fourth pine

So it looks like nobody did this yet so:

i used some shitty screencaps to look at each and every pic of bill and compare them to the originals

ok so first there’s bill making a pretty accurate impression of Gideon

then he did this horrible thing, i think it was his attempt at a smile

i’m not sure about what went wrong here

another spot on impression

this is p cool but look at him also being in the face of Alex

ok is that a drop on the picture or someone next to bill, also i don’t really get why he is upside down?

rawr look at me i’m a dinosaur!!!

ok seriously he had no excuse for this one! it has nothing to do with a hand, let’s face it, he just wanted to take this picture

look at me i’m a cute baby vampire dorito

accurate AF

Overall: Bill Is a teenager taking a bunch of selfies, this is his instagram, he even uses dumb filters

Rose Garden (Ruby X Oscar) Comic Idea I Didn’t Finish

*Ruby and Oscar snuggling as Ruby plays video games*

Oscar: Hey Ruby?

Ruby: Yeah?

Oscar: I know you, I walked with you once upon a dream…

Ruby: What are you doing?

Oscar: I know you…

Ruby: Is this really happening right now?

Oscar: That look in your eyes is so…

Ruby: Yup. This is happening. I’m being serenaded. 

Oscar: Familiar a gleam… Yet I know… *Quickly picks her up making Ruby drop her controller*


Oscar: It’s true that visions are seldom all they seem… *bouncing her up and down in his arms as if they’re dancing*

Ruby: *giggling* Hey! Put me down! I was winning that match!

Oscar: But If I know you I know what you do… *spins her around*

Ruby: *Can’t help but laugh* OH SWEET SANUS WE’RE SPINNING!

Oscar: You loved me at once…

Ruby: *Now laughing uncontrollably* THIS IS SO CHEESY! YOU ARE LITERALLY SO LAME!!!

Oscar: The way you did once, upon…

*They both slow to a stop, Oscar resting his forehead against Ruby’s as her laughter simmers down to giggles*

Oscar: A dream…

Ruby: *Giggling* That is literally the corniest thing I think I’ve ever experienced.

Oscar: *Mock pout* Did it displease you?

Ruby: *Eskimo kisses his nose* Nope.

*Meanwhile on the other side of a door*

Yang: Aaaaaawwwww they’re so cuuuuuuuuuuuuuuute~

Weiss: Whatever. His vocal range wasn’t that impressive!

Blake: It’s gotten… very quiet on their end.



#also THIS is how he was supposed to “land”. after reading journal 3 and remembering the show. that’s like… i call bullshit to #that entrance. he was supposed to get there like this lmao falling like the stupid jerk he is

i agree 100%

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After spending almost all year travelling the world with Ford, Stan is happy to be back in the comfort of his home. Retired and looking forward to a week of blissful domestic relaxation before the twins return to stay for the summer, the last thing he expected to turn up on his doorstep was Rick Sanchez. No seriously, just who is this guy? Can he help Stan remember that large gap in his long-term memories that Ford and the kids couldn’t fill? Does Stan even want to remember?

To be continued…

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Cuts Like a Knife - Chapter 4 - rainbowtourmaline - 僕のヒーローアカデミア | Boku no Hero Academia | My Hero Academia [Archive of Our Own]
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“Man, I’m gonna kick Anti Hero’s ass for whatever he did to Bakugou! It’s been a week and he’s still not over it!”

oxide-pmcmember  asked:

Which music(s) would you easily associate with the Roman Empire, especially if it were badass sounding imperial marching themes? I think this type of song would greatly fit with a legion of marching legionnaires and centurions marching in to bring order to the plebian masses: /watch?v=1bNSLzfMBo4

Well, as it so happens, a while ago I curated a Youtube playlist of Roman-inspired and reconstructed Roman music (with Greek and Byzantine pieces included, too). For martial themes at a marching pace, I would highly recommend the first piece in my playlist, The Pines of the Appian Way, the fourth movement from Respighi’s Pines of Rome symphonic poem. Do be patient as it takes a while to get going, but that’s because it represents the sound of a legion marching towards the listener, so the volume and melodic intensity builds ever so gradually towards the climax at the end.

A fun fact about The Pines of the Appian Way is that Respighi’s original score calls for six authentic bucinae, an ancient brass instrument commonly used by the Roman army for signalling purposes and marching music. Sadly, most performances use modern brass instruments instead, since few orchestras have reproductions of bucinae laying around.

Another martial piece I would recommend is the Greco-Roman theme from Civilization III (partly due to nostalgia about the game).

I enjoyed the music you shared. I don’t play Destiny but I enjoy all kinds of video game music, so I should cue up a Destiny playlist some day when I’m looking for new music to listen to. Anyhow, that piece has a very cinematic quality to it - which is great; I enjoy movie music, too.

As for bringing order to the plebeian masses, I’m more partial to enlightened political reform than intimidation… ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Okay but for the sake of argument, imagining if I were the emperor and I had to suppress a riot, I would want to have troops on hand who could play the carnyx, an ancient Celtic war horn. That would unsettle any pleb who hadn’t heard of it or was familiar with what it sounded like, hopefully causing people to disperse and return to their homes.