Not as planned

Part 1 / 2

Steve Rogers X Reader

Author: see-the-fandom-imagines
Warnings: well, I kinda disgusted myself there a bit. Flirting, allusion of sex (but you know me guys, it’s all fluff in the end)
Word Count: 4008
A/N: Next part will be uploaded this evening or tomorrow! I really hope you like it! Avengers will have slightly bigger roles in the next part
Request:  I wanted to request a Steve Rogers imagine where you work for SHIELD and with the Avengers and Steve & you developed Feelings for each other. Then during one Mission you get kidnapped and Steve blames himself cause he couldnt save you. The Team tries everything to find you and when they finally does, Steve fights you free but you’re unconscious and bleeding. Steve carries you back to the Tower and when you wake up he cares for you and you confess your Feelings

„And? How do I look? Decent?“ 

You turned around to look at Steve, who wore a casual white shirt, with a plain dark blue jacket over it. You, in contrast, had dressed in tight black jeans, a black longsleeve shirt, completed by a light brown jacket to cover your shoulders and decollete.
You even had put on some jewellery, and your make-up was on point.

Steve smiled as he looked at you and stepped a little closer. „You look more than decent, (y/n). You look.. fantastic.“
You couldn’t help but grin, at this yet so simple compliment. Because it was absolutely clear to you, that he meant it. 

„And I’m not even finished, yet“, you grinned, turning around to give it a last touch with your favourite lipstick.
„(Y/n)“, Steve said hesitating, whereupon you turned away from the mirror to face him.
„What is it, Steve?“ His gaze was directed to the ground, but now he raised his eyes to look at you. You stepped closer to him, taking his hands in yours, looking up to him. „You can tell me.“

Steve sighed, licking his lips and squeezing your hands gently. „I would rather not let you go on this mission.“
You chuckled lightly, and smiled up to him. It was cute that he was worried about you, but there was absolutely no need to.
„Steve“, you said, looking into his eyes and meaning every word you said. „It will be alright. I’m a big girl. I can handle this. I won’t get myself killed, okay? I promise. Furthermore…“, you let go of his hands and turned back to the mirror to finish your make-up, „You’ll be my backup.“
Carefully you coloured your lower lip. „No need to worry.“ And finished the upper lip, dabbing them at a handkerchief before pressing your lips together in a smoothing motion. „And? Still fantastic?“

Steve’s expression changed into an amused smile. „Terrific.“

You smiled, pleased with his answer.
You lifted your eyebrows. „But?“

Steve seemed to be fighting the smile as he came closer, stopping directly in front of you. „Your lipstick’s smeared.“ 

Slowly he lifted his hand up to your cheek, before stroking gently over the corner of your mouth, to wipe away the smudged lipstick. His hand lingered for a second at your cheek, and you could feel the blush creeping onto your face, as you looked up at him, not able to concentrate on anything else than his hand brushing your cheek and his baby blue eyes. Gently you leant in to his touch, and noticed Steve’s glance wandering down to your lips.
Slowly he moved his head a bit closer towards yours, but exactly in this second the door openend and Agent Bennet, who would be with you on this mission, stepped inside, causing Steve to drop his hand and step away from you in an instant.

„We’ll be there in a second“, he answered, all of a sudden completely professional. Steve Rogers ahd vanished in an instant to make room for the Captain, who now walked away from you, and placed the baseball cap on his head. Steve shot you a last worried glance, before following the Agent outside.

You took a final deep breath, before entering the bar. You knew that Steve was already inside, sitting somewhere in the far back and trying to get as few attention as possible. But even though all you wanted was to shoot him a quick glance, just to see his smile, to show you that you could do this, you knew also, that you couldn’t risk to look towards him.
Now you had to be professional. An Agent.
Not (y/n) (l/n), hopelessly in love with Steve Rogers. 

The bar was noticeable empty, maybe around seven people sitting here and there across the room.
With as much ease as you could muster, you sat directly at the counter, and ordered scotch straight. Sometimes you just needed a bit of alcohol. 

The mission itself was fairly easy. You knew that a guy named Stefan Meisner had direct contact to Hydra, and was carrying some of the most important data for them. And exactly this guy would visit this bar nearly every evening.
Being secret keeper at Hydra seemed to be pretty stressful.
And it was your job to get him to SHIELD. Everything was fully planned. He would come in, you would flirt a bit, and after a while you would suggest to go someplace a little more silent. Once there, you would knock him out, search him, and call in the other Agents to help carrying him out as discretely a possible. Nothing majorly difficult.
Still you felt uneasy to even flirt with some random guy that was literally your enemy, just to get some data.
But well, the weapons of a woman, they said.
Furthermore, you’d get to knock him out afterwards, that kind of made up for it.

