered in black, with tattoos and piercings. No one said a word to us as we walked to our homeroom, to scared one of us might snap. 

We all had an angle at the school, Lexi and I rained over the jocks, playing multiple sports and getting on the inside to take control from within. Moriah was is with the arts-y kids and the nerds, getting the dirt on the preps from the arts and band classes, and using it against them. Morgan was in with the preps, who commonly back stab each other, by talking when mad (or drunk). (Hints why we like going to parties.) 

We didn’t need dirt on everyone to keep the students in check, we just liked it. In case someone wanted to step out of line. People respected us and didn’t fuck with us because they were scared of us. I think this got established when Josh Richards wanted to spread a rumor he slept with Lisa Smith. I knew Lisa Since I was fairly young, and she was a kinda nerdy and shy girl, so when she approached our table at lunch and told us about the problem, i told her we’d take care of it, and we did.     Josh came into school next Monday with a black eye, busted lip, and a heart felt apology for Lisa. 

We never had a problem from him again. 

“Who the Fuck are those guys.” Moriah said in first period. 

I look over to where she gestured and there are four very tall boys walking into the science classroom and taking their seats at one of the other lab tables at the back of the classroom. They all had piercings and tattoos, wearing all black. Who the fuck do they think they are?  I made eye contact with one of the boys. Blonde, green eyes. tattoos, and an eye piercing. 

This guys fucking hot. 

Michael’s Pov

Shit that girls hot. 

“Mike quit looking at that chick, we’re trying to talk about the party this weekend.” Cal said, trying to get my attention. 

“You seriously wanna talk about drinking now? Aren’t you still hungover?” I asked. No one i knew could drink as much as Calum, not even me, and you have to drink a lot to beat me. 

“I took some pain meds, I’m fine now.” 

“Good, we need to get planning. It need so be perfect.” Luke said. He was always particular about his party’s, his next has to be better than his last. 

Time Skip

“Get out of the way ass hat” i sneered at some meat head jock blocking my way in the hallway. 

“Oooh look what we have here.. Some type of Bad boy? Are you new here? Don’t know the ropes? I’ll tell you them then. Stay out of me and my guys way, and we won’t hurt you.” he smiled, thinking i was scared, while looking at his idiot friends behind him. 

“And you think you’re scary? You’re just some stupid Jock riled up on some steroids. I’m not scared of you. And i shouldn’t be you Shitty, ass hat, Dumbfucking tw-”

“What the fuck is going on here?” I head a girl yell. I hadn’t notice a crowd had formed a circle around me, this dumbfuck, whoever he was, his idiot friend, and Luke, who was behind me.

I look to where the voice came from and it’s the girl. The hot one from earlier and she’s coming towards us.     A space opens up for her to get through and, may i say, she’s even sexier up close, but I’m not about to let this little squirt save me. 

“Listen honey-” I start, but I’m cut off. 

“What the fuck did you just call me? One, I’m not your honey, baby, boo, or any, anything. So address me with my name, or not at all. Two, I thought I asked a question. Now, Josh, did the new boy hurt you’re feelings? Tough shit, get going, you’ll be late to class. And we don’t want that now would we?”

Josh, The Meat head and his goon looked at the girl with a look of annoyance for a second before she clarified her command with a “Bye Josh, bye Brad.” 

The two guys leave trough the circle and mutter a “move” as they pushed through. 

“All of you, get to class! Now!” she yelled.  The sea immediately parted going their separate ways, and the hallway, that was once so quiet you could hear a pin drop, erupted with noise. 

“Who are you?” I asked looking down at the girl in front of me. 

“Y/N, my girls and I run this school. Who are you new boy?”

“Michael Clifford.” I stated “This is Ashton Irwin.” I Introduced Ashton and finally looked away from Y/N. 

“Well Clifford, you sure do know how to make an impression.” She looked away, down the hall and spotted three other girls coming. The hall crowd splitting down the middle for them too. “I have to get to lunch, I’ll see you later.”

