fourth pine


#also THIS is how he was supposed to “land”. after reading journal 3 and remembering the show. that’s like… i call bullshit to #that entrance. he was supposed to get there like this lmao falling like the stupid jerk he is

i agree 100%

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After spending almost all year travelling the world with Ford, Stan is happy to be back in the comfort of his home. Retired and looking forward to a week of blissful domestic relaxation before the twins return to stay for the summer, the last thing he expected to turn up on his doorstep was Rick Sanchez. No seriously, just who is this guy? Can he help Stan remember that large gap in his long-term memories that Ford and the kids couldn’t fill? Does Stan even want to remember?

To be continued…

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We need to be talking about this

Ok, yeah I know, the whole G4G thing has gotten on everyone’s nerves and no one wants to hear anymore about it, but we need to talk about this guys. 

In Alex’s panel he was asked about Shermy–AKA the baby we saw in AToTS and he very clearly said “I can’t talk about the baby. The baby is off limits”, meaning that it is a huge spoiler. 

One of the biggest rebuttals I’ve heard about Grunkle4Grandpa is that the identity of the grandfather isn’t important to the plot and therefore we are all wasting energy worrying about something that will never be addresses in the show anyways. 

But Alex’s comment has made it clear that this plot point IS important. Whether you believe that Shermy really is the grandfather or that Stan is the grandfather or even Ford or some mysterious fourth Pines sibling is responsible for bringing Dad Pines and the twins into this world is besides the point right now. What the fandom needs to accept is the reality that the identity of Dipper and Mabel’s grandfather is of insurmountable importance and something that I have no doubt will be addressed in the finale of this season. Stop being in denial and accept that one of the grandfather theories is going to be right and his identity is going to affect the rest of the cast and plot of the show. 

I’m not writing this to win you guys over to G4G and I won’t call anyone out for writing theories that refute G4G or present evidence to support theories that may point to another person being the grandfather, however I want the fandom to stop denying the importance of these theories because they strike you as inconvenient or uncomfortable. Get over it because the grandfather, whoever he may be, is coming and it’s going to be big!