Of course SHIELD had considered abducting him in a different way, but Hydra wouldn’t just let their most important men wander around alone without any kind of security. But considering the chances, that the only moment he’d be alone, were when he was getting… down to it, you had the best success rate if you’d do it this way. 

While you waited, you allowed your thoughts to wander around, thinking about the small moment you had shared with Steve.
A tiny smile grew on your face, as you thought about earlier. When you closed your eyes, you could still feel his gentle touch against your cheek, and saw the way he had looked at you. In this moment, you had been more than close to just getting on your tiptoes to kiss him. And just for a second, you had thought, that he, too, had leant in a little bit.
Sighing you imagined what maybe could have happened if that Agent hadn’t come in.

Maybe Steve would have leant in just a bit more, just enough for you to be sure, and for you to finally press your lips against his. More than once you had asked yourself how they would feel like, moving gently against yours…

But to your great distress you got ripped out of your thoughts, as the door to the bar opened, and a man entered, who you immediately recognised. 

That was your mission.  

He was fourtysix years old, precisely, and wore a black suit, matched with a grey tie. If you worked for a secret organisation you obviously couldn’t be too flashy.
Quickly he scanned the room, before sitting down at the counter, just two seats away from you. Out of the corner of your eye you watched his every move, whille slowly sipping on your drink.
And shortly after he had gotten his order you decided it was time to go in the offensive. 

You turned your head around to him, flashing him your most dazzling smile. As an answer he raised one of his eyebrows, and sent you a look, accompanied by a small grin that definitely meant he checked you out. And he seemed to like what he was seeing.
Of course he did. In the end, men like this all functioned the same. Apply some lipstick, and give them the feeling that you’d do everything they want, and they would eat out of your hand. 

With another smile, you stood up, grabbing your drink and walked over to him.
„Excuse me, I wondered if this seat may be free?“, you asked, cocking your head slightly to the side.

He nodded, smiling at you, or rather your chest, while basically undressing you with his eyes.
How comfortable.

„There’s always room for a beautiful young lady next to me.“
He flashed you a smile. His teeth were uncomfortably white, you thought to yourself, not letting your flirtatious look falter once. Instead you sipped at your drink, concentrating on not breaking the eye contact.
„I hope that does not only refer to bar seats.“
He nearly choked on the alcohol he had exed, and once he stopped coughing he looked at you and placed his hand softly on your knee. „Certainly not“. While you did your best to not to rip off his hand, he licked his lips and turned back to the bartender. „Another drink for the beautiful lady. This one’s on me!“ Playfully you laughed. „Oh no, I shouldn’t. I’m acutally quite the lightweight drinker!“
„Oh, please let me treat you.“
Again you giggled slightly. „Alright, but just if you drink with me. I insist!“
You needed to be careful. Even though you had everything else than a low tolerance for alcohol, and you knew that you could easily drink two or three of them before you would feel anything, you couldn’t let him make you even a little bit tipsy. So you did your best to just slightly nip on your drink, ordering new ones for him from time to time.

After half an hour, you thought he was finally drunk enough. Moreover you couldn’t stand the feeling of his hand brushing up and down your thigh anymore, and placed your hand on his arm.
„You know“, you said, biting your lip and letting your gaze slowly, almost teasingly glide down to his crotch. „What would you think about getting somewhere a little more…private.“
With the last word, you had flicked your gaze up again, looking directly into his eyes, which were – surprisingly – directed upfront to your chest.
You were incredibly close to throwing up.

His breathing had become heavy, as he just nodded and exed the rest of his drink. You did the same. You needed all of your strength to pull this off, and the alcohol definitely calmed your nerves.

You made an attempt to go first, but he was faster, taking your hand and pulling you directly into the direction of the toilets.
How romantic, you thought to yourself, but followed him anyways. You just needed to knock him out, as fast as you could. You grasped your purse, slowly sliding your free hand inside, unwrapping the cloth that was fixated in a plastic bag and well soaked in chloroform.
While you followed, you caught a quick glimpse at Steve, but it was impossible to see what he was thinking. He had pulled his cap down over his face and stared straight ahead on the table.
Quickly you directed your gaze back to the front, just to realise, that he didn’t go to the toilet, but headed directly towards the storage room. That wasn’t exactly like you planned it, but well, it would do. Still, it made you slightly suspicious.
„The storage room?“, you asked and giggled. „Is that even allowed?“
He grinned back at you. „I know a few people here and there. Trust me, no one will disturb us.“

He held open the door for you and gestured for you to go in first. „Oh, but it’s all so dark, can’t you go first and find the lights?“

„Don’t be afraid, I’ll be right behind you“, he said, placing his hand on your butt and squeezing it lightly. You clenched your jaw. If you weren’t still in eyeshot of the bartender, you would have knocked him out on the spot, without any kind of aids.