Holy shit did she blush. The cute girl blushed at me . I’m panicking. Damn Michael keep your cool.  

“Yeah, maybe sooner than later. Do you wanna go to a party with me this weekend? I know we just met but-”

“Yeah Michael, I will, but I have to go. I’ll see you later.”  And she was gone.

She said yes. Holy shit she said yes. 

“Dude, Y/N never went to a party with a guy before. Lucky fuck.” Some guy in an All Time Low Shirt said. 

Okay Michael, Don’t fuck this up.

@NiceAnon, I’m thinking you were hoping for some jealous Nicole or Waverly, but we’ve ended up with some Wayhaught fluff instead. Enjoy.


“Wait a minute. Are you jealous?” Waverly’s voice goes high with her realisation.

Nicole doesn’t look her in the eye which to Waverly might as well be a signed confession. Her wife has been a moody shit since they got back from the hospital with their little girl a week ago. Just yesterday Nicole had come home from the station, her stetson askew and a little muddy(that alone being unprecedented), her mood fowl as she stomped around their house and refused to settle for more than a minute.

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We Can’t Series (3/10)

Author’s Note: I love you guys so much. You make writing worth it. Thank you all!

Pairing: Steve Rogers x Reader x Bucky Barnes

Words: 2133

Previous Part: Part Two

Dating Bucky was almost effortless. Having been best friends already, Bucky knew all your flaws and you knew his, so there were no speed bumps in the relationship. You were expecting the transition to be weird and awkward, but it was surprisingly easy. Your relationship remained the same, only a few factors changed. Mornings held chaste kisses, nights held whispers of sweet nothings, and days held wonderful dates and hand holding.

You were currently going on a double date with him and Steve. Apparently, Bucky had found someone named Amy that he thought would be perfect for Steve. How Bucky knew this girl? You had no clue, but you tried not to dwell on the subject, not wanting to be the clingy girlfriend.

Steve, Bucky, and you were walking down the streets on your way to the theaters where the date would be held. Amy was suppose to meet you guys there. When you guys arrived at the theater, you spotted a girl who you supposed was Amy looking around for you guys.

She finally spotted the three of you. Amy started approaching you guys. “Bucky!” she exclaimed, raising her hand in greeting. Amy was an inch or two taller than you, meaning that she was taller than Steve as well. She had a little too much makeup on, and her dress had a low cut. Then again, she did have a busty chest. However, you would never wear a dress like that, because it usually attracted the wrong kind of guys.

You were snapped out of your thoughts when Bucky removed his grip on your waist. He met Amy halfway and gave her a greeting and a hug that lasted a few seconds too long. Steve started walking towards the two of them and you grudgingly followed along.

Bucky released Amy from the hug and turned to face you and Steve. He introduced, “Steve, this is Amy. Amy, this is Steve.”

Amy had a full smile on her red lips on contrast to her perfect, white teeth. “Hi Steve,” she greeted, extending a hand. “It’s nice to meet you.”

Steve returned the handshake. You could see Steve was in a bright mood, and he gave her one of his special smiles. “Nice to meet you too, ma’m.”

Bucky returned to your side, placing his arm back around your waist. He rose his hand to gesture to the theater entrance and asked, “Shall we?”

Your fists clenched when you saw Amy link her arm with Steve. The four of you started walking in. Bucky leaned into you to whisper in your ear, “Everything all right, doll?”

You unclenched your fists and looked at him with a half smile. “Everything’s great.” Bucky returned the smile and led you into the theater.

During the movie, Steve and Amy sat in the row in front of you and Bucky. You were trying to pay attention to the movie, but you kept on focusing on how close Steve and Amy were. Their arms were still linked, and they were constantly whispering to each other. Every once and awhile, Amy would let out a cute giggle, which made Steve smile.

