fourth of july fun

Hamilsquad on the Fourth of July

•Lafayette throws a huge party every year
•Alex gets drunk right away and then starts trying to fight everyone
•every time John is seen he has a bottle of Sam Addams in his hands
•gwash shows up looking like a total dad
•tjeff brought some homemade mac n cheese and is bragging how good it is
•Lafayette is dressed from head to toes in American flags
•Eliza tries to stop Alex from fighting everyone
•herc is fashionably dressed, but still wearing a beanie
•Philip can’t wait to watch the fireworks

Just a few head cannons I thought of for the hamilsquad on the Fourth of July. Have a fun and safe Fourth of July everyone:)

the signs as joseph kavinsky text messages
  • aries: ask me what my first dream was
  • taurus: god that would be awesome
  • gemini: ballsack
  • cancer: my favorite forgery is Prokopenko
  • leo: your mom calls me after we spend the day together
  • virgo: bring something fun to fourth of july or we'll see which pill works the best on your brother
  • libra: note on the Mitsubishi: This one's for you. Just the way you like it: fast and anonymous.
  • scorpio: i'm going to eat you alive man
  • sagittarius: see you on the streets
  • capricorn: hey Lynch I didn't leave that car for it to just sit there while you blow III
  • aquarius: coming to 4th of July?
  • pisces: what's up mofo

Happy “I’m usually apathetic towards, if not downright resentful of, my country, but today I would willingly lay down my life for it” Day!


reminder on this fourth of july that this is the greatest web series of all time

Fourth of July

“Where do you keep your ketchup?” Your best friend said as she looked through your fridge.

“On the side door.” You said as you grabbed plates, utensils and napkins to bring outside.

“Ah!” She says grabbing it and walking up to you.

“Do you need help carrying those?” She says as you tried to take a bunch of them in your arms.

“Yes please.” You say laughing and she shakes her head laughing along with you. She takes some of them and walks out the door with you.

All your friends and family were over for a Fourth of July BBQ. Everyone was sprawled out in your backyard having fun. The little kids ran around screaming and playing. Your boyfriend was at the grill with the guys talking and joking around.

“I’ll take those.” Your cousin says as he grabbed the plates and walked over to the grill. You laugh and roll your eyes.

“You’re welcome!” You yell back and he screams Thank You! You bite your lip seeing one of your boyfriends cousins playing with her baby. Today was the day you were going to tell your boyfriend you’re pregnant.

You guys always talked about starting a family but you felt nervous. What if he wasn’t ready? You kept questioning yourself the whole week.

It wasn’t a planned pregnancy. You honestly didn’t know until you kept feeling ill for the past week. You went to the doctors and they told you that you were one month pregnant.

“Do you want ketchup or mustard?” Your boyfriend asked taking you out of your thoughts.

“Um ketchup. Thank you” You said with a forced smile.

“How are you feeling?” Your mom asked as you all sat down to eat.

“A lot better.” You lied. You couldn’t tell if it was because you were so nervous on telling him or you’re pregnancy.


“That reminds me of that one year you got really drunk.” Your boyfriend says and looks over at you with a smug look. You cover your face with one of your hands.

“Please not that story.” You say as he laughs and places his arm around your waist.

“Fine fine.” He said and people egged him on to tell them. “No no she doesn’t want me to tell.” He says and pulls you closer to him to kiss you on the cheek. You smiled continuing to eat your food.

Everyone sat and joked around about funny stories that happened with them or someone you knew.

“I’m going to get a beer do you want one?” He asks you and you shake your head no. He furrowed his eyebrows and gave you a look.

“I got your favorite.” He said singing and smiling. You just shook your head laughing.

“I want my stomach to rest.” You said rubbing your belly and he nods. You turn your attention back to the stories people were telling at the table. Your boyfriend comes back holding a baby instead of his beer.

“I’m pretty sure that that is a baby and not beer.” You said and he laughs.

“Lina had to go to the bathroom real quick so I’m holding her until she comes back.” He said playing with the baby. You smiled at how cute he was being with her. You continued eating and kept casually looking over at him.

“Thank you.” Lina said when she came back reaching out for her baby.

“I can watch her for a little while you eat.” He says and her face lights up.

“Really? Thank you!” She says walking away. “You’re lucky to have him!” She says as she grabs a burger and sits down.

