fourth year film


This is my fourth year film, Sleep Awake. It’s a film about longing, compassion, and being there for someone who needs you.

Thank you to everyone who helped me complete this!!


Hey guys my fourth year film is now online!

Sorry for the repost, apparently I needed to  link through vimeo to get a thumbnail.


Had little access to digital painting this summer so I’e been doing weird pencil comics all summer to help me flesh out my fourth year film.. (a little smudged and blurry from scanning) 

Anna and Blitz


Here it is! My fourth year film! 

This was a lot of fun to make! I hope it’s as fun to watch!


this is most of my pitchbook for my fourth year film since tumblr wont let me upload and more pictures to this post its missing a page of story sketches, themes audience and reff/insp. but heres the rest!

super looking foreward to working on my own thing and being able to play around as much as i want since i know i wont get to do that once i start working. this is gonna be a lot of fun to make and hopefully i come out with something pretty fun in the end! 


Hey everyone, here’s my fourth year thesis film for the School of Visual Arts, “Fadó”! I’ve spent the last year of my life on this, and now here it is! Enjoy!!

Special thanks to every single person who helped in the production of this! This couldn’t have been done without you!!


aphton_pipeline Here’s my pipeline for my fourth year film