Steve was happy, so why was this upsetting you? Yeah, he had a crush on Steve, but you’re with Bucky now. It would be selfish to think you guys would remain a trio your whole life.

You intertwined your hands with Bucky’s and looked to him with a smile, but the smile fell when you saw him gawking at a girl who was two seats over, who you recognized as one of Bucky’s ex. She was giving a flirtatious wave, and Bucky returned the gesture with one of his charming smirks. Your shoulders tensed, and your heart fell.

For the rest of the movie, you were in a fowl mood. But what really ticked you off was that Bucky didn’t seem to notice. Bucky and you were heading back to the apartment, while Steve was walking Amy home. You had a blank face with your arms remained at your sides, looking down at the sidewalk like it was the most interesting thing.

Bucky’s hand caught your wrist, abruptly stopping your walk home. He grabbed your shoulders and lifted your chin to look up at him. “What’s wrong?” he questioned.

You shook out of his grip and looked away from those blue eyes. “Nothing Bucky.”

Stubbornly, Bucky lifted your chin again.  “Obviously that’s not true. You haven’t spoken more than a few words all night.”

You sighed, “I’m not in a great mood right now. Just leave it for now, okay?” Bucky nodded and turned to continue walking down the street, holding your hand once again. You got what you wanted, but what you really wanted was for Bucky to truly ask you what’s wrong and not stop persisting until he gets to the bottom of it. That’s what happens in a relationship. You were to support each other, love each other, make sure you guys were both happy.

This time, it was you who stopped walking. “Actually, I’m not fine, Bucky.”

Still holding your hand, he turned to stand in front of you, cupping your cheek with his other hand. “Then, tell me what’s wrong,” he stated.

You took in a deep breath and then stated, “We should be happy in a relationship, right?” Bucky nodded, eyebrows furrowed not knowing where you were going with this. “Well, I’m not… happy.”

Bucky tucked a strand of hair behind your ear then placed his hand on your shoulder. “Okay. Just tell me when you are feeling like this, so we can fix it.”

“The thing is is that shouldn’t we just be happy. No if’s, and’s, or but’s.” Bucky nodded reluctantly. “And I shouldn’t have to tell you when I’m not happy. You should just know.”

Bucky’s grip on your shoulder tightened, “Where are you getting at?”

“I don’t know,” you answered, your shoulders dropping.

Bucky accused, “Well, obviously this is coming from somewhere.” He released you from his grip and starting pacing. He then stopped and looked at you, asking “Is it the girl I used to date in the theater?”

You let out an exhale. “Partially, but that’s not the only reason Bucky.”

“Y/N,” Bucky said. “She was flirting with me. I was just being polite.” Your head dropped, ashamed of what you just accused him of. “You can’t tell me that you haven’t looked at any guys, while we’ve been dating.”

Well, you have been looking at one guy, and that guy is Steve Rogers. But you still haven’t figured out where that’s heading to. But besides Steve, you stayed loyal to Bucky, not giving any other guy a second glance.

You shook your head and then looked up at him, gazing into his eyes. “Y/N,” Bucky started. “In order for this relationship to work, you need to communicate with me more, but most importantly, you need to trust me. Do you trust me?”

Honestly, you couldn’t. The thing is is that you knew Bucky, so much so that you knew him and his flirtatious ways. You didn’t know how strong this relationship was. You gave it a shot, but is it really worth risking your friendship? Your eyes widened and tears started to fill her eyes.

Recognition dawned onto Bucky’s face. He uttered, “You don’t, do you?” Your silence answered his question. “I don’t think we should be dating then.”

Your breath was caught in your throat, and you were trying to blink back the tears. You stammered, “Bucky, I love you too much to risk our friendship. We were great as best friends, maybe, we should stay that way.”

Bucky whispered, “Maybe.” Bucky gave you a gentle kiss on the top of your head. He intertwined his hands with yours again, and you leaned into him. You guys continued walking home.

