fourwheel drive

Snow Problems for the Chronically Ill

Quite a few of you probably have fond memories of snowball fights and sledding and just spending all day out in the snow! Well if you’re like me you kissed all that goodbye when you started being ill.
-Can’t walk in the snow since I can’t walk on nonsnowy groung anyways?!
-Even if I used a wheelchair.. nope doesn’t work in the snow….
-Sledding is fun so long as you don’t fall off and permanently ruin your SI joint and dislocate your hips!
-How about just sitting in the snow with a snowsuit on?? Thanks to severe nerve damage can’t do that either…
-Ooh the car! It has fourwheel drive! Nope the car refuses to drive!
To all of you who are somewhere snowy, you have my sympathies and I hope you are warm and safe.

* please add on if you experience any other problems I can’t think of.