“I know.” You say giving him a kiss on the cheek.

“No I’m the lucky one.” He says and pulling you in for a kiss on the lips. You felt a little relieved about telling him but you were still so nervous.

“You guys should just get married and have kids already!” Your cousin says and everyone agreed. You look over at your boyfriend and he shrugs.

“We don’t have to be married to be happy and to have kids. It’s just a piece of paper.” He says looking at you and you smiled. “I love her and a piece of paper isn’t going to validate that.”

“Whatever but I want grandkids.” His mom said and your mom nodded along with her. Your eyes widen a little and you take a sip from your drink.

If only they knew. You thought to yourself.

“We’re not getting younger.” Your mom said which made everyone laugh.


You lived right by the ocean so when it was time for the fireworks to start everyone walked over to the beach. It looked like a parade walking down because you had so many people along with you.

You were sitting on a blanket next to your boyfriend. You planned to tell him before the fireworks started.

“I’m so excited.” He says as he interlocks his fingers with yours. You smiled up at him as you leaned against him.

“Me too. I never get over how beautiful the fireworks are.” You say as you played with his fingers.

“It’s about to start!” You hear your uncle scream at his kids. You swallowed hard as you sat up from cuddling with him. Your heart raced as you looked at him.

“Babe?” You said biting your lip and he looks over at you with furrowed eyebrows.

“Are you ok? Do you feel like throwing up?” He says about to get up to take you to the trash can. You laugh at how cute he was being. You place your hand on his arm for him to sit down.

“I’m ok….I just have something to tell you.” He sat down and came closer to you.

“What?” He said brushing a piece of your hair away from your face. You look up at him and let out the breath you were holding.

“I’m pregnant.” You said really fast staring at him. He kept blinking and just stayed still. You waited for something but he didn’t do or say anything.

“W-what?” He said blinking rapidly and breaking out into a huge smile. “Babe if you’re messing with me right now it’s not funny.” He said as slowly got to his knees.

“I’m not joking.” You said smiling and that’s when the fireworks started along with the music. He pulled you in for a kiss holding you tightly against him.

“So you lied about the stomach bug?” He whispered in your ear as he sat down next to you holding you close. You laughed and rolled your eyes.

“Technically I didn’t lie. It’s a type of stomach bug that only women get.” You say and he laughs playing with your fingers. You tried to pay attention to the fireworks but he was all jittery next to you.

“So this is why you didn’t drink beer.” He said as the realization of all the lies you’ve been telling this whole week come to the surface.

“Yeah.” You said rubbing your belly. He places his hand on yours.

“If you want to get married..” You stop him by looking up.

“It’s just a piece of paper.” You said kissing him which made him smile and bite his lip.

“Wow. I’m going to be a dad.” He whispered in your ear. “We’re going to be parents.” He said giving you a kiss on the temple. He finally settled down and watched the fireworks. As soon as they were done he gets up and screams.

“GUYS WE’RE HAVING A BABY!” He screamed so loud and you laughed smacking his chest.

“Stop we’re in public!” You said as everyone cheered. You felt your face turn so red at the whole area including your friends and family clapping for you.

Have a Happy and Safe 4th of July!

Here are the signs as fireworks and the signs on the 4th of July

The Zodiac Signs as 4th of July Food:

Aries- Wings

Taurus- Beer

Gemini- Coleslaw

Cancer- Pie or cake

Leo- Hamburgers

Virgo- Grilled corn on the cob

Libra- Baked beans

Scorpio- Pickles or more beer

Sagittarius- Chips and Veggie Dips 

Capricorn- Hotdogs

Aquarius- Something non-traditional like egg rolls or salmon (but puts a little American Flag on it for Independence Day)

Pisces- Watermelon or lemonade, ice tea, or soda (whatever to fill their sugar craving or caffeine cravings)

I will be out of town for Fourth of July thus the unboxing video will be edited and uploaded a bit later so here’s some teaser of what I got from the Group Order! On top of that the Let’s Party I got from derpola arrived just now so I added it to my slowly but surely growing collection of Alpacasso! Thanks so much derpola i 💖 her and didn’t realize you were so close to me!

I wish everyone have a fun and safe Fourth of July!!!

Ps. plushtea I think my problem is whites >_> hopefully I can add other colors in here LOL