It took a couple of days for things to return back to normal. But it wasn’t that hard. When you and Bucky dated, nothing really changed except a few exchanges throughout the day. So the breakup wasn’t so substantial. Bucky and you became friends again, as if nothing ever changed. And for that, you were grateful.

Amy and Steve decided to stay as friends, which you were internally happy for. It was all too confusing for you. You loved Steve, just like you love Bucky. And sure, you find them both attractive, but did you want to take things to the next level or stay as best friends? Your thoughts and emotions were getting the better of you, so you decided to ignore them.

That was until the night you and Steve were studying for a history exam. Steve and you were huddled together, crouching over the table to study. Steve loved history, being intrigued with the past and the great wars it held. You, however, hated history. Steve was trying to tutor you and get the information to stick.

It was dark outside, and Bucky decided to stay with his parents that night for a visit. Your eyes started to droop, and you were nearing the end of the notes.  

“In the Seven Days of Battle,” Steve lectured. “General Lee stepped up to take control of the Confederate armies against McClellan and his Union armies.” You placed your elbow on the table and leaned onto it, trying to stay awake. “Lee was overly aggressive, but it led to a victory for his side and a humiliating defeat of the Union. This resulted in General McClellan stepping down.” Steve looked over his shoulder to see you now with your head on the table, snoozing. Steve chuckled. “Y/N…” nudging your shoulder.

Your head shot up, “I’m up!” you exclaimed. Steve laughed at you, to which you just glared at him.

You rubbed your eyes with the heel of your palm while stating, “Steve, I’m hopeless. I don’t think I can continue on. Anything after this is just going to be a blur tomorrow. Sleep is more important before a test than cramming. I’m going to bed.” You started closing your books and gather your textbooks.

Steve threaded a hand through his hair. He comforted, “You’re not hopeless Y/N. You’re smart, and beautiful, and sweet, and considera-”

“Wait. What?” you interrupted. Your eyes lit up, and sleepiness was far from your mind now.

Steve stammered, “I-I said, you were sweet and considerate.”

You tilted your head and asked, “No, before that.”

Steve uttered, “I said you were… beautiful.”

You beamed at this with a smile growing on your face. You clarified, “You think I’m beautiful?” Unconsciously, you tuck a lock of hair behind your ear, a nervous habit of yours.

Steve confessed, “I think you’re gorgeous.” Your heart started to beat a thousand times harder that you were sure Steve could hear it from where he sat. That was the first time someone ever called you beautiful. You saw yourself as average looking, pretty, but never beautiful.

You don’t know what prompted you to do this. Maybe it was the fact you were half asleep. Or maybe it’s because it was Steve Rogers, a guy you were trying to avoid feelings for. But you launched yourself on him and kissed him.

At first, Steve was stunned, but then, he reciprocated the kiss, closing his eyes and melting into your soft lips. You were delighted when he returned the kiss, but you quickly pulled away when you realized what you were doing, embarrassed for throwing yourself on him. You looked down shyly and uttered, “Sorry.”

Steve lifted your chin, “Why are you apologizing?”

You claimed, “I shouldn’t have kissed you. It’s just that you called me beautiful and no one has ever called me that. I just got a little careless.”

Steve stated, “Well, you are beautiful, Y/N.” A blush rose to your cheeks.

It was then you realized how close your faces were. You had a clear view of his blue eyes. You looked down at his plump lips, then back at him. “Thank you Steve, “ you whispered.

Steve responded breathlessly, “I’m just telling you the truth.” Your lips curved into a true smile. “I love you Y/N.”

Your eyes widened at his confession. Now that you knew the feelings were mutual, you didn’t know what to think. “Why now?”

Steve gave a half-smirk and his eyes wandered, almost in a nostalgic way. “I’ve always loved you Y/N. Ever since you saved me from those jerks all those years ago. I just thought you deserved more than a scrawny guy like me.”

You cupped Steve’s cheek and turned his face so he was looking at you before stating, “I love you too.”