But nonetheless you had a weird feeling. You didn’t trust this whole situation. „But I really don’t want to go first“, you tried again, but he had already shoved you, making you stumble rather ungainly into the darkness. You saw him follow suit, quickly shutting the door behind him. 

As fast as you could, you tried to make it back to the door, but it was too late. Someone had already grabbed your wrist. „Oh, I would really like it if we could turn on the lights, now! This is just too scary!“

You wriggled your wrist out of the surprisingly strong grip, as you heard his voice in the dark. Definitely further away from you than you had thought. You weren’t alone.

They knew why you were here. They had expected you. And you had run directly into their trap.

You positioned yourself into a fight stance, ready to kick whoever else was in there, as soon as you would know where they were.
„Of course, darling, you can have the light.“ 

Meisner pressed the switch, and just in time you could see a fist swing directly to your face. You ducked, and kicked the feet of your attacker away, sending him flat on his back. In the same moment you turned around, hitting a guy behind you in the jaw. You could hear bones breaking, and saw him staggering backwards, but you didn’t have much time to celebrate your hit, for a third guy had now lunged at your stomach, and had actually managed to hit you.
You stumbled backwards, but quickly caught yourself again, ready to attack, but at this moment the remaining man had grabbed you, holding your hands behind your back and your hair in a tight grip. You tried to fight back, struggled, but it made no sense. They had caught you off-guard four against one. 

„There you have your light“, Meisner said, picking up your purse you had lost during the fight, and opening it, pulling out the handkerchief. „And now, I’m sorry to tell you this, but the next thing you’ll see will be nothing but darkness.“

He approached you, but you wouldn’t give up that easily.
Gradually you really asked yourself where Steve and the other Agents were. You could really use their help right now.

As he was close enough, you kicked him, hitting him hard in the side, but in the next moment the tears formed in your eyes, when, as a reward, one of your attackers pulled painfully at your hair. Groaning, Meisner got up, the handkerchief still tight in his grip. „Can’t you hold her properly?“, he hissed. „Break her legs if needed.“

And this was anything the man behind you had to hear. You tried to kick out to him, to get out of grip, but the only thing that happened, was that the tallest of them aimed directly at your leg with his kick, and not a second later you could feel the pain bolting through your body. You opened your mouth to scream out in pain, but in this moment you could feel how Meisner pressed the cloth to your mouth and nose, and slowly you felt how you lost consciousness.

Steve’s POV

He had sat in the bar for around 40 minutes, before (y/n) finally arrived. Enough time to think about everything he’d done wrong in the past days, and what was yet about to come. But it didn’t matter how often he tried to go over the next missions in his head, eventually his thoughts had always drifted back to two main topics.
Either he thought about his insecurity regarding this mission, or his mind wandered off to (y/n) in her skin tight clothes, that made her look even more beautiful than usually. 

Her skin had felt soft under his touch, and he asked himself again and again, if he should have just kissed her. Steve didn’t deny anymore, that he had fallen head over heels for her, basically since the moment he had first met her. 

Fury had introduced her as useful new part of SHIELD. She was excellent in combat fighting and even better with computers. Steve didn’t hesitate for one moment to accept her in the team.
From the first day on he had gotten along with her swimmingly and had spent most of his free time with her. Training, consulting about missions… But also just talking, joking. About everything that came to their minds. Watching movies, playing card games. And with time, he realised, that he didn’t just have a crush on her.
No, this was so much more.
And sometimes, he thought, that she may even returned his feelings.

The closer the time came she was supposed to enter, the more nervous Steve got. He ordered a second drink and a third, well aware that he could not get drunk in any form. But maybe it would calm his nerves. 

As she finally entered, Steve couldn’t help himself but to realise once again how pretty she was. The outfit fit her perfectly and complimented her body, and her make-up made her eyes shine even more bright than they did anyway.
Taking another sip of his drink he reminded himself of not staring at her too obviously. One could never tell how many men inside here were payed to watch out for Meisner. 

All in all Steve knew why they had to perform the mission like this. This man was highly valuable. Followed by Hydra-Agents for his protection around the clock. That’s why (y/n) had to get him alone. He probably wouldn’t want onlookers when he –
Steve shook his head. He didn’t even want to think about it.

Not long after Meisner had entered, (y/n) sat herself next to him.
As inconspiciuous as possible Steve tried to keep on watching them, looking up every now and then, to see what was going on. 

The look (y/n) gave Meisner made Steve clench his jaw.
A burning sensation had started to grow deep inside his stomach, making it hard for him to just sit there silently and watch. He was jealous, he realised. Incredibly jealous.
She shouldn’t have to look at Meisner like this.
Actually he didn’t want her to look at anyone like this. For Meisner it probably looked real. After all, Steve had to admit, was (y/n) a brilliant actress. But he knew her better. He knew, that if she would really want him, her gaze would be so much more powerful, so much more passionate and so much less forced.

