fourth of july yo

Made in the USA

A mix for the fourth of July, for all the good and bad that comes with living in the United States of America. [listen]

American Girl | Bonnie McKee ★ Made in the USA | Demi Lovato ★ American Girl | Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers ★ Dani California | Red Hot Chili Peppers ★ Sam’s Town | The Killers ★ Stuck in America | Sugarcult ★ Born in the USA | Bruce Springsteen ★ Streets of Gold | 3oh!3 ★ Counting Stars | One Republic ★ Party in the USA | Miley Cyrus ★ Cruise (ft. Nelly) | Florida Georgia Line ★ Gold Trans Am | Ke$ha ★ I’m in Miami Bitch | LMFAO ★ American Boy (ft. Kanye West) | Estelle ★ Teenage Dream | Katy Perry ★ Americano | Lady Gaga ★ American Kids | Kenny Chesney ★ All You Can Ever Learn Is What You Already Know | The Ataris ★ Fourth of July | Fall Out Boy ★ Bleed American | Jimmy Eat World ★ American Idiot | Green Day ★ The Kids Aren’t Alright | The Offspring ★ Born To Run | Bruce Springsteen ★ Bright Lights | Gary Clark Jr. ★ Empire State of Mind (ft. Alicia Keys) | Jay-Z ★ Lost in the World (ft. Bon Iver) | Kanye West ★ Who Will Survive in America | Kanye West ★ Time of Our Lives (ft. Ne-Yo) | Pitbull ★ Firework | Katy Perry

Secret Admirer (1 of 4)

Outlaw Queen week: Prompt 6- Secret Admirer (¼)

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Emma has her hands flat on the table, hunched over it and staring down at the surface, at the dozens of scraps of paper strewn there.

“How long has this been going on?” Emma asks, whispering because Snow is holding a sleeping Neal to her chest, holding him with huge frightened eyes as she reads a paper she’s plucked from the table, the writing on the scraps is languid cursive, it takes Emma longer to read, she hasn’t had to read cursive since, what, like grade three? On one scrap is a flowery description of Regina’s mouth, and okay, that’s fucking weird, another paper in the pile has the word mouth too, she digs that paper out, and the flowery words are gone, and now it’s a vivid in detail description of what the writer would do with Regina’s mouth.

“Jesus,” Emma hisses, shoving the paper back onto the pile, finally looking up at Regina.

Regina has her hands deep in her pockets, she’s still wrapped up in her dark coat, the line of her body is tense, she’s got a slightly peeved face on, the one that tightens her mouth, she eyes the pile of papers disdainfully, and finally answers with an overly nonchalant shrug, “Three weeks,” she answers.

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I went to my little sister’s promotion and they had us say the Pledge Of Allegiance. I dead ass sat my black righteous ass down and WOULD NOT SAY SHIT!
Ya’ll are gunning down black people, disenfranchising Native Americans, and justifying the rape of female college students under this goddamn flag and all the “freedom” it stands for.
This old lady tried to get me to stand up by flapping her hand up at me and I just looked at her like, “Fawwwwk you mean bitch?!” She glared at me and I was like two seconds from saying, “Run up bitch.”