You can’t believe what just happened, and you would’ve never have guessed what this will blossom into.

Harry sighed, stirring around the rum in his glass with his finger. He’d escaped from the loud blur of the bar down to the beach, sitting beside the waves with alcohol in hand.

He wasn’t drunk off his mind but he was definitely buzzed and it was best he wasn’t around the bar. His mood was fowl and he often got into fights at this time of the week around those places. He was teetering on the edge and he knew the waves would calm him down.


SO IT’S TIME for bed. I may not have seemed productive tonight but I have written things. Most are just replies that quite finished yet so thye are still drafted but it’s a work in progress. Tomorrow I may be online in the morning but apart from that I will be on the train between 2pm and 7pm (GMT/DST). I will also probably be in a fowl mood after that (if a friend hasn’t calmed me down enough) so getting to replies might be slim. However, I will be available on discord and on the Tumblr IMs if you wanna chat and help me pass the time of a five hour train ride on my own. That would be appreciated.

Melting Ice Chapter 2

Part 2 of Nashi Dragneel and Storm Fullbuster
Chapter 1 here.

Where the heck is she? It has nearly been fourteen whole seconds and she hasn’t turned up!

“Calm down dude, there’s her brother just ask him,” Romeo urged.

Gale is playing with his fist turning it to iron as practice.

“Oh come on where is she? I want to kick her ass,”

“Sure you don’t want to kiss it either?” I inwardly vomited before hitting Romeo with a stream of ice thankful that he kept his trap shut.

“That’s sickening you idiot,” he lay face down on the floor.

Ash came forward grinning from ear to ear; Luna also came in with Lucy on tow but still no sign of that Empty Headed beast called Nashi.

“Dude where is your sister?” He shrugged.

“Training with dad I think, mom kept her up all night doing her hair or something,” her hair? Why in Fiore would she need to do her hair?

“Okay whatever, she’ll come here soon,” then I’ll kick her ass. I adjusted the cross earring on my ear hoping to show it off to the little twerp but she hasn’t come yet, usually we fight then she runs of to train with her tail between her legs.

“Or not, Dad will probably take her straight to that Cherry blossom festival,” great now I have to wait till tonight?

“Geez what am I going to do today then?”

“Shut up and fight me?” I look at Romeo before bursting out in laughter.

“Maybe later Romeo.”

~~~6 Hours Later~~~

“Are you still seriously moping around here, take a job geez, you make it look like your waiting for your wife,” that caught my attention.

“Was not!” I yelled punching Ash across the face.

He jumped up, “Seriously? Friendly advice and I get hit in the face, thanks bro,”

I slumped, “Sorry, I’m just, I’m not moping and that’s it, and all the jobs on the request board are ones I have to take out of the city for,”

“So, I do it all the time?” I frown.

“I know you do but if it was any other day except today I’d go,”

He grinned devilishly, “Why? Afraid my sister would find someone else to fight?” My lips hardened.

“No,” I growled out.

“You sure, Asuka said Alec is coming back this afternoon,” he nudged me.

My eyes narrow, that Lightning Kissing wannabe. There is no way he is fighting with Nashi.

“Whatever go away,” I turn back lying down again waiting for that door to open and a little spit fire to come rolling in.

But she didn’t…and not for a long while.

“Somebody is brooding aren’t they?” I scoff at Roxanna who blasted me with an iron pillar, I blocked it, she isn’t much of a challenge, versed her a few times, kicked her ass.

Not the ass I want to be kissin-I mean kicking.

“Go away I’m not in the mood,” I scowled.

“Oh geez Lover Boy just go find her why would yah’ your depressed that its actually getting to us,”

“I’m not depressed!” I argued.

“Whatever you say Mr Defensive,”

I slam my hand down, “I’m not being defensive,” I said in a fowl mood.

“Where’s your sister?” she asked to which I sigh Mika’s barely here anymore she likes to be the perfect daughter for mom so she’s pretty much…

“Not here, now buzz off,”

“God you two need to get married like seriously,”

I ignored her, because honestly I don’t know what’s happening to me, but every so often my hand would twitch, then I would remember what it felt like to touch her hand, my cold covering her warmth, it was the first time I had felt such heat.

For once I felt kinda…weird. And it’s weird because I actually liked it.

Oh geez.

“She looks so cute, thank you Erza I thought I’d never have such a feminine daughter, I thought she’d stick to her baggy clothing, it looked like she went fishing in my husbands closet,” I heard the conversation and recognized Lucy Dragneel’s soft voice.

Who are they talking about? Coz’ it can’t be Nashi, she loves her baggy clothing and its kinda refreshing that she doesn’t adorn herself with fitting clothing that I see on most girls in our guild.

“I know right, who knew she had such a beautiful body, I think Natsu will have to start travelling with her wherever she goes,” Erza, my godmother agreed.

“Not just that her hair, she looked splendid I can’t wait to have grandbabies, they’ll actually look beauti-“

A roar erupted from the side of the room, “Luce no boy’s good enough for my baby girl,” yeah no one.

Wait what? Natsu! Where is Nashi?

“Oh please, and speaking of daughter where is she?”

“In your arms,” oh jeez he can be seriously stupid.

“Not that one idiot!”

“Oh sorry Luce, she’s with Alec their finishing up the training session…they still must be going.”

ALEC! She’s with Alec! She’s my training partner dammit!

I immediately stood up and looked at their group with a scowl, I also saw that my father was there but he was laid back in his underwear…I don’t have the stripping habit exactly, it only appears when I’m fighting at my absolute best…that’s pretty much the only time I’m fighting Nashi.

“What’s wrong Storm?” my dad asked.

I shook my head and stormed off.

Is this her way of pissing me off? Because believe me its working, oh heck it is working!

“What the hell!”

Maybe I have my dad’s jealousy issues when I’m pushed to the limit…but what do I have to be jealous for.

I walked down the road, if I remember remotely Nashi likes to train by her place near the forest, no wonder, they must’ve run into Alec because he lives there too past the river.

I started to walk across town, as quickly as possible, when suddenly I heard her voice, “Just shut up and buy it for me loser…”

“You’re feisty aren’t you Pinky?” I headed that way pretty quickly if you ask me.

“Round two? I’ll knock you on your very empty head,”

“But these arms ain’t empty,” I heard Alec before I saw them and as I glanced around I couldn’t find her, I mean there was this one chick who wore this black dress that I oddly find myself attracted to…but-wait.


In that tight little dress and boots is my Nashi…and I repeat, in a dress, a very inviting dress! Nashi Dragneel! Oh for goodness sake.

Sprinting across the street I grabbed her arm before she could follow that stupid idiot and started pulling her down the road.

“Hey lemme’ go! Storm what the hell!”

“Where the hell have you been I’ve been waiting at the guild for you all day?” I spat.

I truly noticed her face, wow, she actually looks cute, I mean weird-I mean no-I mean repeat the question.