But even more than her gaze, he despised of his. How his eyes slowly wandered from her face  to her chest, and then even further down.
In a poor try to distract himself, Steve exed the rest of his drink, silently cursing the super-serum for making him immune to any kind of alcohol. Then again, he was still on a mission. Even if he wanted to, he couldn’t allow himself to get drunk.

The conversation continued. Steve couldn’t hear anything, but by what he saw, this was probably for the best. Once again he flicked his gaze over to (y/n), reminding himself of the mission various times.
A few minutes later Meisner had placed a hand on her thigh and had started to slowly move it up and down. 

Steve’s facial muscles twitched uncontrolled, as he had to tell himself over and over again, that, if everything went like planned, he could let him pay for it later.

 Oh, and he would.

The flirting seemed to go on forever, until (y/n) finally said something to him, her gaze wandering over his body, very much like his had scanned hers earlier.

Breathe, Steve told himself, desperately trying to stay calm. There was nothing he’d like to do better right now, than stand up and transport Meisner through the whole room with a well placed hit, but he knew that he had no choice, but to sit silently in his place, and hope that it would be over soon. 

Shortly after Meisner and (y/n) stood up, he pulled her into the directions of the toilet. Steve couldn’t stand to look at them leave, so instead he lowered his gaze onto the table, counting the glasses infront of him. Now he was actually quite glad for being a super soldier.

The moment they had vanished out of sight, he glanced at his watch. It shouldn’t take her longer than three minutes, otherwise they’d interfere. That was the plan.
Impatient, Steve followed the little clock-hand on his watch, as a loud noise out of the back of the bar, suddenly made him jump up. Something didn’t go as planned.
At the same time he moved, nearly half of the people in the bar stood up as well, standing directly between Steve and the place (y/n) had vanished. 

„I need backup“, Steve spoke into his headset, not once looking away from the four people opposing him. Behind him another SHIELD Agent had risen. „Get the civilians out of here“, he ordered, not once averting his gaze from the men opposing him.
And in the next second he had lifted the table in front of him and thrown it directly towards the HYDRA - Agents. He immediately followed, and lunged at one of them, hitting him hard against his temple, before he took a turn in the movement, kicking the gun out of the next guards hands. Steve could now hear other agents coming in, helping to get everybody out in time. Steve elbowed the next guard, that approached, into the face, as he heard one of the Agents yell his name behind him.


Steve turned around and caught his shield midair, using it to protect himself against the bullets the third and the forth now fired at him. Steve lunged out at one of them, hitting him hard with his shield, and turned around to punch with his free hand the remaining attacker, who went down immediately. 

„Take care of them“, he said, before dashing in the direction (y/n) had vanished.
He neglected the thoughts of what had happened to her and rather concentrated on finding her.
She would be alright. 

She would be alive. 

At the end of the small hallway Steve looked around and listened.
He caught sight of the storage room, clearly hearing noise evading from it. As fast as he could he ran towards it, jumping against the door, his shield held infront of him.  
The door broke, and Steve found himself inside a small room, two other Agents already awaiting him. 

On the ground he could see blood, and one of the Hydra-Agents had a small wound on his head. He desperately hoped the blood came from him. 

Their first bullets hit nothing but his shield. Before they could react, Steve had lunged out to them, hitting one with his fist, and knocking the other one with one swift movement out with his shield.

His next instinct was the back door. He broke through it, and the first thing he saw was a SHIELD Agent on the ground. Bleeding. Most likely dead.
Steve looked up again, just in time, to see the backlights of a black car turning around the corner. With one last glimpse at the dead Agent he broke into a sprint, following the car. 

„Man down.“, he said into his headseat, running as fast as he could around the corner. „ They have her. Black car, couldn’t make out the license plate.“
He had nearly lost sight of it, but managed to spot its backlights in the darkness a few streets ahead of him. It was late enough, that there was barely any traffic in this part of the city, meaning that they could drive without hindrance, as fast as they wanted.
Steve pushed himself further. He would not let them get away with her. He was there to backup her, damn it. Again the car turned around a corner, Steve tried to follow, but as he reached the corner and turned, it was nowhere to be seen. He stopped a second to catch his breath, before running along the street, turning every now and then, hoping he would find the car if he would just search long enough. 

After several minutes of pointless running, Steve stopped, supporting himself against a wall and breathing heavily.
„Captain?“, he could hear a voice through his headset. „Captain, did you find her? Are you alright?“ 

Steve took two deep breaths and let himself fall against the wall, exhausted, closing his eyes and running his hand over his face.
His voice seemed awfully lonely in the deserted street. 

„I lost her.“

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