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“Figured you could use a break. Did I deliver or what?” you asked with a grin, linking your arm with Dean’s as the light show began with brilliant fireworks exploding above you in kaleidoscope bursts.

“Holy crap,” Dean said, eyes skyward.

“So eloquent. So patriotic,” you teased. He laughed quietly and pulled you in closer to his side. 

“Hell yeah, you delivered. This is awesome.” 

You glanced up at him, all lit up beside you with the first real smile you’d seen from him in weeks, and standing warm by his side in the summer air, you let yourself breathe free.

x x

Imagine Surprising Dean by Taking Him To a Fireworks Show on the Edge of Town

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Fourth wall?

What fourth wall?

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Doctor Who + Out Of Context DnD Quotes

Bonus Best Enemies:



Did this illustration of Yoda last year for May the Fourth. Figured I take some new pics and reshare! HAPPY STAR WARS DAY EVERYONE! 

if it’s true that yellow diamond was responsible for pink diamond’s death, she successfully manipulated the other diamonds (idk about white?) and the entirety of homeworld to exterminating an organic lifeform’s planet through the remains of their dead, while instilling a stricter governmental system on homeworld that eliminated individuality (not disregarding it wasn’t any better before)

that’s… a pretty damn good villain, actually