I flushed bright red, I couldn’t contain it, her brown eyes looking at me, plump lips, pink hair done up nicely…and oh that dress.

“Wow Flame Brain you should dress up more often,” I couldn’t help but let it slip.

She scoffs, “Like you care how I look,” she mumbled.

For a second I heard hurt in her voice, and it was badly masked, dragging her back to the guild she begins to walk at my side. We were nearly to the guild doors before she stopped stubbornly.

“Wait-no-I don’t want to go back inside, especially with you,” I turn to look at her…is she kidding me right now?

“What are you doing, this is ridiculous?”

Suddenly she stalked forward her face contorted in pain as she slammed her small fist across my jaw.

I winced cupping it immediately, “Its not ridiculous, if I don’t want to go back to the guild I don’t have to, and if I want to do it with you then I’ll ask but no, you didn’t ask me so I don’t have to,” my eyes furrowed in confusion, so she doesn’t want to go back to the guild because she wants to make it her own decision.

“Whatever, see you inside,” I said beginning to walk through the door.

“And one other thing, I want nothing to do with you,” I paused, my jaw suddenly didn’t ache, in fact now it was kinda tingling, the blood in my veins began to pump faster. Is this her way-forget it, she wants a war? She’s got one.

I turn to her.

“You’re kidding right?” she better be or she is asking for an ass whooping…but for what reason I don’t know why, she’s a good sparring partner, one things for sure, the cons out weighed the pros but something is missing from the pros list I just don’t know what it is yet.

“I wish I was,” she sighed, she actually looked pretty serious about it, but nothing to do with me? Isn’t that a little extreme?

“So why? Why don’t you want anything to do with me?”
“Storm don’t tell me what to d-“

“Tell me please?”

She sighed in annoyance, “Because I want to be surrounded by people who like my personality,” and…so?

“What are you getting at here?” I’m pretty sure I put up with her, she should be thankful.

She breathed in exasperation, “You are so damn annoying, the last battle we had yesterday you said something along the lines of, ‘Stupid Flame headed Tomboy, nobody’s gonna date her I swear to god…’ does that cover it?”

My eyebrows furrowed my eyes roamed her again, the new dress and style, she certainly doesn’t look the same, and the attention she had from random guys on the street was not a look that I liked.

I burst out laughing, “You took that seriously? Nashi when have I ever said something after we fight and meant it?” its true yesterday was just so…frustrating not to mention she thinks I don’t care and when I held her hand…it just-and she wouldn’t respond.

“But that time was different, Storm…and you know it,”

I smiled, I’m a straight forward person, I don’t usually beat around the bush or keep anything hidden like emotions or feelings…if I dislike something I fix the issue if I want something…than I get it.

And when I stared at Nashi and what length she was willing to go to prove to me that she didn’t want me in her life…oh that is definitely something I don’t want.

“No…” I whispered softly, “The only thing that changed was how hurt I felt when you didn’t want to hold my hand,” I watched her eyes widen dramatically.

“I err…hah?” she uttered in complete shock.

“Don’t be so shocked, you know I don’t date,” I don’t really have experience in that field with girl and boy stuff.

Her eyebrows furrowed as she bit her lip, my eyes followed the movement like an addict, “What are you trying to say?”
I breathed out nonchalantly, “I’m saying I might like you,”

Might? Dude, you two have been fighting for years now, you do or you don’t.

My head scolded me.

Her eyes narrowed, “Might huh?”

I like this fire in her eyes, Nashi Dragneel up to the plate.

I grabbed a lighter from my packet tossing it to her.

“Beat me and it will be a definite answer…”


“I win,” she argued poking my bare chest furiously.

“I let you.”

“No you didn’t, you stripped,” she reprimanded.

“I can strip whenever I want,” I said begrudgingly.

“Fight my dad and if you strip then I’m right,” I winced, like I said, I strip when I’m fighting at my hardest, and Natsu is one hell of an opponent.

“Fine,” I bluffed, terribly, I might add.

“Good, if you do as you say, strip whenever you want that means you control the habit, so don’t strip when your fighting my dad,” my shoulders slumped.

Damn she is just…damn!

“Okay! Fine. I tried.”

“Good…now tell me my answer.”

I stopped for a moment before looking up at her, “Why do you care…?”

“I don’t, but I need to collect some kind of winning,” my eyes narrowed at the change of pitch in her voice.

“You’re lying,” she scoffed.

“No, I’m not, you’re procrastinating!”

I poked my tongue out, “You do care huh? You want to know if I like you or not.”

