Re: And now what? Greece after its official creditor-led default

My comment on an article by Prof. Vassilis Fouskas that can be found here 

Prof. Vassilis Fouskas is actually giving a similar situation analysis with the one given by the Greek left wing political party SIRIZA, as seen in its political proclamation and rhetoric.

It is quite solid, and the only realistic approach to this situation given by any political party in the country, but in reality, both Professor Fouskas’ and SIRIZA’s view of the problem has two major faults: 

First of all, even though the Professor suggests an exit from the Eurozone (the only viable option left), he states this with a kind of nostalgia for the former glory that once was. He doesn't seem to feel estranged, betrayed from or angered by the whole Europonzi scheme. 

He seems not to notice a bitter “real” reality that dictates us that Europe has failed (as all confederations do), that Neoliberalism has failed (as all fake religions do), that the banking system and the modern global economy has failed (as all scams do), that the free energy scheme is collapsing (as all lies do), oh and that the Germans are back with a vengeance to do the thing they always did, even if it is only symbolic at the moment: Raid, invade, plunder, maim and kill to fuel their own nation and economy at the expense of others. Why is it so hard to see the reason Greeks are so angry with them?

Moreover; another major fault of this analysis is that it just scrapes the surface of the whole Greece Syndrome. The problem is that are seeing a perfect storm of several major crises converging to form a mega crisis, hovering somewhere above the building of the Greek Parliament. The economic crisis turned to a political crisis, which led to a social crisis, which is slowly turning to a humanitarian and food crisis, which will in turn bring extreme violence, conflict and war in the region, ripping the Greek society apart, along with the whole neighborhood, Europe and possibly this part of the world.

And a bitter fighting will soon emerge from this between 10 million impoverished desperate Greeks who lost their country and 1 million stranded desperate Asian and African immigrants (who are slowly assuming the role of an invading force, imposed on Greeks by the very Heart of EuroDarkness, the City of Brussels) will bring the symbolic end to the fairy tale of Globalization, NWO banker wet dreams and the open border, free trade, Europe-for-everyone, fallacy. And if you blame the Greeks for this, wait to see what YOU will do to the poor immigrants, once their gangs overrun YOUR streets. Right now, YOUR countries are safe by turning Greece to Europe’s dumpster, depositing poor souls looking for a better future there. Whatever happens, YOU will be also to blame, dear European reader, for YOU have based YOUR own fake prosperity on the misfortune of others. Just like the Greeks you have learned to hate, during the last few years, did.

This perfect mega crisis storm is now inevitable and you can feel it just by walking on the streets of Athens. The Soup of Absolute Evil is brewing everywhere around you. Your senses tell you to leave this soon-to-be a God-forsaken place fast. Your mind cannot conceive that at the end of this uneasy, but calm, road, full of recently burned down buildings and homeless, drag addicted, defeated people, reside the four new terrible Gorgon sisters: War, Pain, Death and Genocide.

In reality, there are two more well hidden crises that fuel the mega collapse of Greece. The one is an energy crisis and the other is an ecological crisis, which the Media hide well from plain view. The continuous oil wars already signify the end of the Western World and of our civilization, due to the scarcity of energy. Our lifestyles cannot be supported by cheap energy anymore. The embargo on Iranian oil and the stupidity, the short shortsightedness and the treachery of the Greek political elite is guarantying that soon, not much will be moving in this country, but hatred. And what better to symbolize this end of an Era for this country, but a soon-to-be 2 to 2,5 Euro per litter gas. It’s not just damn expensive: It’s a Civilization Collapse Event.

As apocalyptic as these may sound to you, dear reader, we seem to live in the final moments of the Industrial Age. Humanity spent its easy energy, easy money, easy metals and easy resources and failed to conquer the stars. This is called overshoot. It is now time to contract, simplify and adjust to a lower energy consumption level. Greece is the first nation to do this and not only will it be painful, it will be longer than others and extremely traumatic. 

However, I also pity the rest of Europe. They feel quite safe and pleased after sacrificing the Greeks to Mammon, the terrible Demon of Money and Greed. In reality, what we are all witnessing in Greece is the not-so-distant future of the rest of Europe and the so called First World as a whole. The reality is that human sacrifices never saved us from our sins: Ask the Mayas. They would probably verify this, have they not been extinct, without leaving a trace. All those heads rolling down the temple stairs, all this pain and suffering, was in vain.

Finally, I pity the ones that will not be ready for this. My heart weeps for them, for they are like children. They are oblivious to the horrors of the world they were born in; still believing that money, glamour, material goods, credit cards and greed are what move this world and will keep it moving in the future. This will collapse when they meet an angry mob, moving towards them with pitchforks and torches.

At least some of us had a few decades to live well, prosper, love, travel and learn. This was a glorious, spent moment for humanity, now forever gone. What a shame…