She looked shocked but then stepped in, “You’re right, I do. But nothing will change between us, we still hate each other,” that maybe so…

“Fine, here is your ans-“

“Storm, Nashi, over here now,” commanded Laxus our guild master.


“Don’t give me attitude Brat, especially after that shit you pulled in Crocus last week.”

I stepped down blushing furiously, damn, he’s still pissed about that?

“What’s wrong Laxus?” Nashi asked sweetly, I glared at her, is she seriously playing the sweet card, she’s just as destructive as I am!

I sighed when his gaze softened as he stared, oh how the strong do fall.

“I need you two to do a mission, but you need to leave now. Your dad’s aren’t here so now is the perfect time…go,” he slammed the request poster into my chest.

I fell back but before I hit the ground Nashi grabbed my wrist…she was staring at Laxus.

“Why me and…him?” I wanted to punch her for spitting that word out like that.

“Because I said so,” she went to argue further but he gave her his dark look.

“Okay, and if I am killed once I get back?”

I stood up her hand still latched onto my wrist, I pried her fingers off ignoring that small niggling feeling at the back of my head.

“There’s nothing to worry about Nashi, its all taken care of now go! That’s an order.”

I tugged on the flare of Nashi’s skirt, “Let’s just go.” I grumbled.


Laxus breathed in relief when they were finally out of the guild hall-strangely Storm still latched onto her skirt, but Nashi almost had Laxus, almost.

He turned to look at his alcoholic wife, giving her the thumbs up, she winked at him and waltzed away with a little more swing to those delectable hips.

Laxus grinned mischievously; looks like taking part in his wife’s gambling game to beat the matchmaking queen (Mirajane) will indeed reward him.

But Laxus tensed, especially when Natsu and Gray rolled back through the guild doors a few more hours later appearing to be in some sort of panic…dammit.

Guess I’ll have to deal with these other two fully-grown brats now.

anonymous asked:

oml promt! James and Lily are v. close but not yet together and they live together in the heads dormitories. Lily gets back really late one night and James is suspicous and jealous of where she's been, which she finds really confusing and unusual. It eventually leads to a spectacular kiss/snog... Idk i just love jealous james

Lily Evans liked her schedule.

Not that she wasn’t one to stray from it time and again, but she liked it. She woke up every morning at eight o’clock, she showered, dressed, and then headed down for breakfast. She met with Marlene and Mary in the Great Hall, and after eating, the three of them went to class. She would pay attention in class, participate when necessary, go to lunch, more classes and then off to the library before dinner to get started on her homework. After dinner, she would allow herself a few hours to relax with her friends before she tackled her N.E.W.T. level homework, which seemed to grow daily no matter how many hours she spent in the library. After she spent time in the Gryffindor common room, she would head back to the library and set up shop there until nine o’clock, which was when the library closed. She would walk back to the heads dorms, and then unwind for the day with a good book, or if James was up to it, a game of chess or a card game. Then she would call it a night, no later than eleven, go up to her room, change into her pjs, and that was her day.

Were there days when she seemed to live in the library and never emerge? Skip dinner to finish a particularly nasty essay? Sure. Were there days when she would do very little homework and opt to spend the evening with her friends instead? Sure. But those were all her decisions. She made the choice to stay in the library, or avoid the library (which seemed to be the only variations her schedule had to offer her lately.)

Today however was not going according to plan. At least not her plan, and that had her in a bad mood.

Keep reading

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Artemis. Going to college. And destroying every prof's self esteem.

“Sir Isaac Newton refrained from publishing many of his works because of constant criticism based on nothing but jealousy and envy. He could have reached greater achievements in his career but he couldn’t do so because of petty colleagues who never managed to achieve anything important whatsoever because they were too busy minding his studies instead of their own. Do you think, sir, that Newton had anything but a few scribbles to base his reseach on? Of course it is comfortable to have basis to our studies. But I believe sometimes we have to build those basis to our fellow scientists to work on when their time comes.

Now - since I mentioned Newton - do you think I could make a research on how many newtons (or kilogram-mass per second square) would be necessary to push a big-headed buffoon out of